Top Ten Random and Bizarre Things to Sue Someone For

This is probably one of the most random lists conceivable. I hope you enjoy.

The Top Ten

1 Resting their fifty foot long cat ear medicine brush against your house while uni cycling completely naked in a perfectly circular path around your car with a Klingon mask on and whistling the Danish national anthem.

Random?! Haha there are no adjectives invented for this list! Oh, except funny! Really funny! - Britgirl

Judge : Uh, why would you be naked riding a uni-cycle? Bye! ( Whenever you tell the story. ) - funnyuser

2 Using your recipe for wasabi to infiltrate the head of the international cupcake society and use his power to build a leaning tower of rabid wolverines exactly 5 miles to the nearest Planck unit from Nigel Farage's downstairs bathroom.

Now that's the way to create a Leaning tower. Who needs concrete and bricks for that! - Kiteretsunu

Yes, I said Nigel bloody Farage's downstairs bathroom, I.E. Mainland Europe. - PositronWildhawk

3 Saying that Justin Bieber is musically gifted

Considering how many MANY people overhate Justin Bieber on here, this actually could be possible. - Minecraftcrazy530

I agree so hard

4 Taking your penguin for a walk with a giant blow-up Kiteretsunu and entering Windsor Castle with no Canadian bacon to insert into the beer mug full of government research smallpox viruses.
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I did it. Now sue me.

6 Using your toothbrush the wrong way up
7 Figure skating through your house without permission
8 Lying in front of your home and pretending to have been shot by you
9 Organising a musical starring the rest of your family
10 Not mugging you when that was part of a plan

The Contenders

11 Not telling you, as their parent, that they had six girlfriends
12 Marrying a stranger
13 For making a random list on TheTopTens
14 Calling you a watermelon then saying you should move to Croatia or Pakistan
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