Top Ten Most Random and Funny Questions to Ask a Bloodclan Cat

These are the most random and funny questions to ask a BloodClan cat

The Top Ten

1 How long does it take for you to eat a giant potato?
2 Do you like cheeseburger?
3 What is your favorite YouTuber?
4 Have you ever fought a unicorn?
5 If Scourge is a she-cat, will you be his mate? (Only ask this question at a tom BloodClan cat)
6 Are you in love with a rainbow?
7 Have you ever do a backflip while eating a unicorn and a gorilla on a rainbow?
8 Have you ever slapped Scourge's face with a potato?

Well this was a long time ago when scrouge found a unicorn the whole clan was surorised I saw unicorn a rainbow hair I was frustraited that it dident have Teeth for my collar so I slapped scrouge with a potato

9 Do you like waffles?

Yes - Astralium

10 Have you ever been to a rainbow palace of StarClan where everything is smaller than the sun and hotter than the snow?

The Contenders

11 Do you ever feel like a plastic bag, drifting through the wind, wanting to start again?

Cassie(One of my oc's): Yes... But don't tell any cat or you will find yourself dead with your throat ripped out and your head removed!

LOL Katy Perry's 'Firework'

12 Are you a belieber?
13 Have you ever slapped yourself in the face with a rainbow?

Hahaa! I get to vote for myself twice because it's from a different iPad! Anyway, cool to see how far up it's gotten!

14 How many glitter do you need to climb the moon if Jack Sparrow is a storm trooper?
15 Are you a brony?
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