Evil Empire - Rage Against The Machine (OTL Review)

(Submitted by: Du)

Hello. This is my first review in almost 3 weeks. Man, that's a long time.

So, today, we are examining American 'rock' band Rage Against The Machine's 2nd studio album in almost 4 years which comes under the 'rap metal' genre. How ironic.

Anyways, I don't have any previous history with this band before Du submitted this album to me. So, nothing much to say here. They are apparently known for their revolutionary political views. Well, if it's actually right, I'm all ears. So, let's begin.

(Sidenote - Most of you will disagree with most opinions over here. But that's only because you know more about this. I'm listening to this for one and ONLY ONE time. So, no hate Pee-El-Zedd.)

1. People Of The Sun
Our opener is quite the head-nodder. The bass is excellent and the riffs are pleasingly queasy. The main problem over here is the lyrics. This is dedicated to Mexicans, but if we take it from the layman's perspective, this doesn't do anything to make Mexicans proud. Sure, all their struggles are mentioned. But wouldn't that make them nostalgic and therefore, sad? So, as a whole, this leaves me confused.

2. Bulls On Parade
This is comparatively better. The message in the lyrics is easier to comprehend, the beat is steadier and I think I hear some elements of electronic in the instrumental break, so they're also experimenting with another genre, which comes out fine. So, good job.

3. Vietnow
This track is... uhh, weirdly empty. Like, I don't know, I like the instrumental break, but that's all to it. But I like the phrases, "Is all the world jails and churches?" and "Fear is your only God". So, this gets a pass.

4. Revolver
By far, my most favourite song on this album. And it's last place on it's own album's list. Wow.

This track is more organized than any other track in this album. I love the message they're trying to put out even though it's kinda generic and MAN, if those riffs aren't excellent. But, I'm still not sure what 'revolver' means around here.

5. Snakecharmer
Oh man, this is bad. The faded vocals were completely unnecessary, I hate that modulation and also at one point, he seems to give up on singing. I might revisit these songs at some point, but please don't show me this again.

6. Tire Me
This is basically Snakecharmer: Dead Voice Version. The melody seems like a complete ripoff of that song, but this is even worse because at least he was comprehensible back there. Here, he gives up making sense too. Also, the lyrics are so VAGUE that it is painful.

7. Down Rodeo
This song gets points because this sounds way different from the other songs we've been hearing so, originality. But, why were those 'eep's planted all over the song? It makes the song irritating. I love instrumental breaks to the point that I consider them to be the best part of any metal song. But that is the WORST part of this song. All you want is a quiet, peaceful dance, right? Well, you can have it but DON'T PLAY THIS SONG DURING THAT!

8. Without A Face
Look, I'm a master at comprehending lyrics, okay? It might not seem like it, but trust me, I rank lyrics as the most important part of any song, alongside melody. But I can't say literally ANYTHING about this because I can't understand what he's trying to say here. So, nothing much to say about this track.

9. Wind Below
I LOVE menacing basses, and this song gives me that, so power to you. The rest? I don't know. The thin riffs ruin everything, the instrumental suddenly becomes creepy which I don't like, the lyrics have SO MANY BRANDS IN IT! Why? And, the concept. Like, what even is 'wind below'? Not to mention the vocals which die in the bridge and suddenly get resurrected.

10. Roll Right
This is another song I actually like. The chords progressively lose pitch, which sounds nice, and in the 2nd half they progressively increase, which sounds even better. Also, you're anything but calm these days (I get that they're trying to be ironic, but I fell for it).

11. Year Of Tha Boomerang
The final song, eh? Let's do this.

The instrumentals' cool and honestly, Zack's got the best flow in the whole album here. What disappoints me is the lyrical structure; it's basically a verse, a chorus and a post-chorus.

But the worst part of this song are the final few seconds of this, WHICH IS ALSO THE WORST PART OF THE WHOLE ALBUM. I mean seriously, if you're gonna end a record with the most painful, irritating, random noises, you might as well scrap the whole project. Ugh.

SO, there you go. My 1st metal review didn't go so well. Hopefully, as time passes, I might get more comfortable with this genre and maybe find out something that I actually LIKE. Believe me, I'm not biased against this genre, I honestly believe that this is more honest and energetic than any other. It's just that, I've just entered the world of music and I've a lot to explore. Thanks.

Best Tracks - Revolver, Bulls On Parade, Roll Right
Worst Tracks - Without A Face, Wind Below, Tire Me, People Of The Sun, Vietnow
Rating - 4.5/10


Don't know much about this band, but good review. - ProPanda