Top 10 Rainbow Six Siege Operators


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21 Jager

"You can stop worrying about grenades now."

Why does no one like toxicness? Oh, and I want my ACOG back.

22 Dokkaebi

Really helpful when u ring phones and good counter for valk

23 Echo

This guy is good with drones and cameras

Very fun to play, but very hard to master

24 Kapkan

It is so satisfying when your trap gets a kill.

Seriously, his video is like the most accurate of all operator's videos

Who can? Kapkan.

25 Bandit

He is mute but in stronger

His MP7 is just majastic

26 Ying

New amazing attacker

That skill

27 Vigil

Vigil just has good all round primary weapons and secondary weapons and his ability to his from drones is a bonus to his gadget

28 IQ

She is good at sneaking up on players, and getting out of bad situations

29 Doc

Doc is doctor. He help operators.

30 Smoke

One of the best defenders in the game

Not at all smoke is so good

31 Blitz

He isn't difficult to use but he can be overpowers if you learn

32 Capitão

His crossbow can be so usefull!

33 Hunter

Hunter master race

34 Lesion
35 Probe
36 Go
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