Revisit Early on Predictions/Picks for Mid-season MVP's (Collaboration with Randomator)

As you know me, and fellow member Randomator have done a prediction of what the playoffs could look like, and since the first 8 weeks things have not looked the way we thought they would go.


I was way off when it came to the Giants going the opposite way was just shocking, and that Eli is without any of his top receivers all that team has is a decent defense, and maybe a alright Tight End who isn't half bad. Other than that aside from the Oakland Raiders I am very disappointing in the New York ''football'' Giants. Also The Atlanta Falcons is another one especially the fact they might not even overcome there hangover meanwhile the Panthers, and Saints have raised to greatness in the meantime. Speaking of the NFC South talk about laying eggs gee Buccaneers you're defense is terrible. Winston is definitely not a comeback kid, and while he has a serviceable offense his not winning games with a defense that can't bail him out. I never would of though the Green Packers would ever have the chance like this for the first time since 2008 to perhaps miss the playoffs which leaves the chase open to the Vikings, Lions, and Bears. Minnesota looking to be the favorite to win even with backups coming in at offense. Okay for the record I did not expect zeke Elliott to even play his first 5 games, and yet they allow him to play in all of those games what is up with this case crap? Nevertheless Cowboys still have a shot to at least make the playoffs at least, Seattle looking strong once again however the Rams have an intriguing offense led by Sean McVay as the Head coach resurrecting what was a long time ago '' The Greatest Show on Turf. '' I gotta say the one team that has stunned the hell outta me more than anyone is the New Orleans Saints having a good defense to step up they have not had that since 2009. Also I gotta mention the Eagles because who knew they would be 7-1 with the best record so far in football the last time the Eagles were this great of a start was when Andy Reid was the head coach way long ago when Donovan McNabb was Quarterback, Its almost like Carson Wentz is that kind of caliber player who has been very impressive in his 2nd year as an Eagle.


Never would have thought that through 8 games the Pats would be barely ahead in their division. Tom Brady and the offensive side aren't an issue although Brady does have a lot on his shoulders with hangovers and curses and being 40.About that defense though. Calling them one of the best in the NFL was way too much of a compliment. I also never would have thought that the dang Bills would be this good. I think everyone underestimated them. Another team that has surprised the Hell outta me is the Jags. While they are still inconsistent they have began to turn the ship around. They are still very much alive in the AFC South race. Speaking of the AFC South I still believe in the Titans but I admit I underestimated the Texans who have finally got a solid QB in Watson. The North meanwhile is all Steelers. I do think that Baltimore is better than Cincinnati but other than that nothing much here. As for the AFC West I was shocked by how easily the Chiefs are winning it. I thought for sure that Oakland would put up a fight but nope they sit in a tie with the Chargers who by the way have won 3 of their past 4.


Coach: You could go wit the cliche Belichick, or Andy Reid but why not go with Doug Pedesron I surely thought the Eagles would improve, but not nearly this great of a start.

Comeback: I feel like maybe Teddy down the line, but Keenan Allen is a solid choice to go with for a guy I was expecting to be gone after this season why because he was turning into one of those injured prone players for the last 2 years now his staying healthy, and playing great football like he once was when he first started the league.

Rookie Defensive Player: hmmm.... this gets tough, but Malik Hooker looked promising over in Indianapolis problem though is his out for the season. i gotta say a guy I wished Lions did take instead of Jarrad David, and that's TJ Watt. When you hear a Watt is coming to the draft you don't simply pass on that lineage. He may not do a lot in stats, but for a rookie getting 4 sacks, and an interception good enough to seek my attention, and his healthy unlike Malik Hooker. He has put pressure on opposing quarterbacks all year even if he lost he was still coming after you in some form of scheme.

Rookie Offensive Player: I have a feeling this one you can go back, and forth, but i'm going to go with a guy who was a superstars since week 1, and that's Kareem Hunt I mean this guy was set to go in with an injured reserved Spencer Ware, and man not did he dominate the field as a runner, but his presence is one to fear for a lot of teams to prepare for making Alex Smith look more dangerous with his options to go to are all dynamic play makers.

Defensive Player: There are some players on the defensive side of the ball that I found interesting, and Demarcus Lawrence of Cowboys was definitely a surprise to see leading in sacks and being a presence to deal with.

Offensive Player: There are a lot of running backs, and Wide Receivers you could say, but above all else I can't ignore that Carson Wentz has played out of his mind since the start of the season. Wentz has made a big statement in year two fining his Tight End who also emerged surprisingly as well, and having playmakers when there most needed. His also tied for most touchdowns with Deshaun Watson at 19 a piece.

MVP: There are a select few to pick out there, but above all else I have to pick Alex Smith his playing at his best peak silently angered about having Patrick Mahomes getting drafted let him lit up every single guy put against him on defense as he just tears them to shreds without throwing a single interception to this point is very remarkable.


Coach: Doug Pederson, He has recovered nicely from the Chip Kelly mess and his eagles are arguably the best in the NFL at the moment at 7-1.

Comeback: Kinda out there but I'm going with Beast Mode (Marshawn Lynch) simply because he came out of nowhere and returned to the field. He has so far been way better than I expected

Rookie Defensive Player: Myles Garret, Despite playing for the Browns he has been pretty good in my opinion. I think its not just him playing good but also playing for Cleveland is definitely a factor. To me he's going to have a good career

Rookie Offensive Player: Deshaun Watson, He looks very similar to Russel Wilson and is on pace for the best season for any rookie QB.

Defensive Player: Von Miller, Denver has had a real QB situation and has been mediocre but Miller continues to dominate and is a big Reason why Denvers defense is not to be taken lightly. Miller is one player that could keep a quarterback restless before gameday

Offensive Player: Jared Goff, He has led a turnaround for the Rams. Before he looked mediocre but this year he finally broke through and led the Rams to being one of the best teams in the NFC.

MVP: I would pick Wentz but knowing Philadelphia he could totally fail and go downhill in a split second. I'm cautiously rooting for him but My MVP pick right now is Alex Smith. Despite what everyone says I still believe in Smith. He has done a good job of ignoring haters and is on pace for a record breaking season. Simply put he is one of the most underrated QBs in the league right now.

P.S: We are aware that DeShaun Watson was out for the year, but this post was already in production before then, and in case your wondering that sucks to see that happen to Houston so suddenly.


I agree with pretty much every pick except for the Alex Smith pick - 2storm