Top Ten Random Comments to Make On a User Ranking List

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1 He doesn't even know how to count his hair. This shows his level of intelligence.

Really? if he doesn't know how to count hair he's not intelligent mate.

I'm not doing that. lol - Misfire

I tried this yesterday. I got to nine then gave up. I expect all my followers to desert me now. - Britgirl

I'll just count my hairs now. One by one. - PositronWildhawk

2 This User is just stupid. Saw him masturbating yesterday.
3 I know he's really very kind and bulldogs here respect him
4 This user is awesome! He wears his underwear!

I guess I'm also awesome then... I wear my underwear. - Kiteretsunu

Everybody (hopefully) is awesome then.

I hope all of us do! - funnyuser

Sadly, I don't. I wear only while going to school. - Animefan12

5 Although her profile says she's just 17 years of age, I bet she has already achieved her menopause.

Well if she doesn't want a kid... Then lucky duck! - keycha1n

6 This top tenner is so cool. Achieved menarche and spermarche both at the age of just 12!
7 I'm only voting for him as I'm a gay.
8 If only he ate his chocolate properly... Anyway vote for him guys!
9 His/Her lists are Swimporrossisfussly!

Or better yet, drygptressiswirkifly! - funnyuser

10 I like his cat's personality. Really nice user!

So You've met Mr. Sniffles? - Sasukes_Princess

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11 That user may hate you, too
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