NFL 2017-2018 Season Preview/Predictions (Collaboration with Randomator)

htoutlaws2012 Unlike last year am going to preview 16 teams instead of 32 since I will cover the NFC conference, while Randomator will do the AFC conference. Consider this my first collaboration post as well. While many users are not that into the NFL I feel like having greater colleagues to have diverse opinions on the same sport will help build a caring audience. With that said let's begin by virtue of the big dogs of the NFC East.

NFC East

Dallas Cowboys: Coming off an impressive season with a lot of new talent, the Cowboys feel like the old 90's Cowboys they once were that's very scary to handle, however the factor Zeke's suspension has yet to know of any big significance that plays into their season (despite the offensive line being build perfectly which is something Dallas has always delivered in getting the great wall restored. This is a team that will have a very unique defense in which will be unpredictable if they'll be good or not since a lot of those past players they had are now gone, and now with new young players the Cowboys could be a tough team for years to come if guys like Taco stepping up, or the linebacking core really steps up its game greatly. This is a very scary america's team that in the end will be good, but not enough quite yet for me to say they got this. Why do I say that for exactly? Well this is going to hard to accept for Dallas fans, but when year 2 of a player comes in for Dak, and Zeke I am expecting them to not be as great as they were there rookie year. Do i expect them to bounce back years down the road absolutely. This is not the year I expect them to go the distance.

New York Giants: The Giants are in a very great position to go far in the regular season of 2017. Why is that? Well there offense is almost where it was 10 years ago the only weakness is the offensive line is not as strong as it was back then, and the running game (unless they surprise) has been ineffective since Brandon Jacobs came on the scene. Also they have not upgraded at linebacker at all. While the defense is great on the front and back. Many teams will go to the middle a lot. It is not like they are invincible that is your chance to score on this team is throwing down the middle with a 3rd Wide Receiver or your top TE to expose the opening. The Giants two great strengths come from the passing, and the secondary in which comes close to the Legion of Boom, and Orange crush 2.0. Arguably the greatest cornerback core group I have seen in this league today. I say the Giants have a great chance at going close to being that close to redemption from last years embarrassment.

Philadelphia Eagles: I must say I may have overexaggerated that this team would take years to come back from getting destroyed by just a single person, but the Eagles have surprisingly recovered a lot better than I expected. Carson Wentz is looking to be the long term future Quarterback for the Eagles. Brought in two Wide Receivers in Alshon Jeffrey and Torrey Smith. Getting Ronald Darby in the three way trade was very interesting since they did need some help in the secondary. They have a pretty tough schedule to deal however, yet they could be a team to pull off some of those upsets. There defensive front looks promising led by Fletcher Cox. Bringing in a Guy like Blunt would give Wentz a lot more comfortable time by not throwing every time, actually... the offensive line can be a mix bad. Wentz really has got to hope his not getting sacked every play otherwise back to the drawing board. The Eagles can be an interesting team, but not enough to make the playoffs, but may have a great showing in the end.

Washington Redskins: When you realized you are going for the cheap method of keeping somebody as good as Kirk Cousins you have problems. The Redskins at least they were committed to building a good line, but the problem is there defense is very mediocre to the point how can this team contend? I mean sure Josh Norman was a solid pickup, but what if starts to suck like all the past Redskin free agents have been in there history of signings. I mean offensively they are very dangerous to deal with, but they could be like the Saints, and just massively have a horrific defense. The defensive front has glaring weaknesses despite drafting a much needed nose tackle up the middle. Yet one thing that the Redskins have that the Saints still lack is a standout leader, and Ryan Kerrigan has shown that since being drafted in 2011 he can still go quite a underrated player might I add. Point is I do not believe there number twenty five bad, but they are better than a lot of other teams below from that power ranking. Although they might just get nowhere based on the losses they have suffered in the off season. Of the four teams however it just does not look to progress any further as they did 2 years ago.

