Top Ten Races or Religions That Get the Most Offensive Comments


The Top Ten

1 African Americans

Like that wasn't too obvious. - mermaidmanandgarfield13

Stop the hate, lol.

This rascisim needs to stop like seriously

Racist a-holes everywhere I turn. STOP DOING STUFF TO US! >:(

2 Muslims

Muslims are seriously the most patient and educated people. Lets not mix things like culture, terrorists/extremists tarnishing the religion etc. Its sad but also inspiring how Muslims are the ones who takes initiatives first to make peace.

I don't understand. Muslims don't like Violence.

They deserve it! - AGK

I ca revoke alll evdence against islam. easy.

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3 Jews

Like those edgy 12 year olds who think it's funny to praise Hitler. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

4 Christians

I honestly don't think we get it as bad as most races/people on this list - Therandom

Just because we don't agree with gay relationships, people accuse us of hating gays.

We get accused of being bigots for no reason.

5 Mexicans
6 Asians

While every other race have about 1 or 2 stereotypes, Asians get the most racisim.

7 Atheists

Atheists were executed and still are from being atheists. Black people are not oppressed in the United States- Lucretia

8 Arabic
9 Whites

Whites are unfairly hated.

10 Native Americans

Andrew Fatson

The Contenders

11 Taoists
12 Confucianists
13 Indigenous Australians
14 Russians
15 Germans
16 Sikhs
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