Top 10 Railway Stations In Tamil Nadu

The Top Ten

1 Salem Junction Salem Junction

Nice places/ Decent Peoples/ Convenient Charges for Travel/ Good Climate

Clean and neat

Salem railway station is good

Best in all over India

2 Madurai Junction Madurai Junction

Madurai jn beautiful art


Madurai city is one of the most popular destination in south india
& this railways station cleanest Award taking by 2018. Day by day more passenger increase here. So Ministery of railway more schemes
Provide this station. This is good revenu station in Indian Railway.
Madurai division is the second biggest railway division in
(southern raiway).

Very nice

3 Chennai Central Chennai Central

First ISO certified station

India best rail way station

Every train must stop at least for 20 min in this station... No other station in our state have such credit

One of the biggest railway station in south india

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4 Coimbatore Junction Coimbatore Junction

Well maintained railway station

Good railway station and it is neat and clean

Coimbatore is the 3 largest stations next to Chennai Central

It is the busiest junction in TN after Chennai.

5 Chennai Egmore Chennai Egmore

My favorite station

Every should departure from the capital of tamilnadu,which name is chennai egmore

6 Tiruchirappalli Junction Tiruchirappalli Junction

Truly the best

THEbest railway station in tamil nadu

2nd station

Cleanest station

7 Erode Junction Erode Junction

Very Good railways junction and all facility in station.

Cleanliness is gooD

Clean and underground lift facilities

Old,Safe,Hi-Tech and cleanest Railway station in Tamil Nadu

8 Villupuram Junction

Biggest station

It has to be the headquarters of southern railway but unfortunately it doesn't

Passenger are still increasing

It's largest junction to compare salem but it's old junction

9 Jolarpettai Junction

Me also jalarpatti

The next central

It's a joining point of Bengaluru and Coimbatore and south Tamil Nadu and Kerala from chennai

Mass railway station in tamilnadu

10 Tirunelveli Junction


Biggest station and has the 3rd longest train. I love my tirunelveli.

Very biggest & clean station



The Contenders

11 Katpadi Junction Katpadi Junction

Most needed junction to Tamil nadu

Good connectivity

Major railway station

Clean, smart and well connected to rest of the cities

12 Arakkonam Junction

Oldest railway station in india

Best connectivity to chennai

Oldest station

Very busiest station

13 Kovilpatti Railway Station

Cleanest Station... High revenue yielding but neglected by southern railways

One of the highest revenue yielding station as a small town

Best railway station.i love it very much

My native place top first in the station in Tamil Nadu

14 Karur Junction

One of the cleanest station in tamilnadu



Superb and neat station. It will be in top 10 category

15 Mayiladuthurai

Very nice station

Super good clean

Very good condition the station and become a district head quarters and then A1 grade soon

Need District

16 Kumbakonam Junction

Very very clean railway station,and more population used this railway station please change the station to junction

True very good look and clean

Top Revenue station in Trichy Division

Clean station

17 Virudhunagar

Cleanest railway in tamilnadu... Longest platform... Announcement is perfect...

Passenger safety is perfect... Cleanest station. Food and water service also best...

The maintenance of station in cleanliness is very good


18 Thanjavur Junction

Beautiful station
This station is look like very neatly


Needs renovation of its front elevation

It is a neat and peaceful railway station

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19 Dindigul Junction


Dindigul railway junction is one of the best southern railway in tamilnadu

South Tamil nadu very important railway junction

Good maintenance

20 Nagercoil Junction

It's eco station

It's my native

Cleanest station and a good place to travel

Swach railway junction

21 Thoothukudi Junction

It is very oldest railway station in Tamil Nadu

It's not junction. But still it is good

This station very cleaning

Tuticorin is a pearl city and hwp thermal nfc ingov dept

22 Chengalpattu Junction

Cleanest railway station

The First Class Railway Station

Massive junction of chennai's south zone entrance and a first class junction Cleanest No: 1 in Tamilnadu

First class cleanest,top of the busiest and Surrounded by good nature railway station

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23 Kanyakumari Junction

Superb station

Beautiful place

Excellent station

very good

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24 Karaikudi

Railway station super

It superb 4 clean,calm and maintainance

Really clean no garbage are found in both inside and outside of the junction.

Clean and com

25 Tiruppur

Need more new platforms

Super station need more platforms


Very ordinary and sleepy station

26 Walajah Road

Walajah Road junction Railway Station is south india's first station. Located station in ammor (Walajah). The passengers long time request more train stoppage and station devolp. But railway department not considering series. So, please take kind necessary action.

One of the 4th old station in india...

27 Vriddhachalam Junction

Biggest junction with 4 platforms and 10 tracks in cuddalore district

Best junction in Tamilnadu

Then support

Well cleaned, important junction and connect Cuddalore salem, Villupuram, Thirichy.

28 Rameshwaram

Fast developing station on economic wise and cleanliness

Best terminal station in south Tamil nadu

29 Rasipuram
30 Salem Town Railway Station

Easily accesible from city

Old,good,near and clean junction in salem

31 Manamadurai Junction

Major train are crossing for day and one of the best cleaness railway station

Center of all area to travel a train

Asia second largest turn is in manamadurai and it is biggest in southern railways

32 Ambur

Very good super clean station

One of the highest revenue given this station even less train stop and one of the highest export city in india

Less train stops, most people need to go Jolarpettai or katpadi Junction.

Ambur Rail way Station Is Super And "B"Grade

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33 Bangalore City

Busiest station in karnataka

34 Tenkasi Junction

One of the busiest junction in terms of passenger traffic...Neat and well maintained..After punalur to shencottah broad guage completion it is surely going to be a gateway to kerala

35 Attur Central
36 Trichy Fort Station

Super station

Best in south

Very neat

37 Tanjore (Thanjavur)

Not best environment, but the busiest in trichy division

Clean station but not under busiest route..stands next to trichy in revenue generating in that division...needed to be electrified

Tanjore-chennai via ariyalur rail path should be layed fast and hence all trains from southern part of the state can be operated via trichy-tanjore-ariyalur-chennai

38 Morappur

Easy to reach Chennai & Coimbatore from here

Best connection of 3 district

39 Aruppukottai

One of the smallest and neatest railway station in tamilnadu Thuthukudi-madurai line waiting for this line

Neat railway station. with basic amenities.madurai to thoothukudi new railwayline make this station as junction railway station. need more trains..

40 Paramakudi

I like paramakudi station.

Paramakudi railway station important rout in rameswaram.paramakudi railway station best.

41 Tindivanam

Excellent Junction but due to politics this station is not developed. In Roadways Tindivanam is the main Junction, 10 years delayed projects Tindivanam - Tiruvannamalai and Tindivanam - Nagari. Still counting the delay.

All train no stop

Good Station to Serve lots of Villages Surrounded and also serves Gingee, Vandavasi, Marakkanam, Puducherry and Tiruvannamalai

42 Nagapattinam Junction

Very good clean and neatness and security services are better located in center heart of town.

43 Kulithalai Railway Station

Kulithalai town

44 Nannilam

Vera level railway station

45 Pollachi Junction

Excellent Junction Station

This is very important junction to connect south tamilnadu and kerala. As well as to connect 3 main cities Madurai via palani,coimbatore,and palakkad.Best tourist spot and very good climate.This station has sucessfully cross 100 aniversery in sep 2015. Very clean and good environment.

46 Sivakasi Junction

Famous city in the world for crackers
I love my city

ะŸ’ฅone of the largest Cracker city in india๐Ÿ’ฅ... good & neat ๐Ÿ’ช sivakasi is my city๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’

47 Palani
48 Rajapalayam Junction

Peaceful and very silent station in southern railway

Nice Stations.

49 Oddanchatram

Very clean station in south India peaceful location

Important station connecting Palani and Dindigul.

50 Harish

I like jolarpet junction

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