NFC North

Chicago Bears: It is not a shock that da Bears are just horrible at what there doing the last few years. Things were looking bright, but crushed with awful deals, and moves that would not work out too good to even close to sub-par. Bears are at a must make progress position where they must perform well now that Ryan Pace put all his stock on young Mitchell Trubisky. John Fox needs to really be the once coach that he was when he was with the Carolina Panthers, and the Denver Broncos. I would be shocked completely if John Fox stays again then it is gonna be the Jeff Fisher story which is not a good thing. Trubisky is almost like set to fail real fast in his first two years (despite he will have a decent line with some bad holes). They got an excellent running game that makes them hard to stop running the ball if there on all cylinders, and that's one thing I will credit Chicago is they produce some really good running backs over the years. They have interesting line backing core, a front defensive front that has a lot of problems. A atrocious secondary that will kill them 85% of the time especially the first few games. At the last minute they sign the second round trade bust kicker what is the point of that to miss the field goal 50 50 chance of that happening. There's a great chance they might be last place and good bye John Fox.

Detroit Lions: The Lions are in a a lot of pressure after coming of the fortunate playoff spot thanks to the Redskins losing their final game of the season, but in reality that spot was nothing, but sad execution to our season the worst playoff team so far in this decade. The team is basically average plus Stafford we in reality he will not win with a team like this. This season is going to be a true test of not only make it all healthy with no broken fingers, but to prove everyone wrong by winning a playoff game, and that's if they can get back there somehow they will need a lot of luck. The running game has been awful for the past 19 years since Barry left, and with a new line you would think because it would improve it would get better. Well Ameer Abdullah its a do or die situation while the others on the team we have no clue what role they play. Honestly you can't win a bunch of just average talent around you, while that has worked with the Patriots with the Lions its the hardest obstacle to overcome. The Lions secondary is actually still pretty good the only con they will have to deal with is that weakness in the #2 corner position. The defensive front took a huge hit when Hyder got hurt for the year. Which means whether the left or right side end will be a big hole for a huge run can hurt badly. I think the depth at linebacker will be much better than the disaster that was last year once Levy left. I'm hoping am totally wrong, and they'd shock me in a good way, but logic is they miss with that difficult schedule. There are some early scares already to the point they won't have enough wins due to that injury prone biting them in the end, and I say that's what will happen with this team.

Green Bay Packers: Nobody has been more consistent in the 21st century aside from New England Patriots then the Green Bay Packers, but do you know why? They always find the right guys in place, they make the average player seemed good enough to have them move on (Jared Cook). I do not see them getting the last minute miracle however, the loss of T.J Lang could affect the team big time imagine losing a big time core player on the offensive line. The Packers have not looked like they were offensive dominators lately as they were in early 2010's. Defensively they have had a lot of problems, injuries of course plays a factor with this team, but they seem to persevere very well. There corners are by no means great, but at least they have solid safeties who provided assistance if the corner are that horrible in which they were for most of last year giving up a ton in the process. Mike Daniels is a pretty solid player, but everything else around him is not very strongly secure, and that could be a glaring weakness is against the run. The addition of Martellus Bennett helps tremendously For Aaron Rodgers I consider that a huge upgrade. There chances of going back the playoffs are very likely, but back to the championships they might not have enough to have that ride again, but at least they can say they made it.

Minnesota Vikings: It's sad to talk about the Vikings when two years ago they were looking like a team to contend for years, but then suddenly Norv Turner retired out of nowhere, and the magic died very quickly as you saw the real Sam Bradford come on the field to jinx this team from making the playoffs, and well that's what happened a one dimensional offense with no running game, and an awful offensive line which I expect Sam Bradford to get sacked a lot this year the line just looks horrible still not much of an improvement I guarantee you he will get buried on the ground. It's sounding unlikely will see Teddy play this season which is freaking shame since his younger, and perhaps better than a Sam Bradford who is looking like a bust pick where every where he goes can't even get to the playoffs. I mean I like the selection of Dalvin Cook, but man he is not gonna run nowhere with that offensive line, so how can Murray do it any better? The defense took a big hit like very bad hits, Sharrif Floyd who was playing great at nose tackle for the Vikings suffered lingering nerve damage which looks to be the end of his short lived career, and also Chad Greenway long time linebacker of the Vikings had retired that off season. Filling those voids are a tall order, and to be honest this is going to be a really mediocre looking Vikings team that i'm glad not to be a Vikings fan right now not a good time to be confident that this team will go anywhere with Bradford at Quarterback.

