Top Ten Questions Guys Might Have About Girls

Girls, this list is in no war meant to be offensive. If you feel that way, make a similar list. This isn't meant to be sexist. I also hope this isn't too perverted or creepy, which I'm trying not to be.

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Are periods the worst thing about being a girl?

It's like getting sick for a week or more every single dang month, but nobody accepts it as a legitimate excuse for anything. Or not in my experience anyway.

Actually, I picture giving birth worse, but its definitely the 2nd worst thing about being a girl!

And also giving birth is optional. You don't have to do it. You choose if you want to or not. - cosmo

Yes. I wish I never got my period. The cramps are horrible for me and I already have depression so periods make my mood even worse.

Yep. Feels like a chainsaw is ripping through your lower end.

What's it like having a vagina?

You can finger yourself there from time to time but other than that it sucks. Periods are the worst.

Having a vagina feels and looks good. Mine does at least. Can honestly say I've ever felt another woman's vagina to comment about theirs. - Britgirl

One word: Periods.

Having a vagina sucks. - keycha1n

It's alright, but hate it when it bleeds or when Cleans it self.

Why do girls care so much about body image?

Because girls are much more sexualized in the media (This doesn't mean boys are not though), but from a very young age, a lot of emphasize is put on a girl to look pretty and that becomes part of our self-worth. Girls who were pretty were more respected and sought after in society, so we spend a lot of energy chasing after this ideal that doesn't really exist.

Well, think about it! These Disney Princess movies are made specifically...for who? Girls, mostly, at least...What about these magazines floating around? They are edited to look abnormally skinny with perfect bodies! Anyway, the truth is, most people really do care about people's image on them, even though many of those people claim that they don't care. As you see those things, I guess that it gets to you. I, personally, don't care, simply because I would love to go into Sumo if I get fat...

Well, I would say that I don't care, because metabolism of my body is fast so I'm slender from the very beginning, and I love my physique

Well, in a female's brain, there is a part girls have that boys don't (not trying to be sexist) so they care about stuff that guys don't.

Why do some girls like to gossip?

Because we love drama - Luckys

Because it is fun. Besides guys gossip too. It is human to talk about our surroundings. - Ihateschool

I only gossip about celebrities that I like. - Ilovestephanie

Some? Every girl loves to gossip, just some actually feel bad about it and stop themselves (or feel bad afterwards...). Gossiping makes you feel stronger and united with the person you are gossiping with. It makes you feel like you two have common ground (even if you really don't). Some girls know it's bad and don't care, and these are the girls you should watch for. Usually gossip ends up being a lie by the end because there is always some chick along the line who exaggerates. EVERYTHING.

I hope I answered your question kind of.

Do you enjoy wearing makeup?

I don't like wearing makeup everyday, but for some special occasions then yes. Mostly no though. It feels like plastic and somehow hides who you really are. Some people start hating on you when you remove makeup. So, why not just not wear makeup in the beginning. Overall, it's a no.

No, I hate it. I wouldn't be able to apply any makeup, even using my best effort!

Sure. It's a pain to put on, take off, but it helps me practice for when I'm full of pimples and need it.

It's like art; the makeup is the paint and my face is the canvas

Do all girls like shopping?

NO. I HATE IT! (I try to prevent myself from using the word "hate" but I just really don't like shopping at all)

Some do though. Like me.. And not all girls do and very much depends on the individual.

Depends on what you mean by shopping. Everyone loves to shop for things, rather it's clothes, games, art supplies, or things for the house and car. So yeah I like to shop ( especially for games and art supplies).

Can't make sweeping generalizations about anything. But I personally love shopping-I could spend hours in a bookstore...

Why do girls being their purses into the bathroom?

