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1 Be Happy. The Most Wasted Day of All Is That On Which We Have Not Laughed

To laugh is a wonderful thing. I enjoy seeing families on a day out having the time of their lives. - Britgirl

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2 I Have Bad Hair - You Have You
3 Proud to Be British

I'm American and I voted for this! - quamalamalam

This is the biggest one on my fridge (40x40cm) - Britgirl

4 May the Fleas of 1000 Camels Infest the Crotch of the Person That Screws Up Your Day and May Their Arms Be Too Short to Scratch (Amen)

I would pay good money to get that onto my fridge! And use it as an insult on everyone worth insulting! - PositronWildhawk

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5 A Hug Is a Great Gift, One Size Fits All

Give us a hug then!

6 You Can't Control Everything In Life. Your Hair Was Put On Your Head to Remind You of That

This is really funny. Good. One! - funnyuser

7 Chocolate Is Better Than... Not Having Chocolate

This is very true. - funnyuser

8 I'd Let Myself Go, But I've Already Gone
9 Please Adjust Your Dress Before Leaving
10 Where Did I Leave My Sense of Humour?

You don't want to be without this one!

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11 Grumpy Cat - What Doesn't Kill You Will Hopefully Try Again

Lol - Ned964

12 You Know I Love You. Sorry What Did You Say Your Name Was?
13 If You Can Read This You're Too Close.

This is funny and I don't know why. - funnyuser

14 As You Slide Down the Banister of Life, May the Splinters Never Face the Wrong Way
15 Of Course I Love You. Now Get Me a Beer.
16 Keep Calm and Carry On
17 I Want to Be Different, Just Like Everyone Else!
18 Is That Your Face? I Thought the World Was at an End.
19 I'll Be Thinner Next Summer

I always read that when I go to eat :D

20 Proud to Be American
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1. Be Happy. The Most Wasted Day of All Is That On Which We Have Not Laughed
2. I Have Bad Hair - You Have You
3. Proud to Be British



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