Best Quotes from Red vs Blue's Tucker

Lavernius Tucker is the self proclaimed playboy of the Blue Team. Perverted as well as sarcastic he is known for saying his catch phrase of "Bow chicka wow wow" whenever anyone says anything remotely suggestive. Tucker also has a keen eye, able to see across the canyon. He claims that the reason for his good eyesight is the fact that he never gets to use the sniper rifle..

The Top Ten Best Quotes from Red vs Blue's Tucker

1 I'm like Superman. I know when I'm needed.
2 Church, women are like Voltron; the more you can hook up, the better it gets.
3 If you had backed up any farther you would've had to mail him the bullets!
4 I'm a lover, not a thinker.
5 What's to understand about, "swish swish stab?" It's a sword, dude, not a fighter jet.
6 You shot Church, you team-killing f***tard!
7 People learn English all the time. It aren't that hard.
8 I'm just chillin'. That's the only rule on Blue Team: Be cool.
9 Bow chicka wow wow!
10 Right, you should blame God. First he makes hangovers, and now half-women, half-sharks that won't even sleep with me. Thanks for nothing, God!
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