Because we have our periods and our feminine hygiene stuff is in there - Nic427

Where would we leave them? Outside the bathroom? Plus, we may need to sneak in some feminine hygiene products. - keycha1n

I don't have a purse, it's more of a sachel, but I have it to keep my wallet, pads, phone, and a notepad. Funny story: in high school on my period, I asked my male teacher to go to the washroom, he said yes, so I stood up and grabbed my sachel. Then, he asked me, "why are you bringing your purse? " I turned bright red and I felt all the other girls feeling my pain. After that I only asked female teachers.

If we leave it out people can steal our stuff. Duh. - AnonymousChick

Would you rather be a guy?

Nah,I'd rather stay a girl. But I wouldn't mind being a guy for a week just to see what it's like.

Well, maybe. If I was a boy, my mom wouldn't force me to wear make up, skirts, dresses, pink stuffs, and other extremely girly and uncomfortable things! Maybe being able to change gender whenever I want to would be good

I'd rather be able to change gender whenever I sneeze.

My parents told me that they would've named me Oscar if I was born male, so, I'm good...

Is it worse not being able to stand to pee?

I don't know, because I've never stood to pee.

I hate having to sit to pee, because then it's harder to go anywhere.

Being able to stand to pee makes little difference. Sure, in toilets, you can do it more quickly, but that's not a big deal. And you can't do it in public, as that's uncivilised.

I wouldn't want to sit on a toilet every time I have to use that bathroom, plus some toilets are nasty, and peeing standing up is a lot faster. - Therandom

How would I know?

Can I touch your boobs?

I will say something to girls for the question: ''NO, I won't touch you.''

SHOO! Out you go! This is the final straw!

No because you will go to jail.

No go away now

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What’s it feel like when a girl gets turned on?

I get this tingly feeling that starts from my neck to my well you know...

What does that mean?

I feel tingly, I guess

What's it like having boobs?

Wear a bra - Luckys

I hate my boobs

Danteem: Ah I knew it. I won't ask these questions to girls. So I think I know what is like to have boobs. It's like holding balls in your chest. I can imagine it. I also can imagine what it's like to have a vagina.

I hate them. Especially whenever you run. I've been cursed (I guess you could say) with boobs at an early age, so I've just learned to hate them, while everybody else is still growing theirs in my grade - kaitlynrad11

Why do girls have boyfriends who threat them like crap?

Because girls like that are too desperate to notice that he's an ass. - RoseWeasley

Why do boys have girlfriends who treat them like crap? - Misfire

My boyfriend is mostly sweet but he can be very impatient. - Ihateschool

My boyfriend doesn't treat me like crap

What does it feel like being a virgin?

I don't plan to lose my virginity. If I did then that would be a careless thing to do, especially at this age. - Misfire

Here's a good comback, "look in the mirror weirdo."

I hate being a virgin

It doesn't feel like anything really...Just saying, I'd much rather be one, and especially at this age. So I don't know why people have a problem with others being virgins. Who the hell cares anyways? - cosmo

Do you think feminazis are annoying?

I think they are worse than annoying. They're demons, in my opinion.

No but I find theaters annoying

Ye very annoying

YES. Wanna go feminazi hunting?

How long do you spend in the bathroom getting ready?

A few seconds or minutes. - RoseWeasley

Half an hour more or less - Luckys

About 5-10 minutes - Ihateschool

An hour but it depends

What do you find attractive about guys?

Kindness, loyalty, sense of humor, and intelligence. - RoseWeasley

One who has manners. My boyfriend is like that - Ihateschool

Looks, Personality, HUMOUR - Luckys

*shrugs* - Murphypaw

What do you think about the whole Hollywood scandal thing?
What do you think of penises?

You see, you are talking about GIRLS. Not WOMEN. So this is assuming that most girls are virgins. With this not in mind, either, I guess that they are feeders for dirty jokes?

Never thought of penises ever


Stop it with these questions! You're making me feel sick! 😭 - Misfire

Why do girls have a crush on Henry Cavill so much?

I don't care for that dude. Sure, he's quite guapo, but he's not my type.

I never heard of him. My celeb crush is Michael J. Fox



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