Top 10 Rainbow Six Siege Operators


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1 Buck Buck

He sucks what

Buck's high damage output and breaching shotgun duo make him simply one of the best operators in Rainbow Six Siege. - CORGI

The rifle-shotgun is one of the best guns in the game, the rifle for long en the shot for close

He's literally
one of the worst ops in the game

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2 Thermite Thermite

Thermite's Exothermic Charges are almost essential for the attacking team if they want to get somewhere. - CORGI

Besides Hibana who can shoot up a little bit of hole Thermite is only operator that can blow up a big hole through reinforced walls. Thermite is very crucial to winning. It is possible without him but it is easier with him.

Best gun, great perk, balanced all around attacker.

He's so fun a good

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3 Blackbeard Blackbeard

The rifle shield is perfect for peaking corners and not being picked off.

You don't understand how many times I have regretted peeking this guy while on defense

4 Lion

so good! - Not_A_Weeaboo

Lion is too OP!

Very useful

5 Ash

Ash is a fast, agile, light tank. As long as you know how to use her then you'll be getting 3+ kills almost every attacking round. She has a breaching charge that you can fire from safety, instead of putting up a breaching round from close quarters, possibly getting killed. She's quiet, too. The enemy will barely know that your coming then, once it's to late for them, you'll already be in the objective. Ash has Two deadly and in my opinion the best weapons in the game. If you are a rushing, one man army killing machine then Ash is you your number One Go To person.

Ash is a beast

I love Ash's breaching rounds


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6 Castle Castle

Castle's Armor Panels could easily change the game due to its high defense. - CORGI

7 Zofia
8 Frost

Weapons are fun to use, ability is simple to learn, and operator is useful to the team.

When traps are placed right it is nearly impossible to enter the objective

Just place a trap and some barb in front of the objective, you can't lose

Frosts things are a 1 shot

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9 Rook

His armored pack can be so useful for other teammates

10 Sledge

He is awesome he can break anything with his hammer except for reinforced walls he also has access to the smg 11

If you use his hammer well timed with his shotgun it can be a winner


He is a God

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? Recruit


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11 HIbana

Operator from rainbow six

She should be in the top 10 because he guns are amazing, a long or middle ranged rifle combined with a smg that is amazing. It is beautiful, and combine with thermite's breach makes her amazing.

She is the perfect mix of ash and thermite that are already two of the best operators in the game

How tf is she 15? she has the best gadget,best guns and 3 speed,should be number 1

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12 Thatcher
13 Fuze

Picks Fuze on hostage. Gets kicked from the game.

I use him every game, the amounts of kills you get but placing it on the wall of the objective I outstanding

fuze is op

14 Valkyrie

Camera activated

Efective roamer


15 Tachanka

Lord Chanka for the win!

*Soviet National anthem plays

All Hail Lord Tachanka - BlazinWraith

How can you buff A GOD? - Not_A_Weeaboo

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16 Jackal

Good Weapons + his skill is perfect to get the opponents struggling

He is the ultimate counter against roamers

My favorite always

The C7E is amazing his weapons make him a tank. (AR,SMG,and a shotgun) and the fact that he can track opponents makes him the best operator in the game. 2 speed 2 armor is definitely my favorite and Jackal has that.

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17 Caveria

It tells where opponent is when interrogated and they never see it coming

Caveria is so stealthy!


its op

18 Jaeger
19 Ela

Gun is amazing

Very good for roaming and god weapon

She was op and still is after nerf

Lol the best!

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20 Smoke

One of the best defenders in the game

Not at all smoke is so good

21 Mute

He can make drones stop, that could help a lot with the shocker drones.

Mute is savage I get 3+ kills every game

Please mute is good

Mute is daddy.

22 Glaz

His thermal scope on that sniper is amazing

He's sniper is to good

Glaz op

Come on he's A SNIPRT

23 Jager

"You can stop worrying about grenades now."

Three words, "Defense Assualt Rifle"

Why does no one like toxicness? Oh, and I want my ACOG back.

I get many spawn peeks with Jager. It’s fun making people rage quit. Give me my acog back.

24 Dokkaebi

You can get in the objective better

Really helpful when u ring phones and good counter for valk

25 Room
26 Mira

Her mirror is so good!

Mira's window is great on reinforst walls with the other wall not reinforced for easy wall bangs

27 Montagne

Good for protexting team

28 Pulse

You can give intel and get easy kills through walls if you play him right his ump 45 is a beast good for roaming

29 Echo

I always seem to do my best whenever I pick Echo

This guy is good with drones and cameras

Very fun to play, but very hard to master

Echo + caveria = hell for attackers - Not_A_Weeaboo

30 Vigil

Vigil just has good all round primary weapons and secondary weapons and his ability to his from drones is a bonus to his gadget

He has a ok gadget, a good AR, and an extremely fun shotgun in the BOSG
He is an underrated roamer

31 Kapkan

It is so satisfying when your trap gets a kill.

Seriously, his video is like the most accurate of all operator's videos

Who can? Kapkan.

32 Bandit

He is mute but in stronger

His MP7 is just majastic

33 Ying

New amazing attacker

That skill

34 IQ

She is good at sneaking up on players, and getting out of bad situations

35 Blitz

He isn't difficult to use but he can be overpowers if you learn

36 Doc

Doc is doctor. He help operators.

37 Lesion
38 Capitão

His crossbow can be so usefull!

39 Hunter

Hunter master race

40 Go
41 Probe
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