Top Ten Random and Dumb Things to Do When You See a Beautiful Girl Standing In Front Of You

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1 Sing a heavy metal song for her

Except if she is a real heavy metal lover. Then it might become a conversation starter. - Kiteretsunu

How about Rap. I tried singing No Flex Zone but accidentally rapped No Pant Zone and her look was so weird. I don't like that song anymore though but at least it's not My X. - AlphaQ

Hey Everyone Loves Heavy Metal and many girls(not my classmates ) love metal,but a few of em (here are my classmates ) love pop bands like one d - Toucan

2 Bang your head into a nearby pole and say "your beauty made me do this"

I guess she will find it funny - moh_1993

3 Ask her salary

I did it, it worked

I'm in high school and it won't be effective for high schoolers - AlphaQ

4 Jump into the nearby water fountain to cool off your steam
5 Say LOL at her face

It depends on how he says it. - funnyuser

Lmfao haha I would totally do that

6 Say "you're the most beautiful person I've ever seen except my ex-girlfriend"

Yep. Whack. In the plums. - PositronWildhawk

Then... kick in the nuts!

A perfect love story beginning ruined. - HoH


7 Say 'Meh' at her face

This would make me laugh! "Meh" is such a random and funny word. What would you do after you'd said it though? Walk away immediately or wait for a reaction? Just curious. - Britgirl

Mlg Doritos Mountain Dew - GrapeJuiceK

8 Play the song 'Baby' by Justin Bieber

Does every list on this site have something to do with Justin Bieber on it?

She'd think to herself... what should I do to him first... ? Rip out his soul or say I hate him?

I am an ex beliber cringe

She would probably die in front of you 😂 - Sean_vickers8

9 Snatch her purse and burn it with a lighter while laughing at the same time

Why would you burn it? There could be money in there... That seems like a waste

Is it normal for them to call the police?

Your purse gonna die... Haha! - Kiteretsunu

My boyfriend would be very sorry if he did that to my purse! 😠

10 Say "so... Ya like cheese?"


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11 Hug her and say "mom!?"

That's one way to get away with it without getting arrested. - ethanmeinster

12 Does your a** have Allstate because I know they'll be in some good hands

Who in the heck would say this? Someone's gonna get slapped! - Antonio89

I know this is one of those sexual assault jokes but THIS IS PRICELESS I'm DYINF

13 Kiss her

It's not dumb, it's very rude. - Kiteretsunu

14 Lick her face

Sounds good to me

Eww...That's gross

15 Ask Her to Adopt You

*slowly walks away* - PianoQueen

16 Say "We'll make cute babies"

Oh, man. You're asking for it, dude. - RockFashionista

17 Say "You Got a Big Booty so I call you Big Booty"
18 Fart with gusto, winking at her.
19 Slap her

You're abusing her on your first "date"! - HoH

Yeah slap that ass

20 Grab her behind
21 Say that you're single
22 Grab her melons and say "I thought I lost you forever"

This is what you do just get stuck in he's not a pervert

23 Stare at her even though she notices it.
24 What's up babe
25 Grab her and kiss her
26 Stick your toes in her mouth
27 Say "what are those!?"
28 Scream "Soooo Hoooot!"


29 Shout a random word
30 Take off your shirt and dance weirdly.

I would have done that. If I had one in school. Just kidding. - AlphaQ

31 Fart loudly and tell her your farts are as attractive as your nice hair.
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