Top Ten Questions Girls May Have In Mind About Guys

This list wasn't created because I got offended about Therandom's list. I'm just curious and I question a lot about boys. It's pretty normal to wonder about the opposite sex and boys and girls may never understand each other. So I just wanted to make this list.

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1 Are erections that bad?

Depends on the size and how big the erection is. If you want to have sex it's helpful, ejaculations it's helpful, but for the bathroom. No, it's not helpful, and it can hurt sometimes too. - Therandom

Depends on what you're wearing.

I used to wonder if it hurts... - Britgirl

Nope. - IronSabbathPriest

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2 What do you like about boobs?

The bigger the better. As long as they're natural though - bobbythebrony

Its that ass that I'm looking at not the things baby's squize milk out of

3 Do all guys love video games and sports?

No. I don't jump on the bandwagon and worship people for making millions by running around on a pitch, or base my life on the outcome of a match, or a round of Call of Duty. - PositronWildhawk

Nah. My lil brother doesn't video game and sports. He is a nerd at every Disney stuff (haha, he is like Disney1994) - kontrahinsunu

Not all of them do, but the majority like either one or both. Usually they like both, but one massively more than another. - Garythesnail

No, I hate sports

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4 What's it like having a penis?

Imagine just having a gross hairy sausage hanging off of your body for your whole life.

That's what it's like. - Cheese567

I honestly have always wondered, what do girls think about our penises anyways? - Therandom

I've never ever wondered about this. - Britgirl

I'd rather have it than a vagina so good - bobbythebrony

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5 What do you find attractive about girls?

I do wonder about this, but I'm always afraid of the answer in case I don't meet expectations. Ignorance is bliss in this case. - Britgirl

Well...easy-going, smart, optimistic, articulate, compassionate, and I'd prefer if they'd all stop being so straight all the time. Physically, I love a big, wide smile. - keycha1n

Personality, intelligence, kindness, insight, open-mindedness, understanding. Girls can be beautiful on the outside but I wouldn't date the prettiest girl in the world if she was a jerk. - PositronWildhawk

Good looking with a great butt and breasts - bobbythebrony

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6 What kind of stuff do guys like to talk about with their friends?

My dude-buddies tell me its either about politics, global issues, or school. But I have a strong sense that they are not in the majority. - keycha1n

Butts and butts and butts and girls and girls. Only thing... - JaysTop10List

Who like who and who can kick my ass in a fight ( only 2 people have proven it)

I'M ETHAN BRADBERRY. - IronSabbathPriest

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7 What do you think about the rules "You can't hit a girl" and "Ladies First?"

I do believe that a true gentleman should never hit a woman, unless in self defense, of course. Gentlemen should also allow ladies to go first, though the genders should be treated a little more equally than they are today. - Alpha101

I'll put someone in their place with violence, regardless of gender. - Therandom

And the gender are EQUAL gents can go first and even ladies can go first - Toucan

You can't hit a girl: Just because you have a different set of genitalia does not mean I will hesitate to be physical. I wouldn't willingly provoke it though.
Ladies First: This one makes more sense. - WonkeyDude98

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8 Do boys care about body image and shaving?

For me, Considering I'm a cricketer I have to care about body image and with the shaving thing, I have to shave pretty much frequently otherwise I'll look exactly like Imran Tahir (South African cricketer). - AGK

I don't care much about my looks or shape, but I know some guys who do. But from experience, I know for a fact that guys still have some pressure to look good unlike most think. - Turkeyasylum

Though I do like being tall, slim and strong, I rarely think about my shape. As for shaving, it's entirely facial, and I only find it annoying when there's a stray hair you have to pull. - PositronWildhawk

It depends on what your like

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9 In what kinds of situations would a guy cry?

Heartbreak, loss, and rejection. Many men can't take rejection easily but I can't control mine. I get depressed and start doing things. But the situation that made me cry was when my crush rejected me and decided to go out with someone who smokes weed instead of me - SirSkeletorThe3rd

I would like to think that a man can cry openly about anything that affects him deeply. - Britgirl

Music and other forms of art. Mainly music, though. I'm not afraid to say that I've cried to countless songs before, from songs from the Beatles, to Alice in Chains, to Marilyn Manson. - Alpha101

Guy under me is 100% wrong. We don't cry over emotions. Its usually under pain

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10 Are all guys dirty minded?

Some women have dirtier minds believe me. Men are just more open about certain things I think. - Britgirl

No. But I am. And girls are too, we're just not afraid to admit it. - Therandom

About 80 percent are. The other twenty most likely do, but won't admit it. - Turkeyasylum

Not all, but a lot. - WonkeyDude98

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11 Why is it that most guys can forgive each other so easily?

I found this to be true too. I hate that I can sulk for days after an argument with a friend. Some men can have a fist fight and a few minutes afterwards, it's forgotten. I'd never hit anyone to try and resolve an argument though. - Britgirl

I'll never know this one. I punched my friend in the face, and we were good a few minutes later. - Therandom

I think instead of trying to prove a point, man can just punch each other! Then they are okay with each other! - CastlevaniaFanboy128

I'm not sure, really. - Garythesnail

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12 Do guys ever dream to be girls?

Some of them, yes, but I'm pretty sure God made me a dude for a reason. - Garythesnail

I prefer being a male. - Therandom

Sometimes I think what girl feelings during sex

Ummm I never got that one befor

13 Why do guys tease girls when they like them?
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