Top Ten Random and Bizarre Things to Do In Your Spare Time

Don't worry as you read this list. I'm not completely insane.
The Top Ten
1 Surf on a Triceratops around the Eastern coast of Japan

What would be even better is if the Triceratops fights Godzilla.

Don't forget to get snapshots!

Come on, who hasn't done that?

;p This is so random.

2 Whip random people with a long strand of spaghetti and use any money you knock off them to buy wings

I am firm now and I wished I had security guards

This is officially the randomest list on this entire website!

3 Re-enact the Battle of Waterloo by horseriding Siberian Tigers on the streets of London

PositronWildhawk: Hard to believe now, but he really did used to have quite a brilliant brain.

Actually, my friend, I find these funny and I'm terrified about what that says about me. Haha!

People around them would stare, but if they see a camera, they'll just look away.

I just loved this random list, best random one I've read ecepet Ksunu's random messages... I was laughing a lot through the read - thanks, Posron!

4 Tap dance on a killer whale as you fall from a plane 20,000 feet above ground level

I can only imagine it. It'd definitely make a vine

5 Go-kart race against Barack Obama whilst throwing bowls of ratatouille from the passenger seat at starving mongeese

Very well, thanks for asking! Ha ha ha! Very well, indeed!

That's what I'm worried about...

PositronWildhawk, are you OK?

6 Tow a broken down double decker bus with your tongue while singing "La La Bomba"

Would you ever be able to talk the same way again? Or would that be the least of your worries?

7 Knock on random doors asking them whether they wish to be enlightened by a strip of silver broccoli

Um guys nun of these makes sense!

8 March across France with one hand tucked into your coat, then goosestep across Germany and Cossack dance across the former Soviet Bloc

Basil Fawlty may have attempted this. And would have been punched the moment he started it.

9 Make up your own language and try to teach it to random people

I am doing that right now boys:Slurpy language girls:Snow Cone language

The most popular word in the language is sosos- soy sauce

10 Flirt with rabid pigeons and be heartbroken when they fly away

Once upon a time, BOB was peacefully walking through the park when he spotted a little pigeon named Lulu. " Hello. "
" Hi. " BOB was enchanted by this beautiful pigeon. " I have to go BOB. I'll see you soon! Byeee! " *flys away*
BOB: :'(

Well, that's what my brother told me

Yes, I am doubting this person's sanity right now.

Bizarre indeed, since birds don't get rabies!

I'd love to do this in public.

The Contenders
11 Listen To A Justin Bieber Album

Well, that's a good way to kill yourself.

12 Snowboard whilst juggling running chainsaws with one finger whilst reciting Shakespeare

I can snowboard pretty well, but I can't juggle.

It just won't end well, will it?

13 Get on a plane with (insert annoying celebrity)'s entire fanbase and then when you say something bad about said celebrity, they throw you off the plane and then you proceed to fall into a giant pot of tarantulas about to be eaten by a giant Morgan Freeman
14 Run naked down Times Square with Will Smith while trying to escape gorillas on bicycles

Is this Will's new movie?

15 Eat your way to inner earth

I would do this if the earth was made of CHEESE

16 Raise a newborn kitten with a newborn wolverine and see what happens
17 Have sex on top of a Bugatti going at 200 MPH while alternating between singing Beatles songs and talking about cats driving Audis.

This is absolutely something you don't see every day

Insanity I say. INSANITY!

18 Add an uncountable amount of new items to this list while trying to guess which country certain farts came from and simultaneously perform experiments with your own feces and dry hump the hindpaws of an Australian cattle shepherd that you adopted from lux

Embourg, then stuff an oversized pillow pet through a car tire, then a torn up shoe box, then a trash can with a hole in the bottom of it all while getting your fingernails removed one by one by some guy named Hector. I added this item to this list, but it seems it was so long that the whole thing was unable to fit. It's about as absurd and far fetched as it gets.

19 Ride the moon with every muppet to exist
20 Rollerskate completely naked on top of a mini-van driving at 80 MPH, while tapping your nose and reciting the entire script of "Bio dome" backwards.
21 Wear a wedding dress in Syria
22 Jump to a pit of snakes and spiders
23 Beat up Barack Obama in Comic Con because you were pretending to be Batman, but not before putting on a tutu and doing the tango with a tiger.
24 Awaken a thousand year old vampire man from a pillar and save humanity from him and his two partners in crime with the help of a Zeppili

"Your next line is..."

25 Eat chocolate cake while screaming at the top of your lungs at the zoo in a ball gown
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