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1 This User is just stupid. Saw him masturbating yesterday.
2 He doesn't even know how to count his hair. This shows his level of intelligence.

I tried this yesterday. I got to nine then gave up. I expect all my followers to desert me now. - Britgirl

I'll just count my hairs now. One by one. - PositronWildhawk

I can't count my hair proof I am evil - TwilightKitsune

I Have Counted my hair! Wanna know how? I am bald! nah not really,I haven't counted my hair either,if you wanna see my brain get a microscope - Nateawesomeness

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3 I know he's really very kind and bulldogs here respect him
4 This user is awesome! He wears his underwear!

I guess I'm also awesome then... I wear my underwear. - Kiteretsunu

Everybody (hopefully) is awesome then.

I hope all of us do! - funnyuser


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5 Although her profile says she's just 17 years of age, I bet she has already achieved her menopause.

Well if she doesn't want a kid... Then lucky duck! - keycha1n

6 This top tenner is so cool. Achieved menarche and spermarche both at the age of just 12!
7 I'm only voting for him as I'm a gay.
8 If only he ate his chocolate properly... Anyway vote for him guys!
9 His/Her lists are Swimporrossisfussly!

Or better yet, drygptressiswirkifly! - funnyuser

10 I like his cat's personality. Really nice user!

So You've met Mr. Sniffles? - Sasukes_Princess

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11 That user may hate you, too
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