Top Ten Questions People Answer With Lies


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1 How Old Are You?

Asians lie about kids' ages to get them into buffets for free.

I'm 1 year old in real life. Stop telling me it is a lie.

I am two weeks old. - RalphBob

I’m 99, and I don’t know why people don’t believe me! - saturatedsunrise

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2 Have You Read The Terms And Conditions?

Strangely this is the only listed question that I usually (actually always) answer with a lie. - Fan_of_Good_Music

Only answer it to proceed. It's like asking "do you want to enter the site? " after you've already taken the trouble to get there - Billyv

I haven't even read what this item is... - Britgirl

What Terms and Conditions? Oh yeah, I definitely did! - KingSlayer93316

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3 What Are Your Religious Beliefs?

I can't answer this truthfully, since I have no idea what mine are. - PetSounds

I believe in free love. That's my religion. - Britgirl

That is an ideal, not a religion. Agreeing with homosexuality (which you basically implied), is an ideal. - RiverClanRocks

I never lie to this - jmepa1234

Atheist - KingSlayer93316

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4 How Much Do You Weigh?

For most of my life, I was overweight--even obese--but over the past couple years, I've successfully gotten in shape. My exact weight is somewhere between 140 and 145 pounds--ideal for my age and height. - PetSounds

I am 13, and I weigh 133 pounds (yes I am fat DON'T JUDGE). But my height is 5'6 and a quarter. - Catacorn

About 45 stone, give or take 1 pound. - Britgirl

Less than 90 pounds (*cries*)
I’ll never be able to ride the Lunar Loop! - saturatedsunrise

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5 What Are Your Political Views?

Could you at least narrow that down? - PositronWildhawk

Sorry I have no interest in politics - Righteous

I'm somewhat fascist in a manner.

I view them as a bunch of greedy asshats that want nothing more than attention - KingSlayer93316

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6 Do You Smoke Or Drink?

Nah... I actually hate smokers & Drinkers, really sorry if I hurt someone, but I just say what's on my mind - Righteous

I smoke all day, everyday and I drink like no one's business. - Britgirl

Everybody says No... Me? :/

No, of course not. - saturatedsunrise

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7 Are You Married?

I love the way you lie, so I married the way you lie.

Oh Boy... I'm too young for this, haha - Righteous

I try not to make a habit of it - Billyv

Certainly not! - saturatedsunrise

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8 Did you Finish Your Homework?

Yes, yes I did. I finished it on the bus, like always and I got a 100% on it. - Merilille

A very common question asked to all students

Yeah, but I left it at home. - saturatedsunrise

I’m not in school, but sure, why not - KingSlayer93316

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9 How Many Children Do You Have?

I have about 9 children. Can't remember their names though. - Britgirl

I have an illegitimate son. - Therandom

I have 2 kids. Brian Rose Quinn and Halsey Rose Quinn. My last name is not Quinn.

10 How Tall Are You?

I can answer this truthfully and be cool.

5' 2 1/2" (the half is important! ) - keycha1n

5"6! Where's my comment?! - Therandom

I’m 400 feet tall! - saturatedsunrise

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11 Do You Fap?

what? No - KingSlayer93316

I don’t know what that means, so probably not! - saturatedsunrise

12 Who Do You Like?

Who? It's a matter of what. ( I don't know what that means ) I like the song Heaven In Hiding.

Well, I really like Halsey and Twenty One Pilots. They have good music. - saturatedsunrise

I like no one - KingSlayer93316

No one. - RiverClanRocks

13 How Are You?

"I'm having quite a bad- no, nevermind, I'm fine, perfectly fine" - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

Ok. My shoulder hurts, but my mood is in control - KingSlayer93316

Ask me how I’m doing, I’ll say “okay,” but ain’t that what we all say? - saturatedsunrise

14 Are You Sexually Active?

I'm too young for that! (I'm telling the truth here)

Heh heh... um... another question. - Therandom

Of course not! Ew! - saturatedsunrise

HELL NO - KingSlayer93316

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15 Are You Lost?

I'm lost somewhere in outer space in a hotel room where demons play.

Yes. Yes I am. Now, you get lost. - RiverClanRocks

Yes, yes I am. - saturatedsunrise

I’m very lost. Please help me - KingSlayer93316

16 Can You Help Me With This?

If you can help me polarize, help me polarize, help me out! - saturatedsunrise

I most likely can, but I refuse to do so. - Merilille

I'm kinda busy.

I’m busy typing comments on this list, so no thank you - KingSlayer93316

17 Do You Like Someone?

Who is Someone?
But really, no, lol. - saturatedsunrise

No - KingSlayer93316

18 Are You Depressed?

Nope(telling the truth) - Therandom

Kinda, if you consider the fact I’m pretty lonely - KingSlayer93316

19 Can You Draw Me?

No, but I know military might, and I now how to conquer.(truth) - Therandom

No, because I suck at drawing humans. (telling the truth here) - Pegasister12

No, because I can't draw people to save my life! - RiverClanRocks

I draw badly. So yes, just not well! - saturatedsunrise

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20 Are you OK?

People instinctively say yes because the questioner is being polite and not sincere!

Sure, but my shoulder is killing me - KingSlayer93316

I am not as fine as I seem! - saturatedsunrise

Yes. (A lie)

21 How Much Money Do You Make?

1 dollar I work 1 hour a week.

I make none of your buisness dollars a week - KingSlayer93316

Um, well, I make no money because I’m 99 years old and unemployed.
But I get that senior discount at the Dollar Tree! - saturatedsunrise

22 Do you masturbate?

Of course not! - saturatedsunrise

No. I’m being honest because I find that stuff gross - KingSlayer93316

23 Do You Have Any Suicidal Thoughts?

No. Not right now - KingSlayer93316

24 Does Your Family Have Any History of Medical Problems?

I actually have no idea. - saturatedsunrise

Yes; cancer, arthritis, Alzheimer’s, and SAD (Social Anxiety Disorder)

I have two of the four; arthritis in my knuckles, and SAD - KingSlayer93316

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