Top Ten Rabbids Invasion Episodes That Should Be Created

Other people have done this for shows they hate...MY TURN!

The Top Ten

1 Rabbids Abuse

The Rabbids get tortured by humans as revenge for all the annoyance they've caused us.

Oh for the love of God... - Therandom

2 Death of the Rabbids

The Rabbids die and the show ends.

The Rabbids Say Bwaahh So Loud That His Organs Explodes Blood Too Death

3 The Creators Figure Out The Basics of Writing

That includes ALL the people responsible for this stupid show!

4 A Pal for the Rabbids

Puffy Fluffy from everyone's (least) favorite SpongeBob episode decides to "befriend" the Rabbids.

5 One Rabbid Meal

After eating junk food, the Rabbids begin to suffer serious seizures and are driven to suicide (this is the prequel to Death of the Rabbids).

6 Rabbid Splinter

The Rabbids are at the beach, like they are in other episodes, when they get a splinter. What do they do? They scream "BAA! "

7 Demolition Rabbids

The Rabbids get entered in a demolition derby.

8 Rabbid Face Freeze!

Is it me, or is this list just taking crappy SpongeBob episodes and putting them in a different show? - Skullkid755

The Rabbids get face freezes from screaming "BAA! " all the time.

9 Nickelodeon, You're Fired! (One Hour Special)

Fired from what? It's a network, not a person. Also, I think Rabbids Invasion is alright to be honest. - RalphBob

You can't fire a network. - Therandom

You can't fire a network because a) your firing multiple people at once and b) it's just plain nonsense.

OK, I should have been more specific. I meant the creators of all these crappy shows (and the writers) get fired and replaced with people who can make shows like Liv and Maddie.

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10 Plankton Kills the Rabbids and Gets Away With It


Not child-friendly in the slightest, think up better ideas Teletubbies fanboy. - KennyRulz244444

The Contenders

11 Everyone Dies and the Show Ends
12 Rabbids Getting Drunk

The Rabbids drink too much beer and get super drunk. - Goatworlds

That sounds funny

13 The Rabbids Get Sent Into Shaun the Sheep for Being So Awesome

Yay! - KennyRulz244444

14 Monster Rabbid
15 The Rabbids Finds a Death Note

Rabbids Writing In The Death Note & They Commit Suicide

16 The Rabbids Get Sent Into Barney & Friends
17 Dead Rabbids
18 Rabbids Get Rabies

The rabbids get rabies and bite everything and die - Goatworlds

19 Video Game Rabbids

The rabbids try out a video game and buy it.

Good idea. - KennyRulz244444

20 Rabbids Get Beat Up By SpongeBob And Patrick And All The Humans On The Show
21 A Rabbid Nightmare
22 Jurassic Rabbid
23 Ring! Bwaah! Part 2
24 Shell of a Man
25 The Rabbids Gets Eaten By a Pit Bull
26 Rayman Gets His Own Show
27 The Rabbids Gets Eaten By a Titan
28 Power Rangers vs the Rabbids
29 Cruella de Vil Turns the Rabbids Into Coats
30 Rayman Beats Up The Rabbids
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