Top Ten Most Racist States In India


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1 Maharashtra Maharashtra

Maharashtra number 1 in all India

Full of themselves. Think as if they are the best even without having visited any where out of their state.

East or west maharashtra is the best

Idiot illlieterate goons...really no. 1 racist state if u don't now marathi

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2 Madhya Pradesh Madhya Pradesh

Most Indians are the same race. How can you be racist to your own race? What we're really talking about is the skin color obsession.

I love seeing everyone get salty. Like calm down kids.


This state is not racist, Delhi and Haryana are the most. Especially towards Madrasis. Go back to the south.

3 Nagaland Nagaland

If your tourist then its ok but if yiu settle then they tag you as outsiders and you will always be 2nd citizen.

4 Tamil Nadu Tamil Nadu

I find south Indians being more racist than north Indians.

Caste based racist remarks

Great place to live peacefully..

This is absolutely not true. I live in Chennai and the people are super-nice here. Yes, they do have a liking for fair skin, but that mentality exists in other parts of india as well. And I think north indians are far more racist than south indians. tamil nadu is home to people from south and north india alike. You think the north indians face any discrimination there when they have living there for generations? think about it.
Beautiful state full of history and likewise people: I don't know why you thin tn is racist. I love tn

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5 West Bengal West Bengal

Best place in India to live. Here there is no racism, no casteism. People of all religions stay together. Educated people migrating out of the state with the illiterate and political class being left behind to ruin the state. Extremely rich culture, literatures, lazy people, sweetest language, peaceful, oily foods, and of course bengali sweets

Its horrible.

Bengal is a historical place in India

I born here but never saw any one of my family or neighbour talk against cast other statepeople

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6 Jammu & Kashmir Jammu & Kashmir

Kashmiris throw stones at the Indian soldiers who saved their lives during the 2014 kashmir floods. They are the most brain washed, bigoted people in India who hate their own country.

Very racist

Indian armies are torturing Kashmiris with reason that they just want to be with Pakistan and Indians are jealous of it

Indians are killing Kashmiris daily
That's why I hate India

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7 Assam Assam

We went to Assam and really enjoyed the cold climate- hilly terrains and the tea factory was excellent I didn't see much racism but perhaps looking up at tourists

Hypocrites. They act like they aren't arrogant while they are. Plus, tribal people hate everyone who don't look like them...

Assam is beautiful state

Discrimination against non locals...

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8 Telangana Telangana

Great culture & Best living State in India

Everyone knows how much South Indians hate North Indians.Just because we are good at our Jobs and well educated doesn't mean we hate South Indians as they have told me many times since I have been living in Hyderabad for past 6 years.Ok we are generally more good looking so what? That is not a reason to hate us.Telangana and Andhra Pradesh people hate each other so much they stop giving jobs and house on rent to each other,Can you believe that? and by the way they will ask which cast and religion you are before dealing with you.

9 Uttar Pradesh Uttar Pradesh

Lately UP have seen the worst crime and atrocities against minorities and the helpless preys than anywhere in India. They are easily brainwashed and is not at all ashamed of conducting full scale riots and murders based of misinformation and rumors.

Numerous riots have been popped up like crop fields and people are being murdered even during the time I am commenting. Cow protection, justifiable murders and riots, extreme religion, murder for wrong appetite (they will slaughter you if you are a non-veg and still justify it by hijacked religion), cast/religion differences, politics, most unhygienic health care, programmable voting machines... the list goes on.

Their roads and railways are the most unsafe routes to be traveled, you can get murdered and ripped off by a gang of extremists and thieves anywhere any time along the journey (check the news). This is highly acceptable as presently there exists NO proper rule and justice in UP and are ruled by a bunch of religious ...more

UP is the most racist of them all, in name of cow a lot of people are being killed and many more

I don't understand why Madhya Pradesh and Assam are on top of this list...In UP and other North Indian states there is rampant racism against South Indians and North East Indians. Without a doubt, UP.

