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Me fail English? That's unpossible.

I think you missed "I wouldn't have so many nosebleeds if I kept my finger out of there" when he was talking to Lisa. But this one's hilarious

My fave. But no quotes from earlier episodes like "What man can tame her" (Lisa's Pony) "that's candle wax" Ralph telling Homer he is eating candle wax.

This is the best one, by far

Just wow

I wanna be a triangle.


Bart: you’re not invited

Hi Super Nintendo Chalmers

It is the best quote because the guy's name is "Super Intendant Chalmers" and he has obviously changed to something that rhymes with the name "Super Nintendo Chalmers" lol

Haha super nintendo

Don't worrym He's learnding

My cat's breath smells like cat food.

I say this quote often

I throw this one out as often as anything else in my lexicon. It's important people know.

This was my message on an answering machine. It confused people.

This is something that keeps me alive in the mornings

My imaginary friend thinks you're stupid
That's where I saw the leprechaun. He told me to burn things.
My grandma had hair like that when she went to sleep in her forever box.

Yes! Should be number 1

Just great

The best

It’s funny and my friend thinks so

I'm learnding!

I don't think so

When I grow up, I want to be a principal, or a caterpillar!

Ralph is the best TV character of all time, that's for sure, no doubt about it.

I bent my Wookie

How do you even do that?

*Laughs* I'm in danger

Wookie sounds like grookey


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This is my sandbox, I'm not allowed to go in the deep end.

Where is the deep end?

wait mee too

When I grow up I'm going to Bovine University

Now we will know what happened if I see people selling a Wiggumburger

Well, he is as dumb as a cow, so guess that makes sense


And, when the doctor said I didn't have worms any more, that was the happiest day of my life.
I cheated wrong. I copied the Lisa name and used the Ralph answers.

Best quote ever, it really made me laugh! This guy is unbelievable! In my opinion this one should be the first place

stay in school kids even if were in quarantine

You can't cheat wrong!

Lol so good

That made sour juice come out of my front tail

Ralph Wiggum is BOSS

This made me laugh for three minutes straight

first, it's sour than its always disgustan


I glued my head to my shoulder

to this day its still stuck

Common! I was actually looking for that specific quote. it has to be his best!

Um, Miss Hoover? There's a dog in the vent.

Best Ralph quote ever

woof woof

I wish

I like men now

I don't think they will get fed up and decide to finish the Simpsons unless any of the voice actors Homer or Marge or Bart or Lisa pass away. But there is going to be a sequel of the movie.

The movie. When they get fed up and decide to finish the Simpsons I think they should do a sequel before the last season.

Ralph is a good character - Liz Anya

imagine he ends up with Bart

I'm in danger

Best meme ever

I'm a Unitard

He is the boss

uni-retard ... a funny uni-retard

[cont'd] unicorn + retard = unitard

I choo-choo-choose you

On the card. "You Choo-Choo Choose me? "


Now there's two types of wet in my pants

Disgusting but I burst out laughing


Daddy's gun tastes like pennies!
Candles taste like burning.
I drink blue juice from under the sink!

Just plain comedy from a hilarious character

My daddy shoots people

Lol I love ralph also I'm finding nemo.

I heard your dad went into a restaurant and ate everything in the restaurant and they had to close the restaurant.
I'm a fatality
I finished before we came in

Ha-ha you wet your pants


If mommy's purse didn't belong in the microwave, why did it fit?
I want to go back in mommy


All of my friends have birthdays this year!
Go banana
I had a dream where Elmo and Toy Story had a party and I went there.
Somebody should iron you!
Why do people run away from me
I'm a furniture
I eat the crumbs on my head
Somebody took my juice money
I eated the purple berries. They taste like burning!
I'm a brick!
Do the people my daddy shoots go to heaven?
My mommy says I'm special
Can you open my milk Mommy?

That would be the most embarrassing thing I would ever say in kindergarten

Early Ralph when kids might accidentally say that.

I'm a star wars
I only fell out two times
I want back in!

Where Ralph tries to go back where he came from on the episode the book job

That is so 1991
Wait, mister. You're drinking a candle. You don't want wax in your mouth, do you?

yes I do

Dear wife, if I could take but one treasure with me to the next life it would be your tender kiss.

Ralph isn't really that dumb, he was just dumbed down more and more to make him more funny.

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