Top Ten Questions for Admin About the Terms of Use

Admin, please answer my questions. Please, I'm Therandom, it's the only way you can tell me.

@Therandom, if you have questions specific to your account, you can contact us using the Contact link at the bottom of the page.

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1 How long are users suspended if they get too many warnings?

I would like to know in case it happens to me. - Powerfulgirl10

It depends on the infraction. - admin

It happened to me... - MouseDog

It happened to me, and I have no idea how long it is. :( - Gehenna

2 How come Danteem sent death threats to Therandom as a visitor twice, and still got to make a new account?

Admin, once I contact you, I will have enough evidence against Danteem. You'll see.

Danteem's death threats probably weren't even death threats. They were probably just "I will beat you in Super Smash Bros."

I know exactly what admin meant by his response. I think. Can't say it here though. - IronSabbathPriest

W-what?! - naFrovivuS

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3 Are violation warnings common?

The policy is very flawed in my opinion. Purpleyoshi98 loses his account for criticizing Danteem, but Danteem has sent multiple death threats to users, claimed falsely that users have sent him rape threats, demonized users in posts, killed them, makes comments about porn, and makes pornographic content, yet he still has an account, and was allowed to make two others. Very flawed admin. - Therandom

Conclusions based on flawed or incomplete data often times are equally flawed. So, given this is the case in your analysis, it is understandable that you would believe there has been a disservice.

A more complete understanding of the facts would likely change your opinion. - admin

Yes, I'm on my final warning. So I'm gonna be extra careful of the things I do. - AlphaQ

Because admin is a biased pedophile - EpicJake

Admin banned Puga, it's official, the critics mare no more. - Therandom

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4 Is there a way to end suspension early?

No, suspensions are based on past behavior which cannot be altered. - admin

5 Do you get annoyed by people complaining about the Terms?

People have a right to express their opinion. It can be annoying when people get upset about things that are not true or accurate, but it seems to be unavoidable. - admin

People whining about the policy is one of the things that annoys me most about the site. It's almost getting me to the point where I'm going to support the policy just to troll the site even more. - Blaze

6 Does the Terms need any revisions in your opinion?

If we see something that needs to be addressed, we will do so. - admin

7 If 100 people signed a petition to get rid of the Terms, would you?

No - admin

8 Was the fight over Arthur the main reason it was created?

The policy was created because some stupid sensetive visitor made a "high-quality" post about everything wrong with the site. The date? February 19th 2015. - Puga

False. The site had a Terms of Use in place for many years prior to 2015. Additionally, "The Policy", a term users created to refer to the anti-trolling and anti-bullying post we published to further clarify those practices as they relate to the Terms of Use, was the result of months of ongoing harassment, complaints, and demands that we take action. - admin

No - admin

9 Can you be suspended for being underage?

I do not think so. In fact, I know many users who are underage. - anonygirl

No. I was 10 when I joined in July 2014 and I was never suspended - EpicJake

Logged in I am coolguy101. I joined aged 9

10 Can the Terms exterminate someone's account?

As is stated in the Terms of Use, "we reserve the right to remove any or all posts by individual users, terminate user accounts, or limit access to The Site" - admin

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11 Is it possible to create another account if the old one was suspended?

This also depends on the infraction. - admin

What infraction would be low enough for you to allow suspended users to create new accounts? - anonygirl

12 Can you remove the Terms?

Admin will not get rid of the Terms because his goal was to stop bullying and prevent inappropriate posts on this website. - anonygirl

Why would you want to remove the Terms? Part of it is good. - Camaro6

I wish, but admin will probably add a new rule called "No Negativity", even if it's about opinions on games. - Therandom

13 Why was OtakuGamerGirl's account removed?

Because she retired for unknown reasons and asked admin to remove her account - Nateawesomeness

I never knew her, but what did she do? - TwilightKitsune

Because she retired and requested her account to be removed - EpicJake

That's because she retired. - ChuckECheese

14 In what ways does one get their account deleted?
15 Why does the terms of use allow bias?
16 How do you delete your account?

Just ask the admin that question personally, and he will delete it if you reply to the message saying you still want it deleted.

17 How many times do you get suspended to have your account terminated?
18 Why we should stop swearing?

Because it’s bad. - Camaro6

19 How do I delete a post I posted as an anonymous?

I posted something before I made an account. I later made an account and I really want to delete it, but I can’t. Please help me

20 Will you let visitors make lists again?
21 Will you allow visitors to reply to comments again?
22 Is the 2nd warning final or is it the 3rd one?

The 3rd one - EpicJake

23 Why can't lists be deleted?
24 When were the terms of use of this website created?
25 Why were the terms of use created, for legal or person reasons?
26 How come xandermartin98 can make a lot of inappropriate lists yet Therandom can't make Heroes Vs Villains?

Yeah, @admin, I would like an answer why you allow a 20 year old wanting to have sex with the brain of a 12 year yet don't allow a post series - B1ueNew

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