Top Ten Racist Things to Say to a Black Man


The Top Ten

1 Nice shirt, did you pick all the cotten by yourself?

This is really racist, but it's so funny! - moonwolf

That's not funny at all that's just really really racist. - egnomac

2 Do you really like fried chicken?

I don't think that's a racist question.

Eh, it's ok nothing special.

3 Why did you buy the white iPhone when you know the black one runs faster

This had me in tears

4 Do you cry and scream at church?

Ok first of all I'm a girl and I'm black and I don't go to church. I do not want to miss out on all the fun. Seriously, I can miss out of fun staying at church hearing people yelling and cry. No just No.

That is a very offensive question.

This list is pretty tame compared to the comment sections of Fox News. - Satire

5 Hey, you look like O.J. Simpson
6 How many kids do you have?

I'm almost 13 and no I don't have any kids plus I'm a girl. I don't have a boyfriend yet.

That question would be more personal than racist.

7 Can you dunk?

I can't Dunk! It's to hard!

8 What's up, my brotha?

We are not related.

9 Sup' N****

Not even black people can use that word.

Black teens say this all the time

10 Will the N-word be socially acceptable?

If you are saying "Will the n***** be socially acceptable." I would say back "You frick just offended black people! " And then help whoever got offended feel better." But if you are saying "Will the N-word be socially acceptable? " I would say "No."

The Contenders

11 We all know you love Obama

Yep they really do - bobbythebrony

12 Is that your real hair?

Oh, this is so mean! And indeed ignorant and racist. - Britgirl

Uh yes this is my real hair and why are talking about hair.

That is a very stupid and immature question.

13 Do you hate black women?

Why would black men hate black women


14 No wonder you don't like campfires

I got this from Okward Industries

15 I got plenty of watermelon for when you need some

I don't want any watermelon after all it's gross.

16 Are your parents still together

Yes my mom and dad are still together laugh out loud

That is a very personal question.

17 Want some chicken?
18 You're an ape

Not only this is something you shouldn't say to a black person, but you should also never say that to anyone at all (other than a black person) at all.

19 Do you hate being black?

This is something you should also never say to a black man.

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