Tragic Stories: Impressing a Girl

Henry Thompson was and ordinary boy walking down the street to buy milk for his mum when he approached and very beautiful girl, standing there by the pavement. His heart started to float across the sky with love and joy but realized he was just lame. How would he impress a girl, not much to his understanding, some wold go or looks but he would cringe just looking at a mirror, some would go for humour but the last time he did to try to be funny, an old person died from boredom and that's saying something. Oh well he thought to himself, a wise man once said, You Only Live Once. He slowly approached to the girl, still standing their, every time he got closer he blushed even more at this point Cupid would have come in and just slap him in the face for not having bravery. He was about to say a word until a starnger come in and gave me a funny look. "Are you trying to hit on my girlfriend!" he said with a questionable tone, He felt like an iceberg fell down at the bottom, his first love at sight and it was just a sham. "No" Henry said with a dissapointed tone and walked away with his head on the ground.

Moral of the story: Get a Hot or Not app


I still don't have a girlfriwnd (except when I was 5 years old). But I don't care much about this. - Kiteretsunu

That would be embarrassing! I get myself embarrassed every day so I wouldn't care. - funnyuser

Oh wow. - RockFashionista

I would say I've never done this, but that would be enough to put me on Would I Lie to You. - IronSabbathPriest

Woah man - bobbythebrony