2017 NBA Playoffs and End of Season Awards Predictions

I will make a second round predictions and third round predictions and Finals to get more inside and what I thought about the first round, second round Ext. But first I will just do a broad view of the playoffs and rewards.

So first the awards. The MVP Voting is lit this year. A lot of good nominees you can make cases for every one.
So first in 5th place Isaiah Thomas of the Celtics he is a great player and has some of the best 4th Quarter stats of All-time, but unfortunately he had this kinda of year at the wrong time.
In 4th place it is Khawi Leonard of the Spurs. He has almost single handedly led his team and he is one of the most well rounded players in the league. He is easily DPY but not MVP.
In 3rd place my favorite player LeBron James of the Cavaliers. He is arguably the best player of all-time he is really well rounded and if this were a normal season he would win easy, but this season is different.
In 2nd place it Russell Westbrook of the Thunder. He averaged a freakin triple double. Westbrook is really good leading a horrible team to the 6th seed in the playoffs, but it is the seeding that really changes this.
This means James Harden of the Rockets is MVP he was also a triple double monster and he lead his team to the 3rd seed. Sure he has a good team around him and if you are looking at it record wise you should go with Leonard or James but did they get 50 Point triple troubles. Harden got 3 50 Point triple doubles and unlike Westbrook he got stats like this 56 points 19 assists 14 rebounds and 5 steals, while Westbrook got stats like this 32 points 13 assists 11 rebounds and 3 assists. Plus the seed I would vote Harden.

The DPY I am going to go three nominees.
In the third place Giannes Antekutompo of the Bucks. I don't know how to spell his name. He got tons to steals put I just think he needs a season.
In 2nd Draymond Green of the Warriors. I personally don't like him, but he did really good he had a game with 11 steals.
In 1st for the third consecutive year it is Khawi Leonard of the Spurs. If he doesn't win MVP he is winning this.

The MIP I think it is Giannes Antekutompo of the Bucks.

The ROTY I think it is Dario Saric of the 76ers

So on the playoffs.

In the West.
1 Warriors Vs. 8 Trail Blazers
I would feel horrible if I am a Trailblazer fan they always have to face the Warriors or the Spurs or Lakers in the first round. Lillard and McCollum will capture 2 games. 4-2 Warriors.

2 Spurs Vs. 7 Grizzlies
I am actually going to game four since the Grizzlies are in Tennessee and I am from Tennessee, but I think they will only pull out one game and it will be game 4.
4-1 Spurs.

3 Rockets Vs. 6 Thunder
The Battle of the MVP. The two top candidates for MVP James Harden vs. Russell Westbrook. It should be super exciting. But I have to go Rockets in 5. 4-1 Rockets.

4 Clippers Vs. 5 Jazz
Probably gonna be the most boring series. I think that it will go down to game 7 were Paul Pierce will hit the game winning three to make the final moments entertaining. 4-3 Clippers

In the East.
1 Celtics Vs. 8 Bulls
This is the hardest series to pick from in my opinion. The Bulls have D Wade back and that is what I think will cause the upset and because I think Isaiah will choke. (Not Literally) using one person in the NBA may have worked in the regular season, but it won't work in the playoffs. 4-3 Bulls Upset!

2 Cavs Vs. 7 Pacers
The classic George Vs. James matchup. I think the Pacers will be able beat the Cavs once. 4-1 Cavs.

3 Raptors Vs. 6 Bucks
I really want to pick the Bucks here. Giannes is beast and I will guarantee you that will win 2 games and whether they win the whole thing I am not sure. This is about harder than the Celtics Bulls match up. This one can go either way but I will just go home court and say Raptors. 4-3 Raptors.

4 Wizards Vs. 5 Hawks
I think the Wizards will finally take out the Hawks. 4-2 Wizards.

So on to the second round.
In the West.
1 Warriors Vs. 4 Clippers
The Warriors face the Clippers rivalry. This one will go to 7 games, but a buzzer beater will not happen for the Clippers. 4-3 Warriors.

2 Spurs Vs. 3 Rockets
This matchup is probably the hardest in the entire tournament, but I have to go Rockets. I think the Spurs have what it takes to win, but I just don't know I did Randomizer. 4-3 Rockets.

In the East.
4 Wizards Vs. 8 Bulls
Unlike the Celtics the Wizards have a second option. And that will make a difference the series will end 4-2. 4-2 Wizards.

2 Cavs Vs. 3 Raptors
The Cavs will finish this out in 6 games. 4-2 Cavs.

So the Conference Finals.
1 Warriors Vs. 3 Rockets
Whether the Spurs or the Rockets come out of the semis they would both upset the Warriors. I just don't think the Warriors system would work in the playoffs and I have said that since the beginning of the year. 4-3 Rockets Upsets!

So in the East.

2 Cavs Vs. 4 Wizards.
This will be no contest the first sweep. 4-0.

So in the finals.

2 Cavs Vs. 3 Rockets.
So while the Rockets are great the Cavs are greater the Rockets time will come later the series will end in 6 games. 4-2 Cavs.

So that is it tell me what you think.


Nah, Westbrook is our MVP. He's the Triple‚Äč Double master. Garden can't play defense - EpicJake

*Harden - EpicJake

I'm a warriors fan FIGHT ME. - TristGamer

I think Green should win DPOY because he got a triple double with steals and no points and Westbrook should definitely be MVP since his team is trash and he is the only one keeping it going. - TristGamer