Questions You Can Get In the Most Trouble for Asking

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1 Is it a boy or a girl? (When she's overweight, not pregnant)

This one is the best, how would you get in trouble for saying hows the baby!?!? - dragon13304

hilarious and you can get away with it

hahahah! hilarious, I crack up whenever I hear about this kind of stuff! hahah

That's just mean. If you can't decide whether they're fat or pregnant,leave it alone.

2 Are you Korean?

What did they do, in their last life!?

I dislike discrimination and Korean.

Japanese: No.
Chinese: No.
Tiwanese: No.
Korean: No.

3 Are we there yet?

it's the most annoying sentence ever!

4 How's the baby?
5 How much money do you make?
6 Is that your natural hair color?

I'm dying my hair because I hate my haircut

No I meant my hair color

I've never been asked this, simply because no one would dye their hair the colour that I have. - Britgirl

7 Really, you're that old?

old people get offended by it - moose4life19

8 What gender are you?

I'm a girl who shaved my hair off for cancer patients and now I get asked this question ALL THE TIME when I go out in public. It's annoying and it offends me because people are implying that I look like a dude. - 4EverMJLuv

You don't even have to ask this question to get in trouble for it. Any pronoun usage will trigger an SJW. - NuMetalManiak

Maybe I've been living under a rock my whole life, but I've never heard anyone get truly offended by this. Both SJW's and people complaining about SJW's are equal crybabies. - IronSabbathPriest

9 Do I have to do it?

I said this to my parents and they got offended.

10 Wow, I can't see your zits at all, how'd you do it?

Asking this is just like spelling "I think" wrong. - fireinside96

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11 What's a period?

I'd say the end of your sentence

Uh, you know when you switch classes in school, and the time you spend in the class... He, he, he. Actually, I don't wanna explain what it really is...

I HAVE IT RIGHT NOW. and I'm mad at everything.

It's a point made by the pen to end a sentence. Here in the UK, we call a period a full stop. - PositronWildhawk

12 Do you know how to read?
13 Do you speak English?
14 Are you gonna tell my parents?
15 Want to have sex? (when you're underaged)

Uh, hell no. I'm only about 11 years old. Do I need this experience at this age?! I'm too YOUNG! MOMMY, HELP ME

Heck no! I'm 10 almost 11

BUT I'M 11!

16 Where do babies come from?

This happened before... I used to think it was kissing. Then puberty videos happened...

17 Are you Chinese? (To a random Asian person)

Sjw crybabies are going to get offended

18 How much money do you have?
19 Why am I here?
20 Can I have some money?
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