NFC South

Atlanta Falcons: Man I remember what I said is that if Matt Ryan wasn't great he would of been a goner well in this case he put it all on the line, and became the league's MVP well done Matty ice. Next thing is can they go back with everything going the same path like before? For starters there schedule is not as bad like it was last year, and how shocking they ended up beating most of those teams with such a hard set of schedules there. Next is their defense has vastly improved drafting all the right guys at the right time the dirty birds could opposite as an unstoppable force on both sides of the field once again.

Carolina Panthers: Never count out the Panthers not in my estimation they could could climb back from disappointment from going super bowl to last in there division which is totally shocking, and unexpected to say the least. There is a great chance though that if they can bounce back better that maybe they might have a chance back in the playoffs, however there division just got a lo harder to win in now that Atlanta, and Tampa Bay have risen to bigger heights. The Panthers do have some exciting things to look up to though, I mean Christian McCaffrey is gonna be something to watch, and could be a big difference in the amount of times Cam Newton has to pass almost every single time that's how they kept getting beat was also the offensive line just crumbled like that. There's the one glare that could destroy this team is the fact there offensive line has been poor for quite awhile it has come back to haunt them dearly. I will say this I would rather have the Panthers defensive unit then I would with the Saints because the line backing core is solid, the defensive front is impressive, and the only bad and obvious weakness is at corner with the inexperienced corners. The addition of Mike Adams can help them get more motivated in creating turnovers when its most certainly needed. Carolina maybe just like last year there alright, but perhaps not strong as they once were.

New Orleans Saints: Drew Brees is a fantastic player, but my god does his team suck so hard. How does this team give up on average 30-40 points a game is beyond me that's how atrocious there defense has been for quite sometime now. There offense has been stellar since the arrival of Drew Brees the main kryptonite has always been that defense that holds that team back. Seem like since the bountygate scandal had happened the Saints good fortune went all bankrupt. That streak may just very well continue, and unfortunately it's sad to see someone like Nick Fairly's career end with lingering heart condition that's how unlucky this franchise has been for a bit now.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: I love me some Buccaneer football right now oh man this team is now only a sleeper, but with a young Quarterback who has every weapon at Winston's disposal there's no excuse not to miss the playoffs this time entering your 3rd year. I mean Doug Martin who did terrible last year enters with a lot of pressure, Mike Evans has been nothing, but stellar since arriving on the scene in Tampa Bay, and in addition you got DeSean Jackson who might play much better in Tampa than he ever will in Washington probably, and there 1st round draft pick in getting the 6'5 monster Gronkowski like O.J Howard from Alabama oh man again that offense looks good. The bucs seems very well balanced it amazes how they are just alright, but not enough to get that playoff push is totally amazing how that is totally missed. the defense looks pretty good all, but the very back secondary which I mean is the safeties are going to be an opposing problem if they slip up. Needless to say this is gonna be a fun team to watch, and hopefully they do it, and get a push in the playoffs, and maybe even more then that would be very shocking.

NFC West

Arizona Cardinals: I'll be honest when I say i'm digging the Cardinals like I was in past yards, and what your seeing from them right now could very be what the Colts are suffering through now in trusting the older players in which the Cardinals days of contending may just be numbered. Carson Palmer, and Larry Fitzgerald are two guys in there late 30's, and I don not see them lasting longer than this year perhaps in that case I see the Cardinals doing poorly, but all eyes are going to be on the 6'1 beast from Northern Iowa David Johnson. I don't say the defense is going to be a major step by any means its the offense that will probably go way down south where David Johnson as greats as he is may not always get the score, or maybe even a first down if that defenses front is so good he would not be going anywhere. Speaking of defense the secondary of the Cardinals will be very interesting since they put a ton of stock there with Peterson being the leader of that group with Bethel, heck even Tramon Williams at the second corner spot is very interesting, as well as the honey badger Tyrann Mathieu, and newbie Budda Baker makes for the unpredictable wild card in that defensive back end of that defense. Arizona did take a huge hit losing Calais Campbell to the Jaguars who probably regrets going there right about now. They got two solid linebackers in the middle Chandler Jones being the big composition prize thanks to the Patriots. The running defensive front is probably where this team will be most valuable. The combination of not putting enough points, and the other team if they have an elite running back can kill for all four quarters of a football game with this team it is a running backs dream to destroy the turf, and burn on the engines because he's gone. Like this team will be gone forevermore.

