Top 10 Questions that Need to Be Properly Answered About Certain Video Game Characters

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1 Is Street Fighter 3: Third Strike's Q a human, a robot, an alien, or a cyborg?

The way in which he moves and acts is so weird that it basically makes answering said question impossible, and his theme song incredibly-heavily implies him being both a cyborg and an alien as well

2 How did Team Fortress 2's Medic manage to remove the entire skeleton of one of his patients and not kill said patient by doing so?

He probably made that story up, but it still does make absolutely no sense

3 Is Ganon being a hilariously pathetic Paper Tiger in Link: The Faces of Evil and Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon an intentional joke or a result of the game's creators being too incompetent to be able to make good boss fights?

Well, it definitely is a prime example of a game trolling its players

4 Who are Undertale's Sans and Papyrus the skeletons of?

Well, they definitely do look and act like Wario and Waluigi quite a bit

Hello human! it is I wAlUiGii - Stakamakataka

5 Is N. Tropy being a hilariously pathetic Paper Tiger in Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time an intentional joke or a result of the game's creators being too lazy to make his/her boss fight a properly climactic and challenging one?

It probably is the second one of those things, judging by the fact that he/she says "show us what you can do as a team" about a boss fight that the game's players play as exactly ONE of its main protagonists during

6 Why do EarthBound's Ness and Mother 3's Lucas have the absurdly massive amounts of physical strength (attack power) that they have?

Mostly because of "RPG logic"

7 Is Advance Wars's Hawke the father of Advance Wars's Andy?

His skin color generally says "no", but his CO powers and his constant depression/disappointed-ness definitely say "yes", as do his spiky hair and Advance Wars's rather infamous penchant for blatantly copying Darth Vader and the like

8 Was Rem (Hyrule Castle Town's shoe maker) originally going to be woken up by Link sneaking through one of his ears while he was asleep and then entering his brain in order to turn it back on in The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap?

I mean, seriously, just THINK about it:

* When Link climbs onto Rem's shoe-making table after shrinking himself, Rem's head and arms are lying atop said table in a way that utterly SCREAMS "climb up one of his arms and then jump into one of his ears"
* The part of Minish Cap's world that Link gains access to after waking Rem up in order to get the Pegasus Boots contains both enemies that Link has to enter the brains of and a boss that Link has to enter the head of
* One of Minish Cap's main gimmicks is Kinstone Fusions, which involve thought bubbles

9 Is Um Jammer Lammy's Lammy mentally ill or just incredibly high on hallucinogenic drugs?

She probably is both of those things

10 What happens to Portal's Chell after the ending of Portal 2?
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11 Is Coco Bandicoot actually supposed to be "sexy" in the Crash Bandicoot franchise?

No she’s supposed to be cute

The designers had different thoughts with Tawna though

12 Who is the Phone Guy in the Five Nights at Freddy's Franchise?
13 Who/what is Super Smash Bros's Mr. Game & Watch the shadow of?

nobody, he's literally just a flat shape, not a shadow.

14 Will Street Fighter's Dan Hibiki ever truly become as good of a fighter as either of the two main ones that he is a parodic knock-off of (Ryu and Ken) in the franchise's storyline?

If he stops using the Saikyo Style and uses Ryu's actual fighting style, then he probably will

Yeah ok WE GET IT ALREADY! - Stakamakataka

15 Why is the uvula of Yoshi's Island's Prince Froggy inside his stomach?
16 How did Street Fighter's Birdie become black in Street Fighter Alpha after being white in Street Fighter 1?
17 Was Metroid Fusion's "Adam" supposed to be lying as blatantly as he was when he said that Metroid Fusion's SA-X had a large amount of intelligence?
18 Is Twelve being a hilariously pathetic Paper Tiger in Street Fighter 3: Third Strike an intentional joke or just a result of Street Fighter's incredibly bad writing?
19 What happens to Half-Life's Gordon Freeman after the ending of Half-Life 2: Episode Two?
20 Is Street Fighter's Necro actually black?
21 Was Undertale's Alphys originally going to send Frisk into her mind during the game's True Lab segment as a parody of Radiation's EarthBound Halloween Hack?
22 Why is Parappa The Rapper's Parappa seen as "one of the world's greatest rappers" despite not even being able to come up with his own lyrics most of the time?
23 Why is the ego that the head of Street Fighter's Dan Hibiki contains so big that he thinks that his hilariously mediocre knock-off of Ryu's fighting style is the franchise's most powerful fighting style?
24 Is Mettaton NEO being a hilariously pathetic Paper Tiger in Undertale supposed to be funny or just an excuse for the game's creators to not have to design a proper boss fight against him?
25 Is Ridley being a hilariously pathetic Paper Tiger in Metroid Fusion an intentional joke or just a result of Metroid Fusion's Wave Beam being absurdly overpowered?
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