Top Ten Races or Religions That Get the Most Offensive Comments


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1 African Americans

Like that wasn't too obvious. - mermaidmanandgarfield13

2 Christians

People are allowed to criticize Christians all they want, while they shield Muslims every time they get criticized. - 2cool4u

I honestly don't think we get it as bad as most races/people on this list - Therandom

3 Jews

Like those edgy 12 year olds who think it's funny to praise Hitler. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

They already control media. What are you talking about? - 2cool4u

4 Muslims

I don't understand. Muslims don't like Violence.

They deserve it! - AGK

ISLAM is the real problem, not necessarily Muslims- most of whom I consider victims of the idiotic ideology of Muhammad. It rules through childhood indoctrination reinforced by mosques and imams and like all religions, FEAR. When we hear the liberal mantra 'Nothing to do with Islam' we are hearing a lie that Goebbels would be proud of.
Evil. Cruel. Hateful. Racist. Supremacist. Intolerant. Totalitarian. And I can back up all these with evidence
from Islamic Scriptures. - JIMJFOX

And it isn't racist to hate Muslims, either, because it's not a race. - 2cool4u

5 Mexicans
6 Atheists
7 Asians
8 Arabic
9 Whites

Whites are unfairly hated.

10 Native Americans

Andrew Fatson

The Contenders

11 Taoists
12 Confucianists
13 Indigenous Australians
14 Russians
15 Germans
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