Top Ten Best Radio Disney Music Awards Performances

The top ten musical performances by both male and female artists from the 2013, 2014 and the 2015 Radio Disney Music Awards

The Top Ten

1 Becky G 'Lovin' So Hard' and 'Shower' Mash Up

As a proud beaster, Becky G, you go girl! Her performance was amazing. She should DEFINITELY keep on doing what she is doing. Especially after winning the 'Next Big Thing' award. This girl is going places and I am supporting her all the way.

2 Fifth Harmony 'Miss Movin' On'

This is one of their most popular songs, and with good reason. I especially love the intro to the song. These girls rock at harmonizing and vocalizing as well as having got through 'X-Factor', finishing an amazing third place.
You own it!

3 Becky G 'Can't Get Enough'

She always has back up dancers and even when they are dressed in costumes roughly the same (this happened for her 2014 RDMA performance), you can tell she's the star as soon as she grabs the microphone.
All in all, it was AWESOME.

4 Fifth Harmony Somebody' and 'Worth It' Mash Up

I love this performance but what can I say?! 😊 I ❤ 5H. GO ALLY, LAUREN, NORMANI, DINAH, AND CAMILLA!

5 Sabrina Carpenter 'We'll Be The Stars' and 'Eyes Wide Open' Mash Up

That's right! Sabrina's bringing back folk music! If I'm honest I'm not a fan of folk music but I genuinely enjoy her take on folk music. Her performance was really good. She is one of my favourite artists and actresses (she is best known for playing 'Maya Heart', co-staring with Rowan Blanchard who plays 'Riley Matthews' on the popular show 'Girl Meets World', sequel series to hit show 'Boy Meets World').
P.S. sorry that I went kind of off topic but all of this seems relevant to me and it is a really good show.
She has 2 albums, the first being 'Can't Blame A Girl For Trying' and the second being 'Eyes Wide Open'.
��� -

6 Cher Lloyd 'With Your Love'
7 Zendaya 'Replay'

When will this girl stop? She's been with Disney for a while but she just keeps on getting better and better. From co-starring in 'Shake It Up' to excelling in 'Dancing With The Stars' at the age of 16 to grabbing the lead role in yet another Disney series (K.C Undercover)to hosting the 2015 RDMAs? Zendaya is multi-talented, which is clearly shown when she took the stage? I bet her haters got nothing to say.
I ❤ Zendaya!

8 Austin Mohoane 'Mmm Yeah'
9 Seleana Gomez 'Come And Get It'
10 Shawn Mendes 'Something Big'

His music isn't foe everyone but I love him. He turns his unique and original style into something lovable.

The Contenders

11 Bridget Mendler 'Hurricane'
12 R5 'Smile' and 'Let's Not Be Alone'

I am a girl who loves her mash ups. Ross Lynch... crowd surfing... not bad...

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