Top Ten Questions Going Into the 2018-2019 NFL Season

A new season will soon fast approach, and already the NFL has become fast and furious with unsuspected injuries so what will these teams do to try, and make way of these vulnerable spots fixed in time, and be ready to battle 16 games, and perhaps deep in playoffs for some one goal to the Super Bowl.

The Top Ten

Will this be the final chapter for Joe Flacco and Ben Roethlisberger?

I can see the two going away after this season, and next season the AFC North will dramatically change.

It’s likely if Lamar Jackson plays well, then Flacco is out of Baltimore. But don’t be surprised if Flacco ends up with a quarterback needy team in 2019. As for Roethlisberger, the Steelers are preparing for Mason Rudolph to inherit what Big Ben has had for the past 14 years. I think he’ll play a season or two more, but the end is near. And let’s not forget Eli Manning. If he underperforms this year, then retirement may be the best option for the 37 year old.

Big Ben maybe not yet but I’d be very surprised to see Joe Flacco after this year

They’ll probably retire after this season, which won’t be a big shocker

Will the dream team experiment work in L.A.?

I'd say this time around it may work the coordinator look reasonable, and the mix of young and veteran might be enough to be a big favorite.

Can Kirk Cousins out do what Case Keenum has done?

I think it’s possible he takes them farther. Keep in mind that they lost to the Eagles who won their first Super Bowl. The Vikings return a strong defense and much of their same offense outside of Keenum. Is this the year Minnesota gets a Lombardi trophy? The talent is definitely there to get it done

In his first year no... he may get a playoff win, but he may either tie him, or might not even win and could go 0-2 in post season.

Not in his first year there, but I’ll see Cousins out do what Keenum has done for Minnesota in about 2-5 years from now

Cousins is better than Keenum, but Cousins needs to get to know Minnesota’s system and forget Washington’s. Maybe not this season, but in the coming future.

Can the Titans still make the playoffs with a whole new head coach?

My guess is they make sneak in the playoffs or they may not depending on how it looks in the end I say their in the middle type team that may miss just because of the coaching switch I'm totally on board with just yet.

Possibly as a #6 seed. They seem more talented than last season.

Possibly. They look pretty good going into this year

Aside from Ezekiel Elliott, who will step up in Dallas on the offensive side of the ball?

To be honest what unknown can replace the likes of Dez, and Witten I'm not sure to be honest maybe Gallup, but that's it.

An elite offensive line wasted on a joke of an offense. Dak needs receivers to succeed. He doesn’t have much to work with.

Will the Patriots waltz back to the Super Bowl?

For me, I think New England will miss out. I think they’ll come in to the playoffs as a wild card team, make it to the divisional, but get beat by Jacksonville. The AFC is weakening quite a bit though.

No... Jacksonville has that capability of redemption.

They’ll probably get into the playoffs, but beaten by Jacksonville. I hope Jacksonville beats them

Can Patrick Mahomes lead this team to the promise land?

No, not this season. He needs a few seasons to develop. For that, maybe Kansas City should consider a new head coach. Reid could never get the job done in the playoffs.

Maybe... yet is Andy Reid gonna last any longer even without perhaps his best season last year coming up short again.

Not yet. Mahomes needs a couple more years of training to be able to lead the Chiefs to their promise land

Can protection hold up for Cam Newton?

I'm gonna say a safe no, it seems like if the offensive line collapses Newton falls flat and runs for his life on every given play it seems like.

Their offensive line currently ranks down there with the likes of Seattle. With Norwell gone, what exactly do they have left? Ryan Khalil hasn’t been so hot in a while.

Probably not. The Panthers don’t look too good going into the 18-19 season anyway. Norwell is gone, and Khalil hasn’t been doing as good as he used to be

I’m going with no. They’re turning into the Seahawks at this point.

What coaches will be on the hot seat down the road?

Jay Gruden, Dirk Koetter, Hue Jackson, Marvin Lewis, Adam Gase, & Andy Reid.

What first year coach will find the greatest success in 2018?

