Top 10 Most Random Animated Movies


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1 The Emoji Movie

No one ever saw this movie coming and it was horrible I hated it.
It ripped off many movies like wreck it Ralph and inside out and 8m naming few right now. I am not sure if just dance and the other games approved them to be in the movie but whatever this movie does it is always horrible. I’m not sure if I’m the only person who hates it (most likely not) becuase even rotten tomatoes gave it low I’d rather watch chicken little over this. - Disneydude

2 Chicken Little
3 Chicken Run

Random does not mean bad for example I love this movie lol it is a real classic sure the animation might not be the best but it was still unexpected to me when I watched it I was surprised, it is dark. - Disneydude

Still a great movie though - Gangem

4 Home on the Range
5 Alice in Wonderland

This goes in the random list my favorite on this list it is so funny even if I don’t understand some words like the twins it is still amazing. - Disneydude

6 Hercules
7 Finding Dory
8 Frozen
9 Zootopia
10 Meet the Robinsons
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