Los Angeles Rams: The way I see it the Rams are going to be absolutely brutal to watch, and the reason why I see t that way is that they score on average about 10 points which is terrible and I mean with Jared Goff that is horrible. Yet they were awful because coach at the time Jeff Fisher decided to bench Goff for the first half of the regular season in favor of a 3rd string quarterback of all things is very absurd. What's even more disappointing is that Todd Gurley did not do as well as he had done his rookie year which is not a good sign. Los Angeles has a least a pair of recognizable receivers from Buffalo ironically one from free agency, while the other traded easily due to the fear of Watkins always being injury prone. The defense has that exact same problem however guys like Robert Quinn can't stay healthy, I guess the Connor Barwin signing makes sense in that regard if there scared he won't be 100% again. The defensive secondary is totally shot and paralyzed losing big key players they should of kept around, now all you ave remaining is Trumaine Johnson who is there featured cornerback. This can also be said about the front end of the defense as well without Aaron Donald though this team is gonna barely win any games to be honest without that reckoning machine in the front your defense does need to brace themselves, and hope the other does not score more than 10 points. Needless to say I have low expectations for the Rams simply because they absolutely suck, and are below average team.

San Francisco 49ers: Quite a slow and steady rebuild from a team that needs a lot of patience in which the 49ers slowly need to get back the pieces they have lost that are way too damaging from losing one of their greatest coaches, to retired players fallen from grace the 49ers the last 3 years have fallen from grace. I do have faith that that Kyle Shanahan can coach better than the last two clowns they brought in, and have a decently composed offense as well. Let's be honest this offense is either pure average, or below average, and could still improve next draft which this team looking to be in the right direction (sort of). They will be a lot better on defense especially up front that has been upgraded enough to the point I can't seeing anyone running the ball great against them. There corners are very weak, and could be the big downfall for elite 6'5 Wide Receivers for example what eat up the unknown like that, and he's gone. I expect this team to be better than the last two combined years, and that Kyle can drastically get this team going in a better direction because getting the future quarterback will be the teams mind set. For now stick with what you got

Seattle Seahawks: Seattle is one team that will always contend from here on out. I do not see any other team in their division that opposes as a possible threat now. The destiny is already set a guaranteed playoff spot because there division is awful right now. Does it make them invincible no not even this team does have holes. The offensive line is very vulnerable, and ineffective against most veteran lines they face. This is minor, but Blair Walsh of all people is the guy you sign as your kicker is a problem why because you will miss when it counts. In any case the Seahawks are easy favorites to call for to go far in the season, and they got the talent, but will be strong as they once were three years ago.

Now we turn it over to Randomator for his takes on the AFC

AFC East

Patriots: They have an explosive offense that is hard to contain (just ask the Falcons) Tom Brady's age hasn't slowed him down one bit.And their defense is quietly becoming one of the best in the league.

Dolphins: Miami has developed a fine young core.And have a bright coach. However I don't see playoffs for the Dolphins since they have the 6th toughest schedule. And they haven't been in back to back playoffs since 2000-01

Bills: This team is incredibly mediocre and can't seem to be consistent enough for 16 games. They haven't made the playoffs since 1999 and with a new head coach? I'm predicting a step back year for the Bills.

Jets: The jets got extremely unlucky with their schedule. This will be their toughest schedule since 2009 and they open with not one but two road games, for the first time since 1992. On top of that they don't have a good roster to begin with. I predict another rebuilding year.

AFC North

Steelers: Pittsburgh has arguably the best offensive trio in Ben Rothlisberger, Antonio Brown and Levon Bell. They could easily start 5-0 and if they stay healthy they could make some noise in the playoffs again.

Bengals: After a horrific 6-9-1 season last year they have a somewhat easy schedule which could set up for a bounce back year.

Ravens: Despite having an active offseason, they are facing one of their most critical seasons. They don't want to miss the playoffs for a 3rd year in a row since 1997-99. They need to improve a horrible 4-13 road record which is key to making playoffs.

Browns: Despite a decent draft there are still questions surrounding the team Especially at QB. Overall the Browns will be the Browns which means little to no improvement this year.

