Most Racist Movies of All Time

The Top Ten Most Racist Movies of All Time

1 The Birth of a Nation

Shouldn't be below Song of the South, of all movies. That movie is above a movie that promotes the KKK (this movie) - TheAwesomeDude54

This is 10x more racist than SOTS, there is a difference between being happy about slavery as a black man, than as a WHITE KKK SOLDIER! - Maddox121

Easy one. This movie is infamous for how racist it is. I'll admit I haven't seen Song of the South, but I doubt it can be more racist than The Birth of a Nation. It features the Klan as the heroes, for goodness sake!

WAAAY more racist than Song of the South. It glorifies the KKK! I'm assuming people who voted for Song of the South either never saw it (and voted due to its banned status) or never saw/heard of the Birth of a Nation.

2 Song of the South

Sad movie, though it looks pretty happy.

A controversial Disney movies.

This is a great movie, EXCLUDING the racism - 445956

This should be lowered to at least the 5th spot. At least it isn't biast against black people and the only thing offensive is putting cartoons in the tale. What, so you hate Pocohontas and Hercules? No! - Maddox121

3 Goodbye Uncle Tom
4 Gone With the Wind

The racist message is so subtle that one has to look very carefully to notice unless of course you are black.

Not racist at all.

Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn if it's racist. - Maddox121

Duhh its about the civil war idiots. of course it is

5 The Mask of Fu Manchu
6 The Littlest Rebel (1935)

Shirley temple was by far the most racist movie, it proceeds to mark me to this day, the emotions I felt as an African American are horrible

It was?

7 Triumph of the Will

"Triumph of the Will" is one of those tricky movies for cinephiles. It is a historically important movie that pioneered countless filming techniques and aesthetics that were copied in numerous other great movies, including but not limited to "Ben Hur", "Star Wars", "The Lion King" and "Gladiator". It needs to be appreciated for that. At the same time, its sole purpose is glorifying the nazi party. It does this by conveying a feeling of unity, implying that together as one nation, they are a strong, powerful force that will destroy every obstacle - and the most dangerous aspect is that it does a horrifyingly good job at making the viewer feel a part of it. THIS is how so many Germans and Austrians became nazis. They wanted to be part of something big (especially Austria who after WWI were reduced from a big empire to a small irrelevant country), and the nazis promised that to them - which in the following years lead to the biggest and cruelest genocide of the world.

"Triumph of ...more - Martin_Canine

8 Pocahontas II: Journey to a New World

This movie looks boring!

The racism makes me feel uneasy, and I'm Caucasian!

9 Django Unchained

This film's entire message is anti-racist. Of course, some of the characters themselves are highly racist, but that's solely to criticize their mindset. Directors not always speak through all of their characters. - Martin_Canine

10 White Chicks

Robert Wisdom No! Don't tell me to shut up, you disrespectful coward!

Even a lot of haters made fun of Iggy Azalea's appearance by saying that she looks like the character from that movie.

Black people love to play the race card game.

This is more on the sexist side than the racist side.

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11 Schindler's List

Please... stop adding anti-racism movies. Of course, in such films many characters are racists - in this case, they are nazis actively taking part in the holocaust - but the overall message is condemning them. They are despised for this behavior, so... no, this is anything but a racist film. - Martin_Canine

12 The Passion of the Christ

That movie should never be on that list.

The film was more historically correct than any "passion" movie before it.
Do you have your own, otherworldly definition of "racism? "

13 Mandingo
14 The Emoji Movie

My hatred runs deepn with this movie. It hurt my feelings. Even though poop is actually black. The mere fact that they call a poop shaped emoji black because that is its actual color. This movie proves that even though thousands of young men died for slavery to be abolished, we have not progressed at all.

Main character always naked and call black thing poop that's racist - ryan

Yep, it is racist. 99% of the emojis are yellow, and only one emoji is black.

Not racist, but a stupid movie regardless.

15 Soul Man (1986)

The what how White People are portraying Black People by stereotyping them is racist!

TedKacynskiFanClub black face is racist. If you look at videos on YouTube about black face in history (whatever it's called), then you would find out why it's racist. It's something to do with the portraying of black slavery. Plus, don't accuse others for being racist.

TedKacynskiFanClub if anyone is the REAL RACIST human being in the world, it's you for being a hypocrite. Don't act like your not racist at all. Some like blacks, some don't. Plus, you must be racist behind people's back.

All about a white man in a black face. Racist!

16 The Eternal Jew
17 Mississippi Burning

No wonder that Mississippi got number one for being the most racist state in America.

Below emoji movie - Maddox121

18 Get Out

This movie pissed me off

19 Roots
20 The Black Gestapo
21 Welcome Home Brother Charles
22 Amistad
23 Black Panther

Ironically is praised for being ANTI-racist even though that's completely false - xandermartin98

I Think it is pretty obvious.

If it was White Jaguar, there would have been controversy - Maddox121

Let me guess? No white people? Dunno!

24 Coal Black and de Sebben Dwarfs

I saw one of the scenes and it was shockingly racist.

Jesus that sounds racist. - Extractinator04

25 Undercover Brother
26 The Last Airbender

Even that movie got in 2nd place in Watchmojo. Com "Top 10 most white washed movie roles."

Let's not forget, they casted colored people as the bad guys.

27 Cornbread, Earl and Me
28 The Princess and the Frog

Tiana is NOT one of those women who play the race game. She's AWESOME!

Tiana is AWESOME. She looks like one of black women that plays the race card game.

I like Princess Tiana and this great movie.


29 Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan

It's not that racist - LightningStrike

30 Full Metal Jacket

Is everyone gonna forget how racist the me so horny scene is?

"I've got a very rare species of Giant Alabaman Blacksnake" - Random black dude enlisted in the military in this film, in offering to an even more random Vietnamese prostitute - xandermartin98

31 The Simpsons Movie

This is why White People are racist by both stereotyping & offending Hindi People!
# The Simpsons Movie is WHITE WASHED!

I've seen that movie before and it's not racist at all.

I still like that movie though.

HOW is this racist?

32 Monster House

I don't see anything about the movie being racist!

Great movie!

33 Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

Short Round, those "wacky Asians" in general, the Indian heart-rippers, etc - xandermartin98

34 Blazing Saddles
35 Dumbo

I like the movie Dumbo, but the racism scene was very controversial (which is not good).

Dumbo is still my favorite childhood movie.

I still like Dumbo, racist or not.

36 Bratz

I still LOVE that movie, it's one of my favorite childhood movies.

Jade is the least Bratz character that I like the least.

Let me guess? Cultural stereotypes? Maybe it is, maybe it isn't!

37 Jackie Brown

Brown/Black version version of Jackie Chan.

38 Norbit
39 Peter Pan

I love that movie!

I like the Native American scene.

40 300

This movie is extremely racist towards Persians.

41 The Human Centipede III: The Final Sequence
42 Zootopia

Eh it addresses it. Some of the characters in the movie are racist but that's it. - B1ueNew

That movie is OK.

43 Ghostbusters (2016)

racist towards white men and ghosts - Maddox121

44 Crazy Rich Asians

So? I still like that movie!

45 Disco Godfather

In a funny, self-aware way though - xandermartin98

46 Fantastic Four (2015)

47 Reservoir Dogs
48 Shaft
49 Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

Mudflap And Skids
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50 Hotel Rwanda
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