Uttar Pradesh is the best state its corrupted be cause so many people migrated here.
And today its all because of the CM

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10 Karnataka Karnataka

If non localities respect Karnataka and kannada then localities also respect you.

In banglore the local people are racist to north-Eastern people... In bus... In gali... In road... About their dress.. Hairstyle... Face... Etc

They are the most racist in india. Rowdies rules the street. If you don't speak kannada, they will beat the nuts out of you.

How is it at 10?

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11 Punjab Punjab

Punjab is the best

Worst people having the highest level of superiority complex.If I had two options I would have selected Maharashtra also

Part of Pakistan

The most racist state in India. Not all but maximum population of punjab is so full of themselves.They only consider punjabi as the only language to commute and English is their royal language.After so many years of independence they are still trapped in colonial era and are pupperts of foreign nationals. They don't respect their other coubtry nativemen. For me it tops the list. Will never vist this state again.

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12 Kerala Kerala

No. They aren't racist. I've been to Kerala several times and nobody's been racist.

Thts because all malayalis are in the gulf. Have a visit and I'm quite sure your opinion will change.

13 Delhi Delhi

"IF YOU DO NOT SPEAK HINDI GO DIE IN A HOLE", is the attitude of most people here

Indiscrimination... Everyone is not racist there but I met many racist people their.. just hate delhi... 10% good delhi local 80% are racist (only locals).. if you don't look like indian don't visit delhi... Nothing here you will only tension, manipulation and discrimination.

Delhi is dangerous place and people here are not as good as economy of Delhi. Far North Indians are more racist in general, and many Punjabi, Haryanavi, UP, Kashmiri, Himachali live here. There is heavy anti muslim influence here, since there are so many muslims here. People here are hindi chauvinist and believe that they are best people in India.

Delhi people hate non hindi speaking, hate muslim, hate sikh, hate migrants from other state, hate madrassy, hate northeasterner, bihari, and hate dark skin people in general.

14 Gujarat

A lot of anti - Muslim hatred

From the day I came to Ahmedabad till date, I have met worst racist gujaratis. My present neighbour is torturing me of filing fake police complaint and will get the signatures from all residents. M really willing to suicide rather than experiencing this torture and daily insult.

Being non-hindi state there must be some misunderstanding into non-gujarati people staying in Gujarat that people are being partial but trust me it is not. If you go to Maharashtra they will tell you to leave even though you pay lakhs of rupees of taxes and be part of welfare movement for society. I have been part of Marathi torcher for 4 years. Even though majority Gujjus contribute notable part to MH economy. I am sure this doesn't happen in Gujarat.

I came to gujrat in 2015 and living here till now and I have faced racism in numerous occassions here, if you are not a gujju then you will be treated disrespectfully here, language problem is the major cause of racism. If you are unable to speak that stupid language aka gujrati, then you will be treated like animal. They don't even know hindi and English is a never coming thought of gujjus. Mostly they will fight with other states people even if they are guilty. 20-30 gujrati will fight with a single man or a boy, even girls are also tortured here.

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15 Bihar Bihar

I think Bihar is a mind of India.

I love my culture & state...

I love bihar

16 Rajasthan Rajasthan

Rajasthan should be number 1 because they are crazy people and strict they don't love to speak a lot.

Rajasthan people is so crazy

They always speak bad

Rajasthan is the most vibrant and colourful state of is symbolizes the genies of Indian raja and maharajas

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17 Odisha Odisha

This state is the place of Lord jagannath's"

18 Jharkhand Jharkhand

Jhknd is a corrupted state...

Jhknd is not a good state of India

Really lots of mineral are present hear but politic
Ian are curropted

With 40% minerals of country, Jharkhand should in number 1.

19 Haryana Haryana

All The fields haryana is number 1. Sports solders education officers health wealth leaving life Style etc...

Haryana is the best

I love my hariyana

20 Andhra Pradesh Andhra Pradesh
21 Arunachal Pradesh Arunachal Pradesh
22 Manipur Manipur
23 Goa Goa
24 Mizoram Mizoram
25 Sikkim Sikkim
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