Top 10 Rainbow Six Siege Operators


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1 Buck Buck

Buck's high damage output and breaching shotgun duo make him simply one of the best operators in Rainbow Six Siege. - CORGI

The rifle-shotgun is one of the best guns in the game, the rifle for long en the shot for close

I use buck every game

He is outstanding

2 Thermite Thermite

Thermite's Exothermic Charges are almost essential for the attacking team if they want to get somewhere. - CORGI

So far as I used him I think he is a really affective operator in R6 because you can full on attack the objective with out heading in your self. Yet there are he is kind of crappy​ if they have a bandit.

3 Blackbeard Blackbeard
4 Castle Castle

Castle's Armor Panels could easily change the game due to its high defense. - CORGI

5 Rook

His armored pack can be so useful for other teammates

6 Fuze

I use him every game, the amounts of kills you get but placing it on the wall of the objective I outstanding

fuze is op

7 Frost

Weapons are fun to use, ability is simple to learn, and operator is useful to the team.

8 Valkyrie


9 Sledge


10 Jackal

Good Weapons + his skill is perfect to get the opponents struggling

So Op

The Newcomers

? Jager

The Contenders

11 Ash

Ash is a fast, agile, light tank. As long as you know how to use her then you'll be getting 3+ kills almost every attacking round. She has a breaching charge that you can fire from safety, instead of putting up a breaching round from close quarters, possibly getting killed. She's quiet, too. The enemy will barely know that your coming then, once it's to late for them, you'll already be in the objective. Ash has Two deadly and in my opinion the best weapons in the game. If you are a rushing, one man army killing machine then Ash is you your number One Go To person.

Ash is a beast

12 Tachanka

Lord Chanka for the win!




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13 Caveria
14 Mute
15 HIbana

Operator from rainbow six

She is the perfect mix of ash and thermite that are already two of the best operators in the game

Well rounded with great weapons

16 Pulse
17 Mira

Her mirror is so good!

18 Doc

Doc is doctor. He help operators.

19 Bandit

His MP7 is just majastic

20 Capitão

His crossbow can be so usefull!

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