Top Ten Random and Dumb Things to Do When You See a Beautiful Girl Standing In Front Of You


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1 Sing a heavy metal song for her

Except if she is a real heavy metal lover. Then it might become a conversation starter. - Kiteretsunu

How about Rap. I tried singing No Flex Zone but accidentally rapped No Pant Zone and her look was so weird. I don't like that song anymore though but at least it's not My X. - AlphaQ

Hey Everyone Loves Heavy Metal and many girls(not my classmates ) love metal,but a few of em (here are my classmates ) love pop bands like one d - Toucan

2 Bang your head into a nearby pole and say "your beauty made me do this" V 1 Comment
3 Ask her salary V 2 Comments
4 Jump into the nearby water fountain to cool off your steam
5 Say LOL at her face

It depends on how he says it. - funnyuser

Lmfao haha I would totally do that

6 Say "you're the most beautiful person I've ever seen except my ex-girlfriend"

A perfect love story beginning ruined. - HoH

V 3 Comments
7 Say 'Meh' at her face

This would make me laugh! "Meh" is such a random and funny word. What would you do after you'd said it though? Walk away immediately or wait for a reaction? Just curious. - Britgirl

V 1 Comment
8 Play the song 'Baby' by Justin Bieber

Does every list on this site have something to do with Justin Bieber on it?

She'd think to herself... what should I do to him first... ? Rip out his soul or say I hate him?

I am an ex beliber cringe

She would probably die in front of you 😂 - Sean_vickers8

9 Snatch her purse and burn it with a lighter while laughing at the same time

Why would you burn it? There could be money in there... That seems like a waste

Is it normal for them to call the police?

V 2 Comments
10 Say "so... Ya like cheese?" V 1 Comment

The Contenders

11 Hug her and say "mom!?"

That's one way to get away with it without getting arrested. - ethanmeinster

12 Does your a** have Allstate because I know they'll be in some good hands

Who in the heck would say this? Someone's gonna get slapped! - Antonio89

I know this is one of those sexual assault jokes but THIS IS PRICELESS I'm DYINF

13 Kiss her

It's not dumb, it's very rude. - Kiteretsunu

14 Lick her face V 2 Comments
15 Ask Her to Adopt You V 1 Comment
16 Say "We'll make cute babies" V 1 Comment
17 Say "You Got a Big Booty so I call you Big Booty"
18 Fart with gusto, winking at her.
19 Slap her

You're abusing her on your first "date"! - HoH

V 1 Comment
20 Grab her behind
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1. Sing a heavy metal song for her
2. Bang your head into a nearby pole and say "your beauty made me do this"
3. Ask her salary
1. Sing a heavy metal song for her
2. Bang your head into a nearby pole and say "your beauty made me do this"
3. Ask her salary



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