Of all of the new coaches I'd say the one with that thrives best is I'll safely say... John DeFilippo for Minnesota could be the best of them just by a lot of talent around him.

I personally think John DeFilippo is probably the best coach going into this season. It seems like he could lead a team to the playoffs

The Contenders

Can Philadelphia repeat?

Something that nobody is really talking about that commonly happens with defending champions is the infamous Championship Hangover. The Eagles have never been defending champions until now. Will they stay on top or will they fall victim to the championship hangover? Only time will tell

Its possible sure, but there are some teams in that conference who could also pull it off as well NFC is no slouch when it comes to top contenders.

It’s 50/50. There are some teams, such as Minnesota and Jacksonville, that look very tough this season (to me)

Can the Cleveland Browns win a game?

Well first off don't win every single pre-season game, next they'll win about 4 to maybe 6 games if they actually look decent, and suddenly Hue Jackson found a way to coach this team they may have a little glimmer of light if so.

Well, they certainly look better, but the preseason apparently means nothing in Cleveland. Look at their 2017 preseason and season.

Preseason: 4-0
Regular Season: 0-16

I’m sure they’ll win a game, but maybe only two or three.

On paper they look better. But preseason performance doesn’t necessarily translate to the regular season

Well, here’s the Browns’s schedule
Game 1: vs Pittsburgh
Game 2: vs New Orleans
Game 3: vs Jets
Game 4: vs Oakland
Game 5: vs Baltimore
Game 6: vs LA
Game 7: vs Tampa Bay
Game 8: vs Pittsburgh
Game 9: vs Kansas City
Game 10: vs Atlanta
Game 11: vs Cincinnati
Game 12: vs Houston
Game 13: vs Carolina
Game 14: vs Denver
Game 15: vs Cincinnati
Game 16: vs Baltimore

I’d say they’re going 4-12 this year

Can Andrew Luck help take the Colts back to the playoffs when he returns?

I'm gonna say no... there's a good chance he may struggle against his rivals this year Titans, Texans and Jaguars all have a good defense. I can't see Andrew Luck getting the verge of making the playoffs at all this season, but it is good to see him at least play again.

Probably not. 1 quarterback isn’t going to change the defense or the rest of the offense

Nope. The Colts can’t rely on just Andrew Luck no matter how hard they try

Will the Lions find their consistent Running Back in 2018?

I hope so, but yet again it is the Lions until proven any legitimacy.

Will the Carolina Panthers finally win the Super Bowl?

Definitely not. They look worse than last year. Cam Newton isn’t consistent enough in the pass game, their receivers aren’t good enough, and their DB’s can’t get the job done. 2015 was the best chance they had.

Will the Rams give Aaron Donald a new contract?

I would hope so his a key factor to this team still young, and clearly the best D-lineman up front right now.

How will the Seahawks handle the situation Regarding Earl Thomas?

I'm not sure, but its resolved it could result in trading away a very good player in the secondary thus Seattle would slowly need to rebuild around Russell Wilson.

How can the Buccaneers move on from the Jameis Winston Controversy?

Ryan FItzpatrick is one of those rare QB's that's been with half of the NFL teams where he finds some short amount of success but isn't always consistent from season to season. They can be competitive in a way, but if Winston never has any time to be on the field in 2018 his likely to be cut, but will his football career be over who knows.

Derrius Guice is out with an ACL, What can the Redskins do now in the running game?

Now its gonna be heavy load toss and short passes to Chris Thompson who looked impressive last season, and could prove to be the big go to guy for Alex Smith now without the double tandem out of play.

Which of the rookie QB's will rise to a starter the quickest this season?

This one is actually tough because all of them are #2's but the fastest one to make that move could be... Josh Allen. While I don't think he'll turn out as good as I suspect... McCarron is unfortunately a #2 QB in this league thus come in 6'5 QB Week 5 perhaps is what I'm gonna project him coming in the lineup.

Sam Darnold, he’s not looking too bad in the preseason currently. But you can’t judge players based on preseason, so who knows. But Darnold is still my choice.

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