Top Ten Most Quotable Metallica Songs

This list is about which Metallica songs are the most Quotable regardless if they are good or bad

The Top Ten

1 One

Imprisoning Me
All That I Can See
Absoulte Horror - christangrant

2 Master of Puppets

Obey your Master, Master, - christangrant

3 Enter Sandman

Dreams of War Dreams Of Lies Dreams of Dragons Fire - christangrant

4 The Unforgiven

This and Wherever I May Roam are the most quotable, in my opinion. - Metal_Treasure

So I Dub the Unforgiven - christangrant

5 For Whom the Bell Tolls
6 Fade to Black

Life it seems to fade away - christangrant

7 Sad but True
8 Fuel

Gimme Fuel Gimmie Fire Gimme That Which I Desire - christangrant

9 Wherever I May Roam

"Call me what you will" - Metal_Treasure

10 Seek & Destroy

The Contenders

11 ...And Justice for All
12 The View

I AM THE TABLE! - christangrant

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