Tragic Stories: The Life and Assumptions of PositronWildhawk

PositronWildhawk, what can youn say about him, he's the 2nd most followed user after BritGirl, the only two members to have more followers than admin and has the most comments out there. There is no doubt he has made a bombing mark in this place but today on his birthday, I shall reveal his life and documenteries about him proven by me because I don't actually care. Here we go!

On December 18th 1993 in a town of banters and Darude Sandstorm, our hero is born as a fetus and a baby. Even at the age of 2, he has already learnt the laws of physics and at the age of 6, has even written an unreleased book called The Asymptote Of My Function which brings out his passion of science and other social outcast stuff.

Yes, he infact got bullied for being the brainbox nerd who, like any other stereotypical nerd from the game Bully, would go on hours of pre-pre-pre-pre-pre science tests and will do anything to avoid P.E. as fellow steriod Lance Armstrongs would beat him up and throw him to the ground.

But at somewhere down the path, he already learnt martial arts and has mastered the ability to catch his maths textbook when it was falling in the air. Speaking of In The Air, that was one of the name of the song from his favourite genre of music, eletronic (Frorget about anachronism, okay!).

But then, his life was about to be difficult when his egotistical, douchebag brother was born in 2001. Even when he was a baby, would spill baked beans all over his jotters and other projects that he worked on and even so when his little brother was about 5, he would try to spread rumours about him and even made him more of a social outcast.

Although his life was getting a bit difficult, he is still learning abilities that he would never have believed to have, like anagrams, in fact he mastered it so well that it would lead him into building a time machine and beating William Shakespeare at his games.

When Positron enetered the world of 2010, something weird happened, he somehow had superpowers of mind power, like Charlie Xavier from the X-Men series except for the wheelchair part. He trained his superpowers for good use like using it against the cliques, his P.E. teacher and ofcourse, his little brother.

Then we get to the 2012 part were we see that the world is going to end and he knew what to do. He went to NASA and explain the plan, the NASA accepted and putted him on a rocket after the asteroid. With his mind power, he deflacted the asteroid out of earth but at a cost of his powers. Using so much of the energy that was stored, it runned out, he saved the world but not his powers.

He tried to find happiness in his life but then at 2013, he did. A website named TheTopTens, came to him unexpectedly to his sad life and restored him, he made so many genius list and comments, he made friends and so on and so on. His love of physics and science was still with him and gaved him the passion to continue on with his life.

You know, it's rushed and all but for god's sakes, it's all fake, what did you expect!?

Moral of the story: Little sibling = Life's f***ed


As is usually the case after viewing one of your blogs or lists, I'm quite confused, but damn, that was a good read. - PetSounds

A few chronological and social inaccuracies, but a great birthday present, Superhyperdude. - PositronWildhawk