Top Ten Quotes from the Ed, Edd N Eddy Episode Honor Thy Ed


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1 My mom says not to pick my belly button
2 Do you think there will be a reception?
3 Grass, paper plates, and crayon cheese a taco does not make Eddy
4 It's the phantom of the earwax
5 Double D, let me poke your brain hahaha
6 But I can't dance Eddy
7 Chunky Puffs yum yum yum!
8 Who's that good looking fellow?
9 Careful I bruise like a banana
10 Tsk. Tsk, do you know how long I've been waiting

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11 This sauce is supposed to be a real gut burner!
12 Help! The staircase is eating me!
13 Water, H20, gravy!

Wrong episode (pop go's the ed)

14 Everyone's a critic
15 Big butt so what
16 Dandelions Eddy
17 This House isn't haunted, it's a dump
18 Double D, let me poke your brain
19 Get some glasses Ed
20 It's the house of the mad logger who chopped down trees and hacked them into coffee tables!
21 Wait! This house is owned by the provoked opera singer, who lures the boys and girls with her enchanted aria!
22 Stand back! Protect yourselves! Who knows what evil lurks behind the hallowed halls, in the house of the haunted
23 There! In the window! A dark figure cast a shadow! It cries in torment with a hideous hairdo! Hold me!
24 Banana. Yellow is for banana. You are a banana!
25 It certainly rid me of that horrible non-toxic waxy aftertaste
26 Oh dear. A shriek of terror!
27 What's up with Fluffy?
28 Someone help my idiot brother!

I always thought she said "some help Eddy and my brother! " like she actually cared for Eddy in this episode after Eddy and Ed were both fake screaming to get the kids' attention.

29 Oh, the inhumanity!
30 Tell me that didn't happen!
31 That didn't happen
32 Nothing that a little Eddy magic wouldn't fix
33 You're scaring me more than usual, Ed!
34 It's a nightmare, i tell you
35 Man, they're good
36 Hah! No ring for me
37 Save me some cake, Ed-boys
38 Isn't love a many-splendored thing, Sarah?
39 But i can't dance, Eddy!
40 The Kankers tricked us. It's a wedding, Eddy!
41 Oh dear. I fear it's just begun
42 Yams. What was i thinking?
43 Is the ride over?
44 Check this out, guys. Take a load off your eyes
45 Your bamboozle has soured like Nano's denture water!
46 I take back everything i said about the twerps!
47 Of all the lousy tricks!
48 I found some grass, Eddy!
49 Oh, my! Look at the soap film on those dishes!
50 Professor Double D, book archivist. I like the timbre of that
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