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1 Why is Stardust Speedway is in the bad future in Sonic Generations?

So... Sonic forgot Stardust Speedway or something? Did he really collect all the time stones and destroy the robot generators? Who knows. - Chaotixhero

Shadow:Your game, Faker. ANSWER IT!
Sonic: ok ok! Because Sega was like Hey! Remember stardust speedway!? Lets put it in THE DANG FUTURE that's GOING TO BE LIKE SONIC 06!
Silver:...! Ok?
Blaze: So there's your answer.

2 Why did Knuckles stop guarding the master emerald after Sonic Adventure 2?

Hey Knuckles you do realize you got a emerald to guard. What's the problem? - Chaotixhero

Then again how come he's hardly ever guards the master emerald? He doesn't do it in sonic heroes, or shadow the hedghog and that's just a few of the games he doesn't guard it. - nintendofan126

Knuckles:Erm...because...its too far away?
Shadow:Real question is, why haven't you stolen it, rouge!
Rouge:Because I would never betray knuckie! Crap... I'm out of here! Come on knuckie!
Silver: So... Wait? I don't understand...
(None of us do silver! )

3 How old is really Sonic?

In the comics he's 16 until you get the 30 years later comic because he's 46 years old then. So how old is he in the games? 15? 25? I don't know! - Chaotixhero

Sonic: I'm 14 like everyone else! Skrew sega trying to control my age!
Shadow: I can choose my age. I chose... Ill choose another day...
Silver: In this time though I'm -214 years old! And so is blaze!
Blaze:Technically no. I'm 14 here as I was not born in the future...

4 What happened to Mighty the Armadillo?

He's one of my favorite characters and he just left after Knuckles Chaotix. Where are you Mighty? - Chaotixhero

Shadow: uh... I didn't kill him...
Silver: The red amidillo... Oh was he a friend? (NO I KILLED HIM BUT THEY don't KNOW THAT! )
SONIC: I don't know
Blaze:? Mighty? Hey silver wasnt that the guy we ki-
Silver:... We don't know a mighty! Right blaze!

5 How did Eggman manage to build a giant theme park in space in Sonic Colors?

I mean look at it, IT'S SO BIG! And it even has 6 other planet chained together with it. How did he do that? - Chaotixhero

Eggman: Uh... You telll it!
Mephiles: He promised to give me a millon dollars sk it was there right after sonic adventure 2 thanks to mytime travel...
Eggman: Exactally!

6 How did Sonic get green eyes?

Chubby Sonic has black eyes (sorry I said that) then Sonic Adventure came and he lost a lot of weight and has green eyes! Where did he get them? - Chaotixhero

I was wondering about this. - Delgia2k

Sonic: Contact lenses! I kinda got lasered jn an eye and I need them 2 see now...
Shadow & silver:?
Blaze: I could have scorched your eyeballs out... If I wanted to I could right now
Everyone: Steps back

7 Is Shadow really a android or not?

Shadow the hedgehog video game got me so dang confused. Is he a android now? Or... Not? - Chaotixhero

Well, does he dream of electric sheep? - TrueBlueHeroes

Shadow:I don't know the answer to that...
Sonic: Android!
Silver: Not!
Blaze: he's got more feelings then he thinks. He's not.

8 Why did Elise kiss Sonic?

Because Elise is a criminal.

Eww! A hot sexy princess (yeah I went there) kissed a blue mutant hedgehog! That's sick. They should have a least brought Sally Acorn back. It makes more sense that way but nah. - Chaotixhero

Mephiles: Because I made her! *devilish look on his face* In fact I could make anyone kiss anyone.
Shadow: uhhh
Sonic: I'm glad I was dead!

9 How did Knuckles manage to sucker punch Super Sonic in Sonic 3 & Knuckles?

And it was Super Effective! But seriously how did he do that? - Chaotixhero

Knuckles: because I'm cool!
Sonic: oww
Shadow: I could of done that!
Blaze: Sonic is just weak.

10 In Sonic Generations, Where did Classic Tails came from out of no where?

After beating the Death Egg Robot, Classic Tails just came out of no where. Where was he and why does he sounds like a little school girl? It's funny sometimes though. - Chaotixhero

C tails: because I had my teleportation device!

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1. Why is Stardust Speedway is in the bad future in Sonic Generations?
2. Why did Knuckles stop guarding the master emerald after Sonic Adventure 2?
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