Top Ten Racist Things to Say to a Black Man

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1 Nice shirt, did you pick all the cotten by yourself?

I get where this is coming from.

This is really racist, but it's so funny! - moonwolf

That's not funny at all that's just really really racist. - egnomac

2 Do you really like fried chicken?

I don't think that's a racist question.

Eh, it's ok nothing special.

3 Why did you buy the white iPhone when you know the black one runs faster

This had me in tears

4 Do you cry and scream at church?

That is a very offensive question.

Ok first of all I'm a girl and I'm black and I don't go to church. I do not want to miss out on all the fun. Seriously, I can miss out of fun staying at church hearing people yelling and cry. No just No.

This list is pretty tame compared to the comment sections of Fox News. - Satire

5 Hey, you look like O.J. Simpson
6 How many kids do you have?

That question would be more personal than racist.

I'm almost 13 and no I don't have any kids plus I'm a girl. I don't have a boyfriend yet.

7 Can you dunk?

I can't Dunk! It's to hard!

8 What's up, my brotha?

We are not related.

9 Sup' N****

Not even black people can use that word.

Black teens say this all the time

10 Want some chicken?

Racist people: "Want some chicken? "
Black person: "Why? Because I'm Black? And Blacks eat fried chicken? What's wrong with you?! " Are you that racist?! "
Racist people: "What? Racist? No! I'm not racist at all (plus I have a Black friend that's fully obsessed with fried chicken)! It's just an ordinary question, (In a lying and hesitant way)"
Black person: "Yeah right! (Rolls eyes) I get you. "It's NOT A RACIST QUESTION" (replies sarcastically).
Racist person: "OK. Suit yourself! But are sure that you don't want some of that "crispy and delishious FRIED CHICKEN? "
Black person: (Starts lying)" No thanks. I don't any fried chicken at all. I'm on a healthy diet, trying to cut down some slacks."

Racist person: "Want some chicken! "

Racist person: "Want some chicken? "
Black person: "No thanks. I don't eat meat. I'm vegetarian."

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11 Will the N-word be socially acceptable?

I used to say that word a lot and not understand the meaning of it. But I NEVER said it to anyone. Then after I was told that it was a bad word, I was sorry and had deeply regret it.

If you are saying "Will the n***** be socially acceptable." I would say back "You frick just offended black people! " And then help whoever got offended feel better." But if you are saying "Will the N-word be socially acceptable? " I would say "No."

12 We all know you love Obama

I'm not Black st all and I like the Obama family.

Yep they really do - bobbythebrony

13 No wonder you don't like campfires

I got this from Okward Industries

14 Do you hate black women?

Why would black men hate black women

15 Is that your real hair?

That is a very stupid and immature question.

Oh, this is so mean! And indeed ignorant and racist. - Britgirl

Uh yes this is my real hair and why are talking about hair.

16 Are your parents still together


That is a very personal question.

Yes my mom and dad are still together laugh out loud

17 Do you hate being black?

An interviewer had asked Michael Jackson that question, back in the mid 1990s when he was still married.

This is something you should also never say to a black man.

18 I got plenty of watermelon for when you need some

I don't want any watermelon after all it's gross.

19 You're an ape

Not only this is something you shouldn't say to a black person, but you should also never say that to anyone at all (other than a black person) at all.

That is also very insulting towards Apes.

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