Top 10 Quotes and Phrases from RalphTheMovieMaker Videos

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1 "My top 10 favorite movies of the year are CHIPS, CHIPS, CHIPS, CHIPS, CHIPS, CHIPS, CHIPS, CHIPS, CHIPS, and did I mention CHIPS! OH MY GOD, IT'S SO GOOD I'M GOING TO F***ING C**!" - Best Movies Of 2017

Funny because CHIPS is actually pretty high up there with Freddy Got Fingered as the absolute WORST comedy film ever made - xandermartin98

2 "So I took off my shirt, and my pants, and he said more...MORE...and then he took me in the backseat...and then he took out his ding-dong and said...ya know how you play WHACK-a-Mole? DO IT AGAIN...just...JUST DO IT ON MY DING-DONG THIS TIME..." - Fred 2

But anyway, I repressed that, so it's totally FINE - xandermartin98

3 "Hey Destiny, can you rub your cl*t on the waffle maker? Thank you" - Mystery Diners
4 "Fred Figglehorn's little juices" - Fred 2
5 "That's exactly what this movie is, it's a giant f***ing CANDY bar! IT'S TOO MUCH!" - Age Of Ultron
6 "Oh, so all of the other animals besides Judy being carnivores represents black people's eating habits? WELL, THAT'S ACCURATE, AT LEAST" - 2017 Oscars Discussion
7 "Oh, LOOK AT ME, I'm an old British lady and can't open a door! It CAN'T just be the fact that I'm a wimpy little SH**E! No, why it must be a ghost, THE GHOST OF YANKEE JIM!" - Ghost Shows Suck
8 "Please, USE protection; if this movie's gonna f*** you up the a**, at least make sure it won't make you sick. And remember, you don't have to watch the Fred movie if you don't want to...I DO, HOWEVER." - Fred 2
9 "We thought this would be an easy grab, but it AIN'T no easy grab; THEY GOT T!" - Sleepless
10 "Did you know that Optimus once joined the Nazis in WWII? They called him Optimus NEIN! And then he got arrested for committing an Optimus War Crime!" - Transformers: The Last Knight

The Contenders

11 "So tell me, what do you do in this situation? Do you A) talk it out like reasonable adults, B) fire one of them, or C) set up five HUNDRED f***ing cameras and hire EIGHTEEN undercover actors all over the restaurant?" - Mystery Diners
12 "Well-executed? I hope you GET f***ing executed!" - Batman V Superman

Actually from "The Bye Bye Man" - xandermartin98

13 "Now. Let's. Do. Dissolves. BECAUSE I'M AN AMATEUR. Who the f*** EDITED this movie? I've seen PORNOGRAPHY edited better than this! Oh, Ned, you incompetent bastard..." - Fred 2
14 "In case you couldn't tell, I was REALLY popular in high school" - Fred 2
15 "It's a f***ing IRAQI food cart out in the middle of nowhere in Portland, Oregon, RIGHT next to an actual Iraqi restaurant! HOW WELL do you think that food cart is going to do?!" - Mystery Diners
16 "Now, let's take a look at Fred's funny, original, creative, interesting...hold on, let me try this again...let's take a look at Fred's...CHANNEL." - Fred 2
17 "How little faith do you have to have in your movie to do a commercial tie-in with Turkish F***ing Airlines? Probably about as much as I have in HUMANITY right about now!" - Batman V Superman
18 "Greetings; I'm Ralph Sepe, film critic and closeted homosexual" - Mystery Diners
19 "So according to these guys, Bigfoot can read their minds... not like that'd be much of a problem for THEM, of course!" - Bad Bigfoot Shows
21 "X cameras have been set up in Y" - Mystery Diners
22 "RELEASE THE DRONE" - Mystery Diners
23 "I wonder why they chose to put a picture of Adolf Hitler there? Very ODD design choice..." - Fred 2
24 "THAT'S a good title for a movie; We Need To Talk About Fred!"
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