Top 10 Questions from Metal Songs


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1 What do you mean, "I don't pay my bills"? Why do you think I'm broke? Huh? - Peace Sells, Megadeth

The one and only Dave Mustaine, ladies and gents!
I usually avoid putting more than one item by a band in the top 10 but this time it wasn't possible and you can see why. - Metal_Treasure

2 Do your demons, do they ever let you go? When you've tried, do they hide deep inside? Is it someone that you know? - Rainbow In The Dark, Dio
3 What do you mean, "I ain't kind"? Just not your kind. - Peace Sells, Megadeth

One of my favorite quotes ever. - christangrant

4 So what can we do with our lives when it all begins? - Thorn, Blind Guardian

This has to be the hardest question ever. - Metal_Treasure

5 Can you heal what father's done or fix this hole in a mother's son? Can you heal the broken worlds within? Can you strip away so we may start again? - Fixxxer, Metallica
6 Why am I loved only when I'm gone? - Bless the Child, Nightwish

This must be the most poetic song of all time (no wonder, since it's the opener of my personal favorite album of all time). For a little context: the song is narrated from the perspective of childhood personified. Basically this seemingly simple question in the list item says: why do we want to grow up and be adult so fast when we are still children, only to deeply miss our childhood when we indeed are grown up and adult? - Martin_Canine

7 Is there anybody listening? Is there anyone who smiles without a mask? What's behind the words-images they know will please us? - Anybody Listening, Queensrÿche
8 What do you mean I hurt your feelings? I didn't know you had any feelings - Peace Sells, Megadeth

Awesome Quote this song is so quoteable and that's what makes it great - christangrant

9 Who'll grant me wings to fly? And will I have another try? - At The Edge Of Time, Blind Guardian
10 Who Do You Trust When Everyone's a Crook? - Revolution Calling, Queensrÿche

The Contenders

11 What do you mean, "I don't believe in God"? I talk to him every day. - Peace Sells, Megadeth
12 Will I ever learn from the past? - War Of The Thrones, Blind Guardian

I hope so... - Metal_Treasure

13 Where is Your Star? Is It Far, is It Far, is It Far? When Do We Leave? - Stargazer, Rainbow
14 For what I became a King of the lost? - Time Stands Still (at The Iron Hill), Blind Guardian

LOL, for what I became a user of TheTopTens? - Metal_Treasure

15 Is there a land over the rainbow and in the end a paradise? Is there a moral to the story or is it just another lie? - Written in Blood, Beyond the Black
16 Can't you see there's nothing real but you and I? And I say goodbye - My Last Sunrise, Demons & Wizards
17 Why've you ever forgotten me? - Valhalla, Blind Guardian
18 Am I a modern sinner or an ancient god? - Dorian, Demons & Wizards
19 Would you like to meet the tyrant in The Twilight Zone? - Sacred Mind, Blind Guardian

No, thanks. I don't wanna meet any tyrants in any zones. - Metal_Treasure

20 What about us? Isn't it enough? - Paradise (What About Us?), Within Temptation & Tarja
21 Is this a nightmare, am I in someone else's dream? - Lost in Forever, Beyond the Black
22 Is there a place more lonely than I feel within? - Caged, Within Temptation
23 Will I always, will you always see the truth when it stares you in the face? Will I ever, will I never free myself by breaking these chains? - Jillian (I'd Give My Heart), Within Temptation
24 What did they aim for when they missed your heart? - Shot in the Dark, Within Temptation
25 Look Around, is This the End You've Foreseen? the Pain, the Misery in Us All? What Was It that You Knew? Will We Someday Learn It Too? and Together Build Another Way to the Morning? Will It Ever Come Again? - Child of Fire, Queensrÿche
26 How Many Times Must I Live This Tragedy? How Many More Lies Will They Tell Me? All I Want is the Same as Everyone-Why Am I Here, and for How Long? - Eyes of a Stranger, Queensrÿche
27 Can I believe that what I saw that night was real and not just fantasy? Just what I saw in my old dreams-were they reflections of my warped mind staring back at me? - The Number of the Beast, Iron Maiden
28 Who had thought this clime had held a deity, numinous and unparalleled? - Ode To The Sun, Obscura
29 To the moon and the stars, now what have we we done? All the dreamers may die, but their dreams live on... dreams live on..... dreams live on...... - Empire Of The Clouds - Iron Maiden

My favorite song of all time.

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