Top Ten Most Racist States In India


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1 Madhya Pradesh Madhya Pradesh

Most Indians are the same race. How can you be racist to your own race? What we're really talking about is the skin color obsession.

This state is not racist, Delhi and Haryana are the most. Especially towards Madrasis. Go back to the south.

2 Nagaland Nagaland
3 Maharashtra Maharashtra

Maharashtra number 1 in all India

Full of themselves. Think as if they are the best even without having visited any where out of their state.

Top contender of rascism, really number 1 in everything

NO, This is not True. If this was True then would there be so many Bihari(BHAYKAND) people in my MAHARASHTRA.

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4 Tamil Nadu Tamil Nadu

Great place to live peacefully..

Caste based racist remarks

I find south Indians being more racist than north Indians.


5 Assam Assam

We went to Assam and really enjoyed the cold climate- hilly terrains and the tea factory was excellent I didn't see much racism but perhaps looking up at tourists

Assam is beautiful state

Assam is Beautiful state

Most beautiful place

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6 West Bengal West Bengal

Best place in India to live. Here there is no racism, no casteism. People of all religions stay together. Educated people migrating out of the state with the illiterate and political class being left behind to ruin the state. Extremely rich culture, literatures, lazy people, sweetest language, peaceful, oily foods, and of course bengali sweets

Bengal is a historical place in India

I born here but never saw any one of my family or neighbour talk against cast other statepeople

Live in Bengal in the 70's. People are accommodating and very cultured.
Emotional, and temperamental are the bengalis.
With reason.
It's a highly literate state and the Bengalis are proud of their writers artist and musicians.
The language is sweet and romantic.

7 Jammu & Kashmir Jammu & Kashmir

Kashmiris throw stones at the Indian soldiers who saved their lives during the 2014 kashmir floods. They are the most brain washed, bigoted people in India who hate their own country.

Indian armies are torturing Kashmiris with reason that they just want to be with Pakistan and Indians are jealous of it

Very racist

Indians are killing Kashmiris daily
That's why I hate India

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8 Telangana Telangana

Great culture & Best living State in India

Everyone knows how much South Indians hate North Indians.Just because we are good at our Jobs and well educated doesn't mean we hate South Indians as they have told me many times since I have been living in Hyderabad for past 6 years.Ok we are generally more good looking so what? That is not a reason to hate us.Telangana and Andhra Pradesh people hate each other so much they stop giving jobs and house on rent to each other,Can you believe that? and by the way they will ask which cast and religion you are before dealing with you.

9 Karnataka Karnataka

If non localities respect Karnataka and kannada then localities also respect you.

In banglore the local people are racist to north-Eastern people... In bus... In gali... In road... About their dress.. Hairstyle... Face... Etc

They are racist towards keralians

10 Uttar Pradesh Uttar Pradesh

UP is the most racist of them all, in name of cow a lot of people are being killed and many more

I don't understand why Madhya Pradesh and Assam are on top of this list...In UP and other North Indian states there is rampant racism against South Indians and North East Indians. Without a doubt, UP.

With the most number of hindu-muslim riots and the years of fight for mandir and masjid, UP should have topped this list, and now since yogi adityanath is the CM of UP there is no doubt that UP will have riots again

Historical state of inda... best state for touriest

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? Andhra Pradesh

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11 Kerala Kerala

No. They aren't racist. I've been to Kerala several times and nobody's been racist.

12 Punjab Punjab

Part of Pakistan

Most racist

I can't believe punjab is so down on list. punjabis are so racist because they are in denial of their indian identity/race. they think they are persians LOL idiots.

13 Delhi Delhi

"IF YOU DO NOT SPEAK HINDI GO DIE IN A HOLE", is the attitude of most people here

14 Rajasthan Rajasthan

Rajasthan should be number 1 because they are crazy people and strict they don't love to speak a lot.

Rajasthan people is so crazy

The state of maharaja

Rajasthan is the most vibrant and colourful state of is symbolizes the genies of Indian raja and maharajas

15 Bihar Bihar

I love bihar

16 Gujarat

People may be surprised to find someone like me calling Gujarat a racist state.I have faced racism almost daily and it continues even now just cause I'm a non Gujju...Kem bhai! Me shu bagadyu tamaru?

17 Haryana Haryana

Haryana is not racist...we've always welcomed everyone with open arms - Aaliyah

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18 Jharkhand Jharkhand

Really lots of mineral are present hear but politic
Ian are curropted

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19 Odisha Odisha
20 Arunachal Pradesh Arunachal Pradesh
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