Most Random Hobbies

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1 Talking to Pillows

I rest my case.
(Get it? Because pillows, and, you rest on them, and they're in pillow cases, and, you know...) - Rocko

2 Washing Your Feet
3 Playing Dodgeball with Coconuts

You do know that coconuts can hurt others (and also animals) if you throw it at them!?

4 Wearing Sparkling Pink Versions of Cinderellas Shoes
5 Writing Stories About a Banana that Got Peeled
6 Biting Holes in Walls
7 Riding Unicorns
8 Buying Things Then Selling for Same Price
9 Digging for Dinosaurs

Did this the other day when someone asked "Have you seen your old school teacher lately? " - Britgirl

10 Eating Just the Hole in Polo Mints

Or eating just the filling out of an oreo. I don't know why people like that. It defeats the purpose of the Oreo! Lol

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11 Drinking Melted Ice Cream Mixed with Cheese
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