Top 10 Quotes from Famous Metal and Rock Musicians

These are quotes from famous Rock and Metal musicians.

The Top Ten

1 "For every moment of truth, there's confusion in life." - Ronnie James Dio

...Love can be seen as the answer but nobody bleeds for the dancer

Quite a quote I'll add.

2 "All television gives you is somebody else's life to watch" - Geoff Tate
3 "I won't be a rockstar, I will be a legend." - Freddie Mercury

Greatest quote ever!

He was right.

Indeed he is a legend.

4 "Everything that is pleasant in life is dangerous. Have you noticed that? I'd like to find the bastard that thought that one up." - Lemmy Kilmister
5 "Home is in here [tapping temple]. Where you live is just a geographical preference." - Lemmy Kilmister

What a legend

6 "There are areas of music that are more compassionate, more tolerate, more open, more accepting and more aware. What I think I've done is destroy the myth that heavy metal bands don't have that capacity." - Rob Halford

Now that's what I call a quote.

7 "Glam stands for Gay Los Angeles Metal" - Dave Mustaine
8 "Pop and metal aren't friends. Each knows exactly where the other lives and tries to keep its distance. They choose different streets, neighborhoods, zip codes" - Dave Mustaine

The bittersweet truth!

9 "The hell with the rules. If it sounds right. Then it is." - Eddie Van Halen

Probably the most truthful quote I've heard from a metal musician.

Eddie Van Halen isn't metal he's rock/hard rock sure for a little while when they had Sammy Hagar they were metal but it was only for a couple months basically Eddie Van Halen is more rock than metal - Thecyanryan

10 "Our music doesn't go out of fashion, because it's not about fashion. AC/DC has survived because, we've never changed direction. All it is, is Rock N'  Roll." - Brian Johnson

He does have a good point.

The Contenders

11 "I'm not claiming divinity. I've never claimed purity of the soul. I never claimed to have the answers to life. I only put out songs and answer questions as honest as I can.. But I still believe in peace, love, and understanding." - John Lennon

Probably one of the deepest quotes I've ever read.

12 "We're better than Metallica. We're better musicians, better players. Put it this way, they can try to walk onstage after a Iron Maiden show if they want." - Bruce Dickinson

So true!

That's something that requires a lot of courage to do... enough said.

13 "We are taking great benefit from the performance of our loyal fans who really sing throughout the whole concert. That also makes my job a little easier" - Hansi Kürsch
14 "Nobody dies a virgin. Life f***s us all." - Kurt Cobain
15 "I would rather regret doing something, than not doing something." - James Hetfield

Probably one of his best quotes in my opinion.

16 “I fly airliners and in my spare time I sing a bit” - Bruce Dickinson
17 "Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are." - Kurt Cobain

It's a very truthful quote.

18 "I’ve got what’s called a Low Tonal Register, which, loosely translated, means I sound like a gorilla on Valium." - Lemmy Kilmister
19 Who The F*** is Justin Bieber?- Ozzy Osbourne

Laugh out loud funny, Ozzy for President

20 "You can't embrace your whole life, if you're shut down. I found that out that I just can't run away, and shut down. I'm losing the rest of my life, doing that." - Steve Perry

Another truthful quote.

21 "Guitar is the best instrument to pose and look cool playing. You can't pose playing a tuba, can you?" - Lemmy Kilmister

I mean yeah... you can.

22 "I'm not a lyric writer to make statements. What I enjoy doing is making painting with lyrics, creating colorful images. I think that's more what entertainment and music should be." - Chris Cornell


23 "Let's put it this way: I did not get in trouble every time I drank, but every time I got in trouble, I'd been drinking" - Dave Mustaine

Nobody can beat Dave's logical thinking, haha. - Metal_Treasure

24 "I think anyone who has an opinion, and voices it, will offend someone." - Peter Steele

That is so true.

25 "It's better to use a curse word than to hurt somebody else, I find." - Marilyn Manson

I only put this on here because it's pretty much true.

26 "Hating people isn't a productive way of living. So what's the point in hating anyone? There's enough hate in the world as it is, without me adding to it." - Ozzy Osbourne
27 It's bad poetry executed by people that can't sing. That's my definition of Rap. - Peter Steele

I'm not a huge rap guy, but that was kind of ignorant for him to say.

28 "You can't be afraid of people willing to hurt you, cause if you fear life, then you will never live." - Chester Bennington
29 "I'd rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who I am not." - Kurt Cobain
30 "I drive like I drum - madly" - Cozy Powell
31 "I like girls. That’s the only reason I’m in the music business – I discovered you could get women to take their clothes off if you had a guitar. And they come off a lot faster if you can play it." - Lemmy Kilmister
32 "I've never believed in singing about Satan and thinking he's cool because he's not" - Dave Mustaine
33 "Inherited hatred (i.e. hatred your parents schooled you in) is not only stupid, it is destructive - why make your only driving force hate? Seems really f***ing dumb to me." - Lemmy Kilmister
34 "I've always looked for the perfect life to step into. I've taken all the paths to get where I wanted. But no matter where I go, I still come home." - Layne Staley
35 "You know, people can't fall in love with me just because I'm good at what I do." - Robert Plant
36 "Can you imagine a world without music?!" - Eddie Van Halen
37 "Life is too short to do the things you don't love doing." - Bruce Dickinson
38 "The clearer the path is to your inspiration, the less time you'll spend second-guessing yourself." - Devin Townsend
39 "Books are better than movies because you design the set the way you want it to look." - Trent Reznor
40 "Miserable music makes me happy, and happy music makes me f***ing miserable." - Steven Wilson
41 "If people don't like what I'm doing. I really don't have time to hear it. I`m doing something good with my life and I challenge them to do the same." - Eddie Vedder
42 "I don't like to hold back, because that is how you hurt yourself." - Chester Bennington
43 Stand on the stage in front of 15 people or 15,000. Have them look at you and tell you how wonderful you are, and if you don't think that's a great feeling, okay, then you're unlike me. - Richie Sambora
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