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1 Fart Fart

I cannot hear or see this word without laughing. I want to kiss the genius who invented it. Thank you. I love you.

I find it really amusing that the German word for father is pronounced "farter". How embarrassing for the German Church.

It's a list about the Most Funny and Random Words made by Britgirl. Of course #1 is gonna be Fart!

I get really giggly from hearing this word for some reason. It's also fun and very random to say

2 Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

Someone's being a swell-head - just because they know how to spell it. Ah, but I'll bet you can't say it backwards. I can. Listen...

I added this, Britgirl. I'm not showing off my spelling skills, I'm just saying it's amusing. As many people would agree.
AND I can say it kidding...(innocent whistle)...

I always break into song halfway through this super big word!

Did you people spell it correctly?

3 Spelunk

I found this on Random Words on the Top Tens and I giggle whenever I think about it.

4 Dildo Dildo
5 Fribbit

10 Words : 1. Fribbit 2. Fribbit 3. Fribbit 4. Fribbit 5. Fribbit 6. Fribbit 7. Fribbit 8. Fribbit 9. Fribbit 10. Fribbit. Funny and Random huh

This sounds funny. It sounds like a frog, doesn't it? Fribbit!

After I said it many times, I couldn't stop laughing.

6 Blob Blob

B-LOB. B-LOB...haha! The more I say it, the funnier it gets. You lot say it, it's fun. Well go on then...! B-LOB! See? Fun!

Simple and practically meaningless. Perfection.

I am a blob fish fan. I like saying blob, but my favourite word is blep.

7 Plum Plum
8 Flabbergasted
9 Moose Moose

Quiet as a moose as my friend would say.

Wait, what is the plural of moose?

Very much moose

10 Butler
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11 Cheese Cheese

Cheese is please

12 Stoner
13 Shlong
14 Plonker

As I sat down, I heard a plonker of a noise.

15 Melon

OK. I don't know if Shakespeare intended this, but;
"To be or not to be: that is the question; whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune" is an anagram of "In one of the Bard's best thought-of tragedies, our insistent hero, Hamlet, queries on two fronts about how life turns rotten".
Beat that!

Pewdiepie would flip.
Pewds: (knocks of friend's door with melon)
Friend: (opens door) George!
Pewds: MELON.
Friend: God, it's been so long since we've seen you!
Pewds: What?!? WHAT?!? You don't like Melon? I love Melon! And don't give me that look.
Friend: (shuts door)
Pewds: AW NO! Oh no he didn't! I just wanted to give him a melon. I don't underSTAHAND!

A melon is a mixed-up lemon!

16 Splab

Ha! I found this word on another list, found it funny and added it on the end of my Teddy's name when I couldn't think what to call him. He's now called Billy-Burt Bob-Splab. S'true!

17 Wiener
18 Arain
19 Bunny
20 Sputum
21 Echolalia
22 Potato Potato
23 Bumfuzzle

Sounds Like A Sweet Flavour
"Order now and you get a free bumfuzzle surprise! "

I love this word! It's fun to say

Haha I like this one

24 Bunghole
25 Swag Swag
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