Top Ten Random Fun Things to Do

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1 Give security guards the runaround

Pretend to steal something and the put it back just before you leave. Make the lazy guards earn their money

I am being very firm, do not misbehave and anger security guards

2 Pause your TV on sports to capture the funniest face expression

I've had competitions with my friend to see who can capture the funniest face.

Try this with game shows for twice the laughs!

My cousin and sister did that on Christmas

I do a really weird face when I run..

3 'Accidentally' Knock an elderly person into supermarket freezers

My father did this by real accident. It was so funny. I've just the urge ever since...

But don't anyone of you feel guilty

4 Put itching powder in your mother's hairdryer

I would not do it. But it would be funny she would be itch her head... Until she finds out.

Now that just cold hearted/cruel talk about cruelty to mommies

Go on! Let it all blow through her hair! And don't forget to film it!

That would be fun! But if my mom knows about it then...

5 Have a food fight

I'd love to have a cake fight like the end of Carry On Loving. Go have a look if you haven't seen it. Funniest ever! Haha

That Happened in my school once, It's is one of the most random thing that happened in my school

I've never had a food fight... But that does sound rather enjoyable.

Damn, I wish I could be ten years old again!

6 Make someone jump
7 Stand in the corner of someone's garden facing the corner and pretend that you're peeing on their prize roses

I would do that I would actually pee on it and I'm a girl not a dude

8 Put staples through everything you can find on your brother's desk

Wait... no... little sis, get away from my desk!
Good luck trying to get staples through a guitar... and we ran outta staples

9 Start a sing-a-long on the bus

Some People did it in the bus all of covered our ears and pretend we were dead.

Do the 'we are driving we we are driving' thing from the movie fired up

Oh school Field trips we did this all the time!

I've done this before...

10 Deliberately sing the wrong words to songs

This is immense fun. Try it! Don't be scared.

Yeah even I mess up the lyrics

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11 Dress as a policeman and stop random people on the street
12 Hide your friend's game console
13 Keep ringing the bus bell

I used to do this on the school bus all the time! I also started a trend of pressing it twice quick every time a couple of kids got into a stupid fight.

Especially if you know a child wants to do it first. , watch their face fall and their bottom lip tremble...

14 Say something unfunny, prompt your friends to laugh, so the other people are forced to laugh
15 Fall off a chair on purpose
16 Put balloons under cars so they explode when the car moves

Oh, you are WICKED! But funny also. Thank you!

17 Laugh loudly at a serious film in the cinema

Robert De Niro's Max Cady Character in Cape Fear springs to mind

Haha laugh out loud This would be Fun!

"No Luke, I am your fathe-
*man starts laughing really hard*

That would be the funnest thing I would maybe go to a romantic movie and when they were about to kiss I would scream eww stop and start laughing

18 Fill out surveys

I do this with old school worksheets

19 Walk into an Apple Store and yell "Where are all the bananas!?

Banana iPhone's have not been invented...yet

20 Throw a chair and walk away
21 Talk gibberish for a while and when someone asks you what you're doing say nothing and walk away
22 Do 100 yo mama jokes in one day
23 Make prank calls
24 Laugh randomly and crazily
25 When your friend accidentally leaves his backpack in the classroom, switch his reading book
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