AFC South

Titans: Tennessee has built a fine core around QB Mariota. They have improved the offensive weapons and a shaky defense. The Titans are setting up nicely to take the division.

Texans: Winning a 3rd straight division title may not be so easy because of the improved division. Their defense should be elite again with J.J Watt leading the way. However their success will depend on Tom Savage or any quarterback that they start to improve a passing game that suffered badly last year.

Colts: Indianapolis has missed the playoffs at 8-8 since the infamous deflategate game. With Luck uncertain if he will be ready to start the season. It almost all depends on Luck's health. If he's healthy they have a fair chance. If he's not then they are out.

Jags: They have a promising head coach and seem improved. Well on paper at least. However they have a tough beginning and end of their schedule. If they can survive that they could be right around.500. As for playoffs? Not this year.

AFC West

Raiders: Last year, Oakland was a good balanced team all around. Then they got screwed when Carr got hurt. If everyone comes back healthy though... Look out.

Chiefs: After a disappointing defeat last year in the playoffs, KC has a rough beginning schedule. On paper they look better than last year but may end up coming short of 12-4. After going 6-0 in the division last year. The Chiefs may have set the bar too high for themselves.

Broncos: Denver has similar problems as the Texans. Both have questions at QB. The schedule gives them opportunities to prove themselves against playoff teams including (Dallas,New England, Kansas City,Oakland,New York and Miami) I'm predicting a season around.500 even with a defense lead by Von Miller.

Chargers: Back in LA with a new coach.. I don't see playoffs this year. This team has had to deal with injuries that plagued them. If they can stay somewhat healthy they could make some noise next year maybe.

Playoffs Who Goes in, and what teams go for it all


I.) Atlanta Falcons: They are the clear favorite to go back, and perhaps want redemption if it ends like it could be like the set of Warriors, and Cavs games, that can be possible.

II.) New York Giants: The New York Giants will take that big leap, and take the division title with them from Dallas.

III.) Seattle Seahawks: I mean yeah they got some tough opponents in there, but the rest of those games are easily winnable, and for 10 or even higher wins.

IV.) Green Bay Packers: I mean they should be able to get in by default because that division has been way too predictable now. Packers schedule is a lot lighter than what they did deal with last year which was nothing, but a miracle stretch.

V.) Dallas Cowboys: This team has the potential to be 1-5 without zeke, and that’s where I think they’ll not win the title because of that I mean sure Dak is good, but will he be as good is where he will be tested in his 2nd year.

VI.) Tampa Bay Buccaneers: I see Jameis Winston having a Matthew Stafford type of year, as awful of a comparison as that sounds. I can see him being a comeback kid this year with that offense.

NFC Champion: New York Giants, When it comes down to it last year it was all about the offense, this year the Falcons may face their greatest taste of defensive opponent in the New York Giants in which will be overwhelming, and the Giants could be the ones to stun the world and go in the super bowl as the underdogs like they were 10 years ago if this happened it would be a true test to the madden curse if Tom Brady can overcome with this team in particular it would be very interesting.


1.) New England Patriots: Should be obvious by now. The Patriots have been the number one seed forever now. As long as Brady doesn't go down I see a potential return to the super bowl.

2.) Oakland Raiders: With the talent this team has, I'm giving them the number two spot. If they stay healthy.... look out Patriots.

3.) Pittsburgh Steelers: With the offensive trio they have. It's hard to bet against them. However I don't see this team going anywhere because of the defense.

4.) Tennessee Titans: They have built a nice young core. I see them setting up nicely for a division title. However don't expect them to go anywhere yet.

5.) Kansas City Chiefs: They did get a ton of lucky breaks last year. Until the playoffs. I still feel confident in their playoff chances but not so much for winning the division.

6.) Houston Texas: Despite all the questions surrounding the offense, they have managed to get to the playoffs without a stable one. With a defense like that. I see playoffs in Houston. But they are not going anywhere.

AFC Champion: Patriots
At this point Tom Brady is a god. If he stays healthy this team is golden. The offense is almost impossible to contain and the defense has quietly developed into one of the best in the league.

And that was our thoughts coming into the NFL Regular Season season let’s see if this is close to what we believe may happen, if not well oh my hehe.


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