Top Ten Radiohead Songs That Aren't Singles

All of the lesser known Radiohead songs that don't get enough attention. Before adding a song I'd suggest looking it up on Wikipedia (or Youtube) to see if it's already been released as a video, because that would disqualify it.

The Top Ten

1 How to Disappear Completely How to Disappear Completely

I'm happy this song is at top

This is a single, but still a fantastic song

2 Let Down Let Down

Very underrated, but a genius mind was driven into overdrive for this one. Fantastic song that really drives home a message.

Just beautiful 'one day I am gonna grow wings'

3 A Wolf at the Door A Wolf at the Door

One of Radiohead's best songs in my opinion.

4 Subterranean Homesick Alien

Totally underrated, very smoth and mellow song. This and The Tourist - also underrated - have some of the best atmospheric tones on both OK Computer and Radiohead's entire discography.


5 Sulk

Easily on of the greatest songs from the bends!

6 Black Star
7 You

Should be higher and at the same time not

A song representing Pablo Honey on ANY Radiohead list? Wohoo! I'll vote for it just for that

8 Climbing Up the Walls

Climbing Up the Walls is a song that has the power to give you nightmares... A haunting and beautiful song that shows, like many of their awesome songs, Radiohead just love playing with emotions. A personal favourite.

This has always been a personal favorite for me, and I'm suprised it's not on this list already. Love it.

9 (Nice Dream)

This remains one of Radiohead's beautiful songs, even almost 20 years later

10 The Tourist

Aww man this song is so relaxing try listening to it on a long drive at night on a quiet road with the moon out everyone else is asleep and play this song its amazing

This is their best song, period.

The Contenders

11 Nude

This is a single (check on wiki)

My favorite song from in rainbows

12 Airbag

This was a single. - theyenmaster400

Pretty sure this is a single. amazing song though

13 Optimistic

Awesome song. Third song I've ever heard by radiohead first two being creep and karma police. Optimistic strangely got me into radiohead. Thank you Pandora for helping me really discover radiohead.

Best song off of Kid A

Pretty much the song that got me into kid a and the rest of their 2000's material. great song

14 Life in a Glasshouse

Underrated song off an underrated album.

15 Kid A

This song gives you a sense of comfort, but at the same time a disturbing feeling. It's alienated and calm.

16 Motion Picture Soundtrack

Kid A was definitely one of the first albums I've ever truly fallen in love with. I don't think there exists an album that is closer to my heart than this (and I listen to a lot of music, of all genres). This song leaves me absolutely speechless... I don't know what to say about it... I'm sure part of it is because of the music that comes before it, but, Motion Picture Soundtrack is an absolute grand finale. Instant tears anytime I listen to it, and I have been listening to it now for years (although I don't listen to the album all that much anymore cause I feel the need to listen to it all at once and it's sort of an emotional roller coaster for me now due to nostalgia). It's pure beauty. Can't really say this is my favorite; it's 100% impossible to choose a favorite Radiohead song. But if I had to die after listening to 20 songs of my choice, I think this may be the last song. In fact, I'm still young, but I've already considered having this played at my funeral. If you had a nickel ...more

This is without doubt the best song about death I've heard! You know songs about death and how they uselly are, hardcore and metal... But this one ihas an amazing melody, lyrics and when the haarps rain down from the sky, it's just undescribable! I mean, what is the ultimate ending song to an album as Kid-A, a song about acceptance and realisation, "I am ready to die kinda" song. The ultimate ending to Kid-A is a song wich repeats the words, " I think you're crazy, maybe" and if you wait an minute after the song finnishes, you can hear the beam-up to heaven in a loud, beautiful and kinda scary sound! This song proves that Radiohead is the best band that exists!

This should be higher - KidA

17 In Limbo

This song is very cool. When I close my eyes and turn up the volume when listening to in limbo, I feel as if I'm in a different universe.

18 Faust Arp

I don't understand why this song isn't more popular- everything about it is incredible; not just the lyrics, but the vocal and instrumental layering as well. This is, without a doubt, my favourite Radiohead song.

Always been a big fan of this song, it's my favourite on the album. Not the best, but my favourite, probably because it's just two minutes of very very good music.

19 The National Anthem
20 Videotape
21 Weird Fishes

Weird Fishes is so underrated!

22 Idioteque

One of my favorite songs from Kid A, tied with how to disappear completely, and it's not on the list

23 All I Need
24 Bullet Proof... I Wish I Was
25 The Gloaming
26 Paranoid Android

This was a single, too. - theyenmaster400

I am paranoid but I'm no android - MikaBeeWall

27 Polyethylene

One of th most underrated radiohead songs, the whole airbag/how am I driving ep is fantastic

28 Maquiladora

A great song by radiohead with great energy and has a bit of punk feeling in it. Love the guitar playing too.

29 Exit Music (For a Film)

So was this. - theyenmaster400

30 Like Spinning Plates
31 Everything In Its Right Place
32 Burn the Witch
33 Dollars & Cents

It's just...amazing.

34 Bloom
35 Separator
36 Ful Stop
37 The Numbers
38 Blow Out
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1. Optimistic
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