Top 10 Quotes That Create an Imaginary Biography of Hansi Kürsch, Based On His Lyrics

Lyrics from both Blind Guardian and Demons & Wizards
BG - Blind Guardian
D&W - Demons & Wizards


The Top Ten

1 “Call me Flagg. I'm the Good Man, I'm the Dark Man” - Crimson King, D&W
2 “I'm an Alien, so they say a risk to everyone” - Goodbye My Friend, BG
3 “Born in the days of medieval, my inner voice is always asking why” - The Script For My Requiem, BG
4 "Oh, I'm heir of the High Lord!" - Nightfall, BG
5 “All land is mine” - A Dark Passage, BG
6 “I'm the lost magic man” - Valhalla, BG
7 "All my magic's fulfilled in rhymes” - Curse My Name, BG
8 “I'm the wizard, I will change it all” - Valhalla, BG
9 “I'm your messiah, a twisted one as you may know”- Crimson King, D&W
10 “I'm your lord, I will bring terror, I'm a demon in disguise” - Crimson King, D&W

The Contenders

11 “I'm in flames cause I have touched the light” - Wheel Of Time, BG
12 “I am not guilty at all” - Heaven Denies, D&W
13 "I live a life of loyalty true to myself and my own" - Path Of Glory, D&W
14 “I've been the herdsman, you've been my sheep” - Guardian Of The Blind, BG
15 “I'm the Dragon reborn” - The Voice In The Dark, BG
16 “I'm a dwarf but I know more than you” - Goodbye My Friend, BG
17 “A prophet or fool who's acting like God as wicked and cruel” - Tear Dwon The Wall, D&W
18 “I'm the illgotten son” - Thorn, BG
19 “I am your master” - Crimson King, D&W
20 “I'm madness maddened” - Beneath These Waves, D&W
21 “Lord, I'm mean” - Into The Storm, BG
22 “Now I cry for everyone” - Tanelorn, BG
23 “Still I can't claim that I'm innocent” - Noldor, BG
24 “Believer. I'm damned. Believer” - Tanelorn, BG
25 Caught in the afterlife I've gone too far” - When Sorrow Sang, BG
26 “I am the soul collector dressed in ebony” - This Will Never End
27 “Many times I terrorized this town, many times and here I start again. Now I'm stronger and so cold, cold as ice” - Welcome To Dying, BG
28 "I live my life in fortune dreams forever" - Time What Is Time, BG
29 “Pure in heart and fair-minded, for strength and truth I'll keep on” - Seize The Day, D&W
30 "I am just your fallen angel of doom" - Heaven Denies, D&W
31 "All I see and hear is evil, All I think and feel is evil" - My Last Sunrise, D&W
32 "All that I know Is that I'm not insane" - Sacred Worlds, BG
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