Top 10 Questions a Visitor Might Have for Members of TheTopTens


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1 Who made TheTopTens and why?

An admin with an unknown identification. - htoutlaws2012

I am still wondering that myself. - Therandom

Lovefrombadlands did. She made it because she is a user.
Just kidding.

2 Why did you join TheTopTens?

Because I like remixing lists and I found out that the people here are nice and opinionated.

Escape real life, but also help others in the process of there pain. - htoutlaws2012

I have been asked this before. - Therandom

A combo of Cyri and boredom. - Ashes

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3 Who is your favorite user?

I have none but I have my top tens user of the month blog that no one bothered to read. Oh well. - Therandom

Check my remix in Top Ten Users of TheTopTens.

My favorite user is htoutlaws2012!

Not me. - Ashes

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4 What is your favorite list?

Best Metallica songs. Because Metallica is my favorite band.

Top Ten Video Game Controllers - htoutlaws2012

Any list that isn't by me.

5 Why do you make lists?

To showcase how much more needs to be heard in the perspective of one subject being. - htoutlaws2012

To have some fun with it and to share our opinion.

Because I feel like it!

6 Who runs TheTopTens?

The administrator named admin.

7 What year was TheTopTens made?

I always loved to know when.

2005, the year I was born!

2005, back when the internet had slowly started coming together at its early stages. - htoutlaws2012

8 What is unique about TheTopTens?

That you can freely express opinions without anybody throwing curses at you. They may cause criticism and fights, but after all, these are all opinions that many users would understand.

Not only you make the list, you may also bring up much more broughter takes from other ideas that consists of remixes, and a long detailed blog post. - htoutlaws2012


9 How do you become a member?

To realize I had a fascination for countdown lists since the beginning. - htoutlaws2012

Just sign up! Provide your email though...

10 Do you need Facebook or any other social media?

No way! But you could if you want.

No, you do not!

FB: No
Instagram: No
YouTube: Maybe
Twitter: Maybe - htoutlaws2012

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