Top Ten Questions People Answer With Lies

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1 How old are you?

Asians lie about kids' ages to get them into buffets for free.

I will be very very truthful I am about 19 yrs old still young but that the adult

I'm 1 year old in real life. Stop telling me it is a lie.

I am 286 years old. I thought I already told you that!

2 Have you read the terms and conditions?

Only answer it to proceed. It's like asking "do you want to enter the site? " after you've already taken the trouble to get there

Strangely this is the only listed question that I usually (actually always) answer with a lie.

My mom forces em to read them. I hate reading them because it wastes my time

Too lazy to read the whole thing, but I go back reading it when I'm bored

3 How much do you weigh?

For most of my life, I was overweight--even obese--but over the past couple years, I've successfully gotten in shape. My exact weight is somewhere between 140 and 145 pounds--ideal for my age and height.

I don't know but between 50 and 55 kilos.

About 45 stone, give or take 1 pound.

I'm as light as a feather

4 What are your religious beliefs?

I can't answer this truthfully, since I have no idea what mine are.

Why would you lie haha

I never lie to this


5 What are your political views?

I'm too young to care about politics and I'm 19

Sorry I have no interest in politics

Could you at least narrow that down?

I want trump to be my sugar daddy

6 Do you smoke or drink?

Nah... I actually hate smokers & Drinkers, really sorry if I hurt someone, but I just say what's on my mind

If a lie detector Test was put in than yeah I drink (No, I'm sober)

I smoke all day, everyday and I drink like no one's business.

Everybody says No... Me? :/

7 Are you married?

Let me tell you a story, when I was 16 I got my girlfriend pregnant with QUADRUPLETS! So after her parents forced me to get married her. Our kids names are Karen, Steve, Tony, and Ellie.

I love the way you lie, so I married the way you lie.

I got a lovely wife, and great kids (not! )

Oh Boy... I'm too young for this, haha

8 Did you finish your homework?

Yes, yes I did. I finished it on the bus, like always and I got a 100% on it.

A very common question asked to all students

My Dog ate it (cliche reasoning)

Yeah. I finished not doing it!

9 How many children do you have?

I have 2 kids. Brian Rose Quinn and Halsey Rose Quinn. My last name is not Quinn.

I have about 9 children. Can't remember their names though.

I have 2 kids- Quincy and James

9, like Philip Rivers (lol)

10 How tall are you?

I can answer this truthfully and be cool.

I will answer this truthfully. I'm almost 5'7.

1 ft 1! People tell me I am 5 ft 3, what liars!

5' 2 1/2" (the half is important! )

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11 Do you masturbate?

I would get mad and yell NO!, but really I do.

Of course not!

In other words ever have the feeling of ''scoring? ''

I don’t know what that means, so probably not!

12 Who do you like?

Who? It's a matter of what. ( I don't know what that means ) I like the song Heaven In Hiding.

Well, I really like Halsey and Twenty One Pilots. They have good music.

Someone in my historical class

Someone and she rejected me cause I love fortnite

13 How are you?

"I'm having quite a bad- no, nevermind, I'm fine, perfectly fine"

Ok. My shoulder hurts, but my mood is in control

Well thanks and you?

''Great Grand Wonderful'' - Chris Farley

14 Are you sexually active?

I'm too young for that! (I'm telling the truth here)

Yes, not with my wife though, I'm cheating on her.

Here is the truth I masturbate a lot

Of course not! Ew!

15 Does your family have any history of medical problems?

The common cold, my friends and family have all gotten it but I haven't

Tricky question, how about middle mixed.

I actually have no idea.

Yes; cancer, arthritis, Alzheimer’s, and SAD (Social Anxiety Disorder)

I have two of the four; arthritis in my knuckles, and SAD

16 Do you like someone?

Yeah but he strongly dislikes me

Who is Someone?
But really, no, lol.

I did, and they leave typical.

Yes, someone who isn't my wife.

17 Are you depressed?

At one point I was

Kinda, if you consider the fact I’m pretty lonely


18 Are you ok?

People instinctively say yes because the questioner is being polite and not sincere!

High functionally sane as ever... yes

Sure, but my shoulder is killing me

I am not as fine as I seem!

19 How much money do you make?

Um, well, I make no money because I’m 99 years old and unemployed.
But I get that senior discount at the Dollar Tree!

1 dollar I work 1 hour a week.

Exactly 0.00 dollars a year

I make none of your buisness dollars a week

20 Do you have any suicidal thoughts?

No. Not right now

21 Where do babies come from?

Most babies come out through the mother's vagina, which stretches to let the baby out. (Make it clear, if you haven't already, that the vagina is not the same as the urethra or the anus!)

Poop är på min röv, och det finns inget toalettpapper, skynda, det börjar klia ...

22 Are you lost?

Yes, I'm lost. I've fallen out of love with my wife, I've been cheating on her for 5 months now...what should I do?

I'm lost somewhere in outer space in a hotel room where demons play.

Yes. Can you save me than from my agony?

Yes. Yes I am. Now, you get lost.

23 Can you help me with this?

If you can help me polarize, help me polarize, help me out!

I most likely can, but I refuse to do so.

I'm kinda busy.

I’m busy typing comments on this list, so no thank you

24 Can you draw me?

No, because I suck at drawing humans. (telling the truth here)

No, because I can't draw people to save my life!

I draw badly. So yes, just not well!

In a stick figure, yes.

25 Did you fart?
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