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1 Brutality vs Melody

I think that it depends on the genre. I would prefer more fury and aggression with a death metal band, but with prog, power, or folk, melodeth, or something in the gothic variety, I would like something more melodic. With black metal, I think that it should be an equal mix of both. I listen to more melodic stuff than brutality, so I guess that all that I can say is that they both matter in different forms. - Caleb9000

Depends really. I love the brutality of death metal, slam, grindcore, etc when I'm in that kind of mood. But other times I love the old school Metal/melodic death metal/power Metal when I'm in the mood for that. It's a tie for me - ryanrimmel

I like both. If I can find both in one band it's great (Obscura). If it's not in one band, no problem again - today I listen to brutal metal bands, tomorrow - to melodic metal bands. - Metal_Treasure

Both in the same band, Death was the 1st band to come to my mind, Sacrifice every record, Slayer Reign in blood the best example, the metal and subgenres are plenty of brutality and melody that's why is so wide and full of extraordinary musicians and composers!

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2 New Metal vs Old Metal

Old Metal is what started everything. I'll go with that. Nowadays, it seems like the best new Metal bands are the underground ones - ryanrimmel

There is nothing like new metal - Ananya

3 Clean Vocals vs Screaming

Again, depends on the mood. If I'm all energetic I wanna listen to extreme Metal. If not, I love the clean bands. It's a tie... Again - ryanrimmel

I enjoy harsh vocals at times, but I would say than clean vocals have more variety. - Caleb9000

Both. I can't decide - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

4 Slow Metal vs Fast Metal

Fast easily. There is nothing like putting on a good thrash playlist and headbanging. Kreator, Slayer, Havok, Exodus, Lost Society, etc. Are just some of the craziest bands out there - ryanrimmel

Fast. The fastest. - Metal_Treasure

Both again - Ananya

I like both, but I'm going eith fast metal because it's perfect for headbanging and releasing stress - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

5 Experimental Metal vs Traditional Metal

I still like traditional metal but prefer experimental metal - esp. technical versions of extreme metal subgenres (technical death metal, technical thrash).

Also non-extreme bands that experiment, such as Flametal - they combined flamenco and metal in a very progressive sound. Or Blind Guardian - they always experiment and sound different. - Metal_Treasure

I love the traditional Metal, that's my vote. But I commend all the bands that bring new stuff to the plate - ryanrimmel

Technical and progressive metal with jazz influences all the way!

6 70s vs 80s vs 90s vs 00s

80s - I have to go with this, too (except glam metal, ironically called "80s metal").
90s were kinda dull - grunge almost killed metal, esp. 1990-1998. However, some really good stuff came out during this period - by Megadeth, Pantera, Blind Guardian, Iced Earth, to name a few.
00s - very good but metal sound became somewhat repetitive and "uniformed" (many bands sound the same). - Metal_Treasure

80s. You had ozzy's solo career, dio, the nwobhm, the early bay area thrash scene, the Florida death metal scene, the first wave of black metal, early power Metal, and the early grindcore scenes - ryanrimmel

7 Short Songs vs Long Songs

Long songs. You can build up so much more character in a long song rather than a short one. - ryanrimmel

Long songs - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

8 Mainstream vs Underground

Definitely underground, even the underground of the underground... Can't stand poser metal bands that play poppy, commercial and generic music. - Metal_Treasure

Underground really. Truthfully, extreme Metal will never achieve mainstream success. - ryanrimmel

9 Evolution or One Trick Ponies
10 Megadeth or Metallica?

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11 Solos vs Breakdowns

Solos easily. I'd rather listen to Randy Rhoads or Zakk Wylde shred than a metalcore breakdown any day. - ryanrimmel

I like both but I solos more.

Blind Torture Kills solo is actually really awesome.

12 Complexity vs Simplicity
13 Clean Vocals vs Growls

Both are good but I'm going with clean vocals. Growls that are too deep makes it hard for me to understand the song - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

Both are valid vocal styles in metal, one should respect. I'm more the Death Metal guy, so growls for me, but if it fits well clean vocals in a melodic death metal song are always welcome.
I really like the power and intensity of growls. - Flav

14 Death Metal vs. Black Metal
15 Ministry vs Rammstein

Ministry easily, It's hard to listen to Rammstein when they don't speak English - ryanrimmel

Never heard of Ministry.
the ich deutsch kann verstehe ich Rammstein.
I will give Ministry a try :).

17 Low distorted fast riffs or heavily distorted slow riffs?

Heavily Distorted Fast riffs

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