Top Ten Random and Most Boring Top Ten Lists That Should Never Be Made


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21 Top 10 Colors of Zebras

1. Black and white
2. Black and white
3. Black and white
4. Black and white
5. Black and white
6. Black and white
7. Black and white
8. Black and white
9. Black and white
10. Black and white

10/10 PERFECT! I am 100% Grade A genius!

22 Top Ten Feelings Before You Were Born
23 Best Ways to Climb a Tree

Starting at the first branch, duh. - funnyuser

I always go hip first. The most effective way. (Sarcasm alert) - Icantbelieveitsnotbutter

24 Top Ten Reasons to Take a Vow of Silence and Live Forever On Pago Pago
25 Top Ten Justin Bieber Songs

What's wrong with Bieber? I'll get a lot of hate for this, but he's not a bad person. He may have done some crazy things, but none of them are too bad.

26 Top Ten Worst Users
27 Top Ten Most Overrated TopTenners

It was made. I personally hate it. - Garythesnail

This was made, but it's gone now. - Minecraftcrazy530

28 Top Ten Ways to Fart
29 Top Ten Worst Things About the List Most Overrated Users of the Top Tens
30 Top 10 Fattest Women Ever

This actually would be comical if pictures were added - Ihateschool

31 Top 10 Ways to Pet a Cat

You can buy the DVD to this. It's 6.5 hours long. Only available by mail-order or under-the-counter...
I'm joking by the way. - Britgirl

32 Top 10 Ways to Lick Mud
33 Top 10 Ways to Kill Grumpy Cat
34 Top Ten Shades of Beige
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