Best Rainbow Loom Designs

If you have heard of rainbow looms then vote on your favorite designs

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1 Starburst

I like the star burst because its easy and fun

Not easy no offense but took to much of my time

They are so cool and a little hard to make but you have to use the loom - WR10

Awesome so fun, I made two yesterday

V 2 Comments
2 Dragonscale

I think the dragon scale is the coolest one I saw so far. I love how tall it is on your wrest. I will make mine so big it will be up to my albo. The colors will be rainbow

3 Waterfall
4 Hexafish

TAKES MORE THAN FOREVER but it's a really awesome turnout

It should be number one! But it takes forever! - MinunLink7

5 Barefoot Sandals

That's right I said sandals lots of people make them now but they have to be loose - WR10

6 Ladder
7 Bridge
8 Fishtail

This is the best and the easiest

The easiest with out your hands

9 Inverted Fishtail
10 Twistzy Wistzy

The Contenders

11 Triple Single
12 Star
13 Sailor's Pinstripe

I love this bracelet! I made so many now with rainbow colors.

V 2 Comments
14 Loose
15 Honeycomb Bracelet
16 Double Rearward Rhombus Bracelet

This is so cool should be first

17 Single Chain Bracelet V 2 Comments
18 Hibiscus Bracelet

I love this design because it is so creative and my favourite flower is the hibiscus flower.

19 Ice Cream Bracelet

I love ice cream!

20 Feather Bracelet

It looks really cool

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1. Starburst
2. Inverted Fishtail
3. Barefoot Sandals
1. Starburst
2. Dragonscale
3. Waterfall



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