Top 10 Questions Hansi Kürsch May Ask You, Using His Own Lyrics

Lirics from both Blind Guardian and Demons & Wizards
BG - Blind Guardian
D&W - Demons & Wizards


The Top Ten

1 "Why've you ever forgotten me?" - Valhalla, BG

Because you are a un noticed metal singer not much people talk about that is still talented

2 “Would you like to meet the tyrant in the twilight zone?” - Sacred Mind, BG

No, thanks. - Metal_Treasure

3 "Would you mind if I take you?" - Fiddler On The Green, D&W
4 "Was it real what I saw in the mirror?" - At The Edge Of Time, BG
5 “Am I a modern sinner or an ancient god?” - Dorian, D&W
6 "Will I fail to believe, my friend?" - At The Edge Of Time, BG
7 "Who'll grant me wings to fly? And will I have another try?" - At The Edge Of Time, BG
8 "Will I ever learn from the past? Will I fade away? Will I ever stay where the shadows will grow?" - War Of The Thrones, BG
9 "Are you the one who should come show me the light in you or should we wait for someone? Another!" - Banish From Sanctuary, BG
10 "You know so much about all. What is your price?" - The Last Candle, BG

"High's the fee".
(this is a quote from another Blind Guardian song - The Eldar). - Metal_Treasure

The Contenders

11 "Who I am my friend?" - Goodbye My Friend, BG

A metal God. - Metal_Treasure

12 "Have you forgotten him?" - The Last Candle, BG
13 "Did you hear my crying?"- Goodbye My Friend, BG
14 “Can you hear this new life crying?” - Down Where I Am, D&W
15 "Would you believe in a night like this? A night like this, when visions come true?" - Skalds And Shadows, B
16 “Will you walk with me?” - War Of The Thrones, BG

With Hansi? Yes, any day. - Metal_Treasure

17 “For what I became a King of the lost?” - Time Stands Still (at The Iron Hill), BG

Very hard question... - Metal_Treasure

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