Top 10 Railway Stations In Tamil Nadu

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1 Salem Junction

Salem is very important Junction because Train going to Southern Tamilnadu (Madurai, Trichy) & Train going to Kerala, Magalore need to pass via Salem. Believe me Salem Junction is far better than Hyderabad Junction, very neat & Clean. - mpKarthik

East or west Salem junction is the best.

It is a best station on Tamilnadu and a one of the best division of southern railway

It is one of the cleanest station in india

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2 Chennai Egmore

Every should departure from the capital of tamilnadu,which name is chennai egmore

3 Tiruchirappalli Junction

Best junction, the neat and clean environment outside the junction, which you could not see in other stations. I love trichy

Super fantastic.

Yes it is the neatest

It is situated in the centre of the state and has 7 platforms next to Central, Egmore,Arakkonam and Tambaram junctions

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4 Chennai Central

Every train must stop at least for 20 min in this station... No other station in our state have such credit

One of the biggest railway station in south india

It handles 350000+ passengers per day

5 Madurai Junction

One of the largest railway station in south India. More numbers in terms of passenger traffic and has been awarded consecutively as the cleanest railway station in India. It is one of the oldest station and almost connects most of the cities in India.

Madurai junction is a largest, best, clean, all facilities and connecting all important cities so I like and I love you madurai junction

Madurai Junction is awesome when compared with others... And attractive too like Heritage infrastructure..

I like the decoration of the junction
It is full&full clean
I like it

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6 Coimbatore Junction

Busiest railway station and high revenue collecting.. In TN next to central... Very very clean station every seen.. Has connectivity thru out India... Fully electrified lane from Chennai central and can reach central less than,7-8 hrs! No traffic congestion as all and double electric...

It is a good railway station it has 6 platforms neatly and the railway station beautifully

The Manchester city

My city

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7 Katpadi Junction

One of the Cleanest railway in southern railway

Connectivity to all major cities in India...

It is very smart junction for middle class


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8 Jolarpettai Junction

Easy to connect from south to north &all direction major city s in India

Best railway station

Busiest railway station in tamil nadu

More no of rail yard

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9 Erode Junction

Most cleanest junction I have ever seen

Its nice looking and most clean and then big junction I have ever seen...

Cleanest & important railway station

Cleanest railway station

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10 Villupuram Junction

I like you Villupuram junction it is very neat and clean

Villupuram junction is back bone of southern railway

I like this busiest junction

The gate of southern tamilnadu,which name is VILLUPURAM JN

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11 Tirunelveli Junction

It is a quite important junction in south tamil nadu...

Tirunelveli is very big not in 12th place

Tirunelveli very important junction

Very important junction in southern part. It is the main way to go to kanyakumari, Trivandrum, keral

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12 Kovilpatti Railway Station

It may not be a junction but one of the busy stations of Southern Railway. High revenue. Well connected with every part of the city with a string of never sleep shops and restaurants in the's simply great!

It May not be a junction but one of the busy stations of Southern Railway with a high revenue. Well connected with every part of the city with a never sleep string of restaurants and shops in the vicinity...Should be in the Top Ten!

One of the fastest growing cities of Tamil Nadu and highly industrialized too. People's hard work and die hard enthusiasm add to the prosperity of the city in spite of any political patronage...! Should be in top ten...!

Good revenue more passengers

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13 Arakkonam Junction

More connectivity and more commuters station

This is the best

14 Karur Junction


Superb and neat station. It will be in top 10 category

Very small but super

Super jubction

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15 Kumbakonam Junction

This is one of the best Railway Station I have come across. It's the clean and neatest Railway Station ever in south india

It is the a1 graded station to get good cross over

Very clean and neatly maintenance

Cleanest Railway station

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16 Thanjavur Junction

Needs renovation of its front elevation

It is a neat and peaceful railway station

One of the historic junction of India
Important junction in the important tourists spot of tn.
Very well connected with rest of the city.
Well connected with all points of tn.

17 Mayiladuthurai

One the big and busy station in kaveri delta

In one of the cleanest grade 1 railway junction in tamilnadu.
This junction is the origin of many passenger trains

Mayiladuthurai junction is very clean and biggest junction in nagapattinam disrict.

Many trains are crossing this junction.

Well connected chennai and south tamil nadu..

Thanks by prithivi

18 Thoothukudi Junction

It's not junction. But still it is good

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19 Kanyakumari Junction

Beautiful place

Excellent station

Great place and superb location.very good clean station

20 Karaikudi

Clean and com

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