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1 How can there be more than two genders if there are only XX and XY chromosomes?

I'm by no means defending Buzzfeed, but taking them seriously is like taking crappy tabloids seriously. Its fairly obvious boyfriend capitalizes on neo left garbage, the same way Breitbart focuses on neo right garbage. - Swellow

First, "gender" is a societal construct (definition: the state of being male or female, typically used with reference to social and cultural differences rather than biological ones). Gender roles typically align with sex (as determined by chromosomes), but they do not have to and they are not consistent across all cultures.

Secondly, XX and XY are not the only possibilities. Others include XXX (trisomy X), XXY (Klinefelter syndrome), X (Turner syndrome), XYY, X, XXXY, XXYY, XY, and XX.

There are also instances where persons with XX chromosomes have varying levels of male physical characteristics ranging from appearing completely male to having the genitalia of both sexes. On the other side, it is possible for a person with XY chromosomes to have female genitalia.

Sex is not completely binary. Gender is whatever society decides it is. There can be as few or as many genders as we define.

2 If you support LGBT and women's rights, why do you support Islam, which is the biggest oppressor of those two things?

Not every Muslim murders, get over it.

I don't think that was what they were saying

3 If heterosexuality is bad, then how will humanity continue?
4 If you want men to die, how will the human race continue?
5 Do you have any idea what Islam says about women, LGBT people and non-belivers/apostates?
6 How is white privilege real if Asians earn more than whites?
7 Why do you always call out Christian homophobia but never Islamic homophobia?
8 If white men are bad, how come they put their lives on the line to protect us in WW2?

WW2 wasn't a war against some invading alien army where the white man rose to the challenge and saved the world. White men were both the heroes AND the villains. Minorities were not well represented in the Nazi ranks. You could just as easily say if white men are good, why did they start WW2? And WWI? And the Napoleonic Wars? And the Eighty Years' War? And the Thirty Years's War? And the...

Not defending the cesspool that is Buzzfeed or belittling European contribution to the war effort but hundreds of thousands of Chinese, Indians, Arabs, Negroes, etc. died in the war more often than not for their colonial masters. - Bolshoy_Brat

9 How does a homeless white person living in a cardboard box have more privilege than Oprah?
10 Why do you never pay attention to black on black crime?

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11 Do you smoke weed while making those quizzes?
12 Are you on drugs?

THAT'S what I gonna ask BuzzFeed! - BorisRule

13 What proof do you have that the earth is flat?
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