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41 Outsider
42 I Just Want to Have Something to Do

What is this song doing at 43? This is easily in my top 5! The line "Hanging out all by myself, I don't wanna be with anybody else" is one of my favorites because it's so relatable. This song is also a blast to play on guitar.

This is unbelievable. This song is definitely in the top ten Ramones songs.--Metalskull

43 Humankind
44 I Wanna Live

Oh, I wanna live, I want to live my life! - Alex151

This song is, so catchy, punk and meaningful at least for me.
I think this song is first.

45 Judy Is a Punk

Best Ramones song is pet cemetery however this is so low on the list I have to vote for it

Should be way higher

How is this 140?

The Best - Glauberson

46 Born to Die In Berlin

This song is based around a simple riff. It's repetitive but it just works! Get the beers in, turn the volume up and enjoy

47 Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment
48 Listen to My Heart
49 Pinhead

This is a one of the best songs by Ramones. Deserve to be at the top. This is too low I think

50 I Don't Care
51 You Should Never Have Opened that Door
52 The Job That Ate My Brain
53 What a Wonderful World
54 I Don't Wanna Go Down to the Basement

Why is this so low on the list!?! It's Incredible!

My favourite. It is the definition of coolness.

55 It's Gonna Be Alright
56 Howling at the Moon V 1 Comment
57 This Ain't Havana

Ba-Ba Banana! Best song I've ever heard! My favorite Ramones song!

58 You're Gonna Kill that Girl

The Ramones at the peak of their energy. Possibly their best song

59 I Don't Wanna Walk Around With You

To me their punkiest song

60 We're a Happy Family

Needs to be higher! Daddy likes men! Laugh out loud doesn't get much more classic than that

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