Top Ten Races or Religions That Get the Most Offensive Comments


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1 African Americans

African Americans deserve better. But they shouldn't be racist back to anyone.

Black people "LOVE to play the race card game." They enjoy it too much that it ends up crossing the line.

Like that wasn't too obvious. - mermaidmanandgarfield13

This rascisim needs to stop like seriously

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2 Muslims

Muslims are seriously the most patient and educated people. Lets not mix things like culture, terrorists/extremists tarnishing the religion etc. Its sad but also inspiring how Muslims are the ones who takes initiatives first to make peace.

Islam is the real problem, not necessarily Muslims- most of whom I consider victims of the idiotic ideology of Muhammad. It rules through childhood indoctrination reinforced by mosques and imams and like all religions, FEAR. When we hear the liberal mantra 'Nothing to do with Islam' we are hearing a lie that Goebbels would be proud of.

Evil. Cruel. Hateful. Racist. Supremacist. Intolerant. Totalitarian. And I can back up all these with evidence

from Islamic Scriptures. - JIMJFOX

I don't like Muslims but they don't deserve to be hated on.

It’s so unfair. I’ve studied the Quran and am a hafis, I know the Qurans whole translation as well. Thing is, because of random terrorists, just some people, not the whole religion, are doing bad things, the whole religion and all the people get hated on. There is nothing about killing in the Quran except when there was a war going on between the Muslims and kaafirs. Allah SWT said to “kill them wherever you find them” (while fighting in the war) because he wanted to assure the Muslims that it wasn’t a sin, because the kaafirs killed the Muslims, outcasted them, made them starve, tortured them. And Allah SWT told them that what they were doing was not a sin. People are just cherrypicking quotes from the Quran and just showing the one quote instead of the whole thing and making people see from a different perspective. If you read the whole thing (in English) you’ll see there’s absolutely nothing wrong about the Quran. Please stop hating on us for no reason. Islam means to ...more

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3 Christians

I honestly don't think we get it as bad as most races/people on this list - Therandom

I'm a Christian and I respect everyone including gays, even though I don't agree with gay rights.

Just because we don't agree with gay relationships, people accuse us of hating gays.

More memes than hate to be honest

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4 Jews

Sometimes they play the race card game way too far.

Like those edgy 12 year olds who think it's funny to praise Hitler. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

5 Mexicans

Let me guess? A racist comment about how Donald Trump wants to ban all Mexican from entering America? I truly think so!

6 Asians

While every other race have about 1 or 2 stereotypes, Asians get the most racisim.

7 Atheists

Atheists were executed and still are from being atheists. Black people are not oppressed in the United States- Lucretia

8 Arabic
9 Whites

Whit people are nicer in the modern days. Get over it!

Whites are unfairly hated.

10 Native Americans

Andrew Fatson

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11 Taoists
12 Confucianists
13 Indigenous Australians
14 Russians
15 Germans

NOT all Germans like Adolf Hitler!

16 Sikhs
17 Italians
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