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1 Reality is an illusion the universe is a hologram

There mite be a season 3. If there is, I'd be so happy!

I love it...i wish gravity falls has a season 3

This one seems about right

Yup, seems about right

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2 This party never stops! Time is dead, and meaning has no meaning. Existence is upside down and I reign supreme. Welcome one and all; to Weirdmaggedon!

Lol come on this is hands down his best quote

From roxy some call me bill

So good

I love this! Be my dad Bill!

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3 It's funny how dumb you are

Everyone knows this one

I'm too nice to use this and it makes me sad

He is not talking to me-Brandon Jrandon

Typical Bill Cipher!

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4 Pain is hilarious!

Pretty much my life. Every time someone gets hurt I laugh.

Love it



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5 Here, have a head that's always screaming

I'd love one, thanks!


That's Bill for you!

6 You are smart. Especially the fat one

He means yooou

I love soos

Ha sos you are halitosis so are you bill �"�

He's talking about yooou

7 I'm going to drink it like a human

This will be my senior quote

I find this quote hilarious. - cosmo

Totes there is a meme for that

8 Hey, want to here my impression of you in about 3 seconds? AHHHHH!

That is not what I said bill


10/10 impression

Bill's sadistic tendencies in a nutshell.

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9 Deer teeth! For you, kid!

I thought that part was funny for some reason. I have a weird sense of humor.

This Quote is weird but cool at the same time I love it

Nightmares! For you, kid!

Beyond freaky.

10 I'm always watching you



so bill

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11 I'll hold my horses. I'll hold them. You monster

Grenda was so confused lol - BillCipherWins

I really liked this one. - Jahni200


'I'll hold my horses... I'll. Hold. Them. -Mutter- You monster.'
Also, Remember the universe is a hologram, reality is a illusion, buy gold BYEE!

12 How 'bout I reverse the functions of every hole on your face

Just so Bill Cipher

Me when someones being a jerk and threatning meh


This is my favorite quote

*the screaming of Stanley summoned this fangirl.*


The reversed quotes are always the best

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14 Remember the universe is a hologram, reality is a illusion, buy gold BYEE

For the one's that didn't get the joke he is saying that reality has no point at all and then tell's you to buy a purely materialistic thing that only has value in reality.

I don't get the last part but I like it

i agree


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15 Buy gold, buy

I thought he was saying bye to gold.

16 I have some children I gotta make into corpses!

Thanks for making me that plus I love you

Lol I love this


17 Ahhhh, my eye! Do you have any idea how long that takes to grow back??!!


18 Did you miss me? Admit it, you missed me.

I love this quote its what I say to my brother when I get home!

Me after summer break when school ends lol - BillCipherWins

This is my favorite Bill Cipher quote.

I love it it’s the best because it fell is like something I would say

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19 We'll meet again, don't know where, don't know when, oh, I know we'll meet again some sunny day!

It's a god song

You're in the penthouse suite, kid!

Bill can sing. so so beautiful. - BillCipherWins

20 Hi is this pizza? No this is a telephone! I beg to differ! Wait....this is a time vortex not a pizza!

It might not be from the show but like still

This was halarious

Its still funny even if it's not cannon

This wasn't exactly a quote from the show but it was still funny

21 Man, it's been so long since I've inhabited a body!

WTW you had a body

22 Gravity Falls, It is Good to Be Back

One of my favorite quotes of his!

Shows relevance to the show and the fact he has been gone for a long time

23 I'm watching you nerds

Yess throws is amazing who am I kidding bills amazing

That was scary! ;( - AnonymousChick

At the end by the way

He says this backwards in the wierdmaggedon theme song

24 Oh no it's Bill. Right? Isn't that what you're all thinking? Hey Gideon, why aren't you dancing? Chop chop, huh?

Bill is my dad

25 Let's make a deal..

Was this based on the game show or was the game show based on this...? 🤔

26 Deal!

It's a deal! - Userguy44

This is more of a word

27 Once I get my hands on you, I'll disassemble your molecules!

Bill you say it in a freaky way

Such a badass line bill.

For all of the nedda out there.. This is the best choice

28 Eenie meenie miney... YOU!

He chooses to kill


Eenny meany miney... you! It’s been so long since I’ve inhabited a body...

29 Well, well, well, well, well, well, well-well-well-well-well! Aren't you a sight for sore eye! Stanford Filbrick Pines, my old pal!

I am just saying he said a lot of wells!

30 Well, well, well, and here I thought this day couldn't get any better!

Ohhh perfect for birthdays

I can vote on my own right? :3

31 Pinetree

The only thing bill calls dipper

I love when he calls dipper -pinetree- I ship it!

I LOVe this!

32 Don't play dumb, I.Q!

Lmao yes go bill!

33 Hey achilles, nice work with the heel!

A not well known one, but quite funny.

This one is pretty cool.


34 YOU! You can’t even imagine what you just cost me! Do you have any idea what I’m like, WHEN I’M MAD!?

Love this one

35 Hahaha stupid flesh bags don't know anything
36 For one trillion years I've been trapped in my own decaying dimension, waiting for a new universe to call my own. Name's Bill! But you can call me your new lord and master for all of eternity!

Lol I wrote this on my arm in sharpie, I'm gonna regret this later

37 Sure I am what’s your point?

I need a shirt with this quote on it!

When Gideon says “You’re insane! ” Bill turns into a savage

38 Just kidding I know you gideon!
39 I think I know a guy!!


40 Until' then I'll be watching you... I'LL BE WATCHING YOU!


Awesome quote

41 Race you to the bottom of the stairs!

Yes bill I will race you.-w- - BillCipherWins

42 Don't trust stan

Film theory

You may not know this one but just watch film theory and you will know.

43 One nightmare coming up

*Role play* Oh no, not another one. I can't deal with this anymore 😭

44 It's only a matter of time
45 Stanley!


Its from one of his backwords messenges

46 I've recently had a multi-dimensional makeover!

Love this one

47 You're out of your league, kids. Turn around now before you see something you might regret. Later, suckers!
48 Maybe not right now, but things change stanford pines, things.... Change...


49 This is our town now boys!
50 You’re awfully persistent, pine tree.

This is meh background for meh phone and my favorite quote! 🤣😍🤣

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1. Pain is hilarious!
2. Ahhhh, my eye! Do you have any idea how long that takes to grow back??!!
3. Here, have a head that's always screaming
1. This party never stops! Time is dead, and meaning has no meaning. Existence is upside down and I reign supreme. Welcome one and all; to Weirdmaggedon!
2. Reality is an illusion the universe is a hologram
3. Hey, want to here my impression of you in about 3 seconds? AHHHHH!
1. It's funny how dumb you are
2. You are smart. Especially the fat one
3. Pain is